Why did you pick your faction, and why did you not pick the other factions?

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  1. MilitiaMan

    I was VS till the first server merge on Johari on PS1.

    Then I switched to NC and never looked back. Why you ask?


    I did played all 3 empires though, just like on PS2.
  2. SiosDashcR

    I chose Terran Republic.

    Started playing in August as Vanu. Hated it.

    Not only was it underpowered then, but I just HATE lasers.

    Rolled NC instead, enjoyed it.

    Died.. nonstop to friendly tanks as I repair their Vanguards.
    NC was the "go to" faction and tons of kids were there.

    Left NC, went to TR.
    To this day, barely get rolled over by tanks.

    Could do something with the "roadkill" patch back in beta where infantry doesn't die as easily but I'm too far in to change to NC.

    I still love NC guns.
  3. Artoriusaurus Rex


    *BEEEP* Wrong answer! Try again. :D
  4. Noppa

    i chose NC cos the game community i am a part chose this faction and offcourse i love the challenge that it was @ start.. these days everyone is joining the NC.
    Have to say havent regret it even if we got a hard start.

    VS.. lasers and spandex... EEEEWWW .

    TR... sooo ugly tanks and red color is for girls or girlyboys(boylovers)...
  5. Frosty The Pyro

    Well I was going to go TR, cus you know, loyalty, rightfull goverment, miniguns (though I had no planet side forknowledge so dont think I actualy knew about the miniguns), digin the imperial music and its always nice to be the good guys. But I had recently finished a nastalgia fueld conversation about Swat Kats, and NC has the guitar riff, also I am a snowman and traditionaly chose the blue team. So NC it was.

    Though I have Alts on TR and VS that I play on ocasion.
  6. Iksniljiksul


    It's a game, get over this concept. We make characters, we play. That's the end of how far this game is to be considered in life.
  7. FlayvorOfEvil

    I joined the NC because of railguns and high powered bullets. I didn't even know that we had a weakness in flinch for a long time until 2 months ago and I always thought I had a lack of skill.
  8. Mefi

    My very first character was VS.
    I never played PS1 and didn't read the lore and because of that my only source of information were descriptions of factions.
    TR are described as authoritarian faction and therefore they were least interesting for me. Their appearance isn't impressive but good enough. Music is fine too.
    NC have more appealing description but I didn't like their music and appearance.
    VS are transhumanists and that's fine for me. I didn't care about part that says they're cultists. IMO, their appearance isn't great even for SciFi theme but music is good.
    I spent some time to decide and then created VS character.

    That was the late beta. When game launched I decided to stay as VS. Though I already thought that VS aren't a great choice but NC were in a bad shape.

    Right now I have NC and TR characters too but my main faction haven't changed (yet?).
  9. Rogueghost

    I chose Tr based mostly on aesthetics.
  10. Zenith

    Something just drew me to TR from day one. I guess I just love being the 'bad guy'.
  11. TheBloodEagle

    [quote="Frosty The Pyro, post: 1551575, member: 122114" Swat Kats.[/quote]

    Bahaha surprised anyone remembers that show!
  12. Puppy

    TR and NC fight for strict rules or no rules. VS fight for technology to improve the future and aren't the extremes of dictatorship and rebels. TR and NC both stop us from gathering this tech which makes them bad in my opinion. Religion is not a part of VS as far as the PS2 site goes. PS1 is a different story.