Why did you pick your faction, and why did you not pick the other factions?

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  1. Crazytrain

    In the PS1 beta, the VS appeared to be under-populated so I joined them with no knowledge of the weapons, story, aesthetics. Grouped with and joined a categorically first class outfit (see signature) and I still play with them now in PS2.

    If I were to choose a faction based completely on weapons and aesthetics, I would choose TR. No contest.
  2. BH Brigade

    NC, mostly because they are like stereotypical rednecks, guns, capitalism, and freedom. I live in Utah so I tend to get a lot of the whole "Murica, **** dem Muslim terrorists, Obama's gonna take meh guns!" So I joined NC to be ironic.
  3. TheBloodEagle

    I picked TR because of the lore (not fascists or commies!) and design aesthetics (the color isn't a biggie to me, I actually liked it when we were more gray). Not to mention the first time I played and was in a galaxy with VS firing their launchers at it I felt like I was straight out of Starship Troopers. I like a lot of NC things but I eventually stuck firmly to TR since beta because I was really put off by how much NC players complained on the forums, especially the first 2 months. I barely touch my NC account now, only to try out new things but I do like their weapons (stats), vehicles (look) & HA composite armor. I also didn't like their music even though I like classic & heavy rock music. I didn't pick Vanu because I don't like their lore, lasers & spandex. I felt like the Vanu are the folks that pick Elves & what not in fantasy games or the folks coming from those type of MMOs, heh.

  4. AnuErebus

    I started NC and really enjoyed playing that faction, but I also found I enjoyed playing TR. Couple days after launch while playing my TR I found TRG and that sealed my place as a permanent member of the TR. It also feels awesome bringing a black and red tide of oppression down on my enemies.

    As for vanu... well, vanu just never felt right. Their guns are good statswise but in terms of aesthetics they never felt right. The spandex I could deal with, but their guns felt just never felt right in my hands.
  5. Zakuak

    I played NC to BR 61, I joined NC because my EVE alliance was going NC, I dunno what or where they went (back to EVE I am sure lol) so I dipped out a few weeks ago and went TR.

    I am a pretty loyal guy but I never liked the look of NC, I only chose it because I was a follower with a weak mind LOL. Left now to my own devices I can claim my true heritage and act out my megalomaniac impulses as a omnipotent fascist pig.

    Old Suicidal Tendencies song quote
    "I will be a fascist pig.
    Love to fight, what a thrill,
    We wont stop until we kill.
    I will be a fascist pig"

  6. PGxSazBot

    I played NC for 6 years in PS1 and my favorite color is blue.
  7. TheBloodEagle

    BTW I have to say. if NS (nanite systems) armor and helmets come out I will deck myself out on pure NS stuff. I actually like the NS aesthetics the most. I'd still be TR though.
  8. Kubor

    I play TR in Planetside 2 because for 9+ years I have played as TR in Planetside 1. In PS1 I was all set to be VS as I like futuristic weapons and technology. But with Planetside 1 you always got an "Empire need" message at the log-in screen that told you which Empire had the lowest population of active players.

    My first ever time logging in to PS1 was on Emerald (despite being from the UK) because I had a friend that played VS on that server. I saw the TR symbol next to the "Empire need" message and had just been reading on the PS1 forum about how "gimped" and underpopulated the TR was, so I decided to join them instead and have been TR ever since.

    Back then you had to crouch with the Mini Chaingun to have any chance of hitting anything with it, which was completely ridiculous. We did have the Pounder as an AI MAX back then though so that made up for it. That and the Burster flak would detonate on softies meaning that one Burster AA MAX could hold any back door on its own for ages.

    Happy days :)

    I hope to have some fond memories of PS2 like that as well.

    I live in hope :D
  9. Artoriusaurus Rex

    I picked NC because they're the only faction that's got both a noble cause, and hasn't tainted themselves by committing attrocities.

    A second pick would be TR, because they have a noble cause too. Unfortunately, they think the means justify the ends.

    The VS are just absolute villains, declaring on both factions at once out of nowhere and promising genocide of everyone who isn't with them.
  10. Gavyne

    For me it was purely looks, simple as that. It narrowed me down to a choice between freedom fighters vs the republic, being a big firefly fan I picked the freedom fighters of course. Purple just wasn't my thing, and the whole spandex look just didn't look tough for a FPS game. It would be kind of like if Counter-Strike ever added a 3rd faction that wears purple, and dressed up as an ice skater.

    I have to say I did roll a VS alt recently and have been enjoying him. I did so out of desperation as the NC on Helios was getting too large, and I find zerg rolling lightly defended bases boring.

    I think you'll find for most new players going into the game, they picked their first character based on the faction looks and how their description sounded.
  11. L3TUC3

    VS because my friends rolled it. Now theyve stopped playing and I'm lonely.
  12. NightmareP69

    I picked VS since they seem to be the only empire which aren't pricks, the TR want to controll everyone and force everyone to be the same and they treat scientists like crap while the NC are huge hypocrites who keep saying "We fight for freedom" while being controlled by money hungry companies and they declared war to the VS because they don't like their alien tech, i'm dead seirous, read the lore, they actully declared war to the VS becuase they don't like their alien tech and for no other reason at all. The VS don't even wanna fight, they just wanna research the alien technology and build stuff with it.

    I hate oppresion and i hate hypocrites, i consider scientists to be the most important people on earth so of course i picked VS since that empire is mainly made up by scientists, you know the people who helped mankind all these years.

    The TR ideology is the same as the USSR ideology which was godawfull so thats doomed to fail and being controlled by greedy weapon companies is even worser.

    However if i went to pick an empire purely from a cosmetic stand point or because of their guns, I'd go NC since they reminde me of the Imperial Guardsman from the 40k lore and i preffer weapons which have alot of damage and slow fire rates
  13. bNy_

    I first picked NC with my friends because they looked cooler, at battle rank 8 or so we found them to be too easy mode so we switched over to vanu.
  14. VSDerp

    well i played vanu since beta and launched. i switched over to TR and NC several times spending cash on them. but i always go back to vanu. just love being a vanu
  15. Nocturnal7x

  16. Zinus

    As i said. I picked NC coz they are BLU, have nice music and have bolt action starter rifle (last point is kinda moot now, but it had influence when i picked the faction)

    But honestly being blue was the main thing.
  17. Obscura

    I picked VS because I enjoy the general theme and I play with one of the best outfits on our server. NC and TR's theme+lore just seemed shallow and unoriginal with the classic mediocre "freedom fighter space murica" theme, or the same old tyrannical facist/communist faction looking to reunite everybody. Both looked boring and seemed to be made to appeal to kids and the general gamer population. Not to mention I played PS1 where VS had a respectable lore and was completely different from ******** they've turned us into.

    Oh and it's not the purple or the spandex, I'll wear that **** erryday :D
  18. Djarunen

    I play TR because I originally came to Planetside 1 from Tribes. I loved that they had a chaingun, and it's just what I like. Plus, red is slimming.
  19. Obscura

    Lol, sorry to burst your bubble but you got the lore wrong buddy. The VS seceded from the TR because they wanted to explore the alien technology of auraxis with no restrictions. The NC declared war on the VS because of their opposition to genetic enhancement.
    Not absolute villains, just a bunch of soldiers and scientists who want to do their own thing :D
  20. Liquid23

    I picked TR cause my only other two alternatives sucked more

    played them all in beta and then again after release... stuck with the one that I found the least ******