Why did you pick your faction, and why did you not pick the other factions?

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  1. GSZenith

    I pick 4th faction cos i enjoy the lasher/saron from time to time, nc cos their gun looks the best, tr cos mossi looks nice with camo.
  2. Deadeye

    I played in the original planetside for the last 8-10 months of its life and I loved the blue and gold color scheme of the NC. I'm also a big fan of square designs (like I love the look of the Hummvee because it's all square in front and the Abrams is pretty boxy too).

    I tend to like more classical music like the TR has but the NC music grows on you after a while and I wasn't much of a fan of the "Fallout" look they have going.

    VS are Xeno-loving scum. I'm all for contact with aliens but I'll kick their ***** sooner than bend over for them. And who the hell like spandex except when wrestling?

    Best reason of all? NC are Space 'Merica and we now have a decal to prove it.
  3. TheBillOf3D

    NC sounded like the freedom loving underdog and TR sounded like the Obama administration. But at least the VS can marry each other in several states now.
  4. smokemaker

    I got one of each faction on the same server and play where the killing is good. I hold no loyalty to anyone side.
  5. SolLeks

    I do not remember why I picked NC, but I stayed NC in PS2 because I am loyal to my faction.

    NC 4 Life
  6. Kireles

    Why I picked Vanu: Night fights in Beta.
  7. LightningWolfTigrBer


    I enjoy the view.
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  8. xNPCx

    NC. I liked their Faction traits and the their overall appearance. That and they make me think of the Browncoats from Firefly and who doesn't like FireFly.
  9. TheBillOf3D

    That's a dude.
  10. LightningWolfTigrBer

    You can see her breasts clearly from this angle, not to mention dem hips and dat badonkadonk. Not to sound rude, but when's the last time you had your eyes checked?
  11. TheBillOf3D

    What do you think they do with all their "science".
  12. Toten

    I picked NC because they seemed to be the freedom loving underdogs with the ghetto gear and better tunes,couldn't go with the evil empire or the scientologists...
  13. huller

    I picked the TR because I like the ideology and backstory. Seeing as I'm the kind of guy that always seeks alternative motives about "freedom fighters" and always asks himself "are the guys percieved as the bad guys realy the bad guys?" and likewise for the "good guys". and "what is the setting? does it moraly justify the actions of [insert faction here]? or does it not? (eg Judge dredd is moraly justificable when looking at the hellhole of a society they live in)

    Seeing as I'm a bit of a wh40k fan all of these led to me naturaly picking the harsh, tough fair and just Terran Republic.

    perhaps this is a bit incohesive, I could elaborate with some fancy personaly written TR "propaganda"/ the truth but I'm a bit lazy atm.
  14. Shoza Nakh

    I knew nothing about PS2 nations and don't care much about colors so I choose NC because nice music on character creation screen :)
  15. MasterCheef

    i first created a character for all 3 factions on different servers. I didnt even know there were weapon differences. The only reason why i stuck with TR was because it started me off on Amerish, which i liked at the time. I had no idea that we could switch continents (i know, stupid), so i kept with playing my TR because he was on the best continent. By the time I figured out that i could go to any continent i had already leveled my character enough that i chose to continue playing with him.

    ...if only they started my NC guy on Amerish!!
  16. St0mpy

    - Played mostly VS in beta, loved the scythe, hated the pew pew and general spandex look
    - Considered NC, great feeling weapons, good soundtrack, convincing lore (who doesnt want to break free from oppression?), hate the sound of the reaver, shreds my ears in my headphones. The cold blue hue on everything is grim and depressing too.
    - Chose TR, machine weapons suit my battlefield fps experience, lore seemed reasonable, decent ESF, zero volumed the music from day 1 tho :p

    Nearly didnt join TR because of one idiot in beta espousing how TR was the natural choice for neo fachists in real life and was going on about more politics than i see on a sunday morning review, fortunately ive not met anyone like him since :D

    I did make a second account (NC) to play with my old battlefield clan which ended up not seeing much use and since ive left the clan I stuck with my primary choice, TR for life!
  17. JackOfClubs

    I like slow firing powerful weapons, shotguns, railguns (we need these by the way), and at the time my friends were all NC.
    That said, I like the backstory and aesthetic of the VS more. If the VS had the NC weapon design ethos, I definitely would have rolled Vanu. No question.
  18. Schnitzle

    It was a toss up between nc and tr for me, vanu was just out of the question, since riding around wearing purple and shooting lazers was kinda **** imo.

    Loved the nc music but I chose tr in the end because I like being professional.
  19. Morticai

    I initially wanted TR on this account, but I ended up creating a secondary account due to the limitations on how many characters you could create on any server. This one went primarily to NC, while I do largely main as TR on my alt.

    The mosquito was my calling. Excellent fighter with a wonderful mix of traits that make it a pretty balanced fighter. That and the armor is pretty stylish too.
  20. Selerox

    It was literally a toss-up between VS and TR. I spun a coin.

    Why not NC? Because I hate the visuals, I hate the music and I hate the ideology.