Why did you pick your faction, and why did you not pick the other factions?

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  1. Paperlamp

    Wondering what's making the NC so popular.

    I've played VS to rank 40, TR to 32, NC to 20.

    I eventually chose TR because I like the less bulky but also less spandexy armor. It looks functional/practical and comfortable. The Jaguar carbine and TAR assault rifle also seemed the best weapons in their class and I was planning on playing medic and LA/Engineer more than heavy assault, though that is changing and I wish TR had better LMGs.

    I did not choose VS because of the cult/religion vibe to it, along with their unappealing aesthetics - the guns look too bulky and kind of have a plastic/fake gun look to them.

    I did not choose NC because of the annoying music, and the color scheme. Gold and navy would make me reconsider but I can't do bright blue and yellow.
  2. Guadoc

    Funnily enough, the only reason that me and my mates are playing NC is because the first one of us who started playing chose the NC precisely because he didn't like the TR or Vanu music!
  3. Aegie

    Played VS at first because I though they would be the best for few accurate shots (i.e. award shot placement) and I liked that they are science oriented.

    Switched to NC after my VS was BR 33 because clearly NC are the faction where few accurate shots are most rewarded in a game that often requires many shots to kill.

    Never that interested in TR (even though I really like the black and red) since they are oriented most towards spray n' pray (plus they are fascists).
  4. Inu

    [VS], i was in PS1. Future weapons, laser beams, and they all seem to be no better than old mining equipment? Why would you not want to join the VS!
  5. Benton!

    This, except I went straight for the NC.
  6. Czuuk

    It was the music mate.
  7. Oheck

    Random pick for me. Maybe the color red appealed to my subconscious mind.
  8. CoffeeBreak

    I initially started out as TR because I think they look like the guys from Earth Defense Force. I stopped playing my TR at BR52 because the TR on my server are....I really don't like them though I do like the server overall and there are always plenty of fights going on.

    I now play VS primarily because the players seem more mature and organized, and I like the gear designs(though don't really care for the purple).

    I guess I'm not really a player that goes for any kind of immersion because I could care less about empire's backstories.
  9. Farlion

    All my friends played TR and I liked their backstory.
    Also, the colors Red/Black along with the music made the decision very easy.
  10. Cougarbrit

    TR because they weren't spandex science weirdos with weird lookin guns and because they weren't brain damaged freedum wannabes.

    Mostly because TR are the guys trying to reunite with Earth though.
  11. MarlboroMan-E

    Been TR since 2003, not fixin to change any time soon.
  12. Hypest

    Watched the trailers, liked the design the most.

    Peace > No taxes > Kill everybody who doesnt think the same
  13. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Well, the NC are just poor folks fooled into believing they're fighting for freedom when in actuality they're fighting for the corporations who care nothing for the sacrifice of their soldiers, so that was a no go. Plus I don't care for their music. The TR are all well and good, unity is important, especially when your enemy is big businesses fighting a war for self gain, but I really hate Red so they lost me there. That just left VS, and I happen to like alien tech and shooting lasers so it seemed like a good fit. Plus we have the coolest looking ESF, and it's a dream to fly. Think I made the right choice, even if our MAX's look awful.
  14. Slaidd

    I picked the NC based on the short blurbs I read about the TR and Vanu. With the TR, I refused to be a pawn and tool of the jack-booted, totalitarian, government is always the answer type of commie regime. It's very fitting their color is red.

    The reason for not picking the Vanu was more cosmetic for me, but they're growing on me. Although I have to say, whenever I play VS I always feel like I'm fighting for the Scientologists or something, which I have to say is a little off-putting. That and spandex...why...I just don't...really?

    The NC description was much more in line with me personally. And I'm all aboard the space 'merica train!
  15. BlueSkies

    NC because I was NC in PS1 from beta through forever...
    TR because I enjoy a change of pace

    Don't Play:
    VS because it feels like cheating whenever I try
  16. MangoPunch

    Was originally going to go TR because they were the only ones that looked remotely cool from the alpha screenshots, but then I realised TR would probably be the popular faction for that reason. When the NC armour was changed from grey and yellow to blue and yellow I decided to go with them.

    I play the other two when I get bored on my main, and I like all of them.
  17. DashRendar

    In Beta before "ally vs. enemy" HUD coloring came along, it was way more natural to not shoot at blue doritos, where when I played the other factions I saw a blue dorito and would hesitate. This led to more deaths than I liked, so I just joined up as NC. Lo and behold, ally vs. enemy HUD coloring was patched in so this is no longer an issue, but I had already grown to like the NC so I stuck with it. That and NC just has sexy things.
  18. vincent-

    I picked TR first based on the music and slightly the tanks were awesome Than my main is vs based on my guild and outfit and would have picked nc seeing as I like their look and weapons but hate their music.
  19. Joram

    I picked Vanu because was the less populated at the time i join the beta. I stayed as Vanu because real men wear spandex.
  20. Stunk

    I play VS because when I joined PS1 I asked on the Forums which faction was underpopped on the server I was choosing. Just about everyone said Vanu, and I've just stuck with them for PS2.