[Suggestion] Why did C4 got nerf?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by prodavit, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. prodavit

    Okay so I know this post is a bit late, but if you guys ever C4 a liberator before the nerf you can distory it with 2 C4, now you need 3 or 4 depending on where you place them.

    I get that being able to kill a sunde in 2 C4 might be a bit much but they's no reason you can't bring down a liberator with just 1 or 2 C4.

    1) getting to a flying liberator is hard and you need to be pretty good at jump jetting in.
    2) if a liberator is stupid enough to fly that low he deserve to be blown up.
    3) you can only carry 2 C4 as a light assault so you can't take down pilots who's dumb enough to fly that low.
    4) a pilot can easily avoid the jump jetter.
    5) why can 2 C4 take out a tank but not a lighter armor aircraft?

    You guy in the dev team don't need to buff the C4 but make it so it does bonus damage on aircrafts so pilots who's dumb enough to fly that low can get C4 right out of the air.
  2. Iridar51

    It was a blanket nerf to C4 as a whole. I barely remember that time, but I think 2x C4 used to almost oneshot Sunderers.
    It's not really a problem with C4 being weak against libs, it's more that libs are stupidly beefy.
  3. Takara

    Two c4 used to actually blow up a sundy. Now they bring it down to being on fire. That was done before deploy shield was in to stop a single LA from jihading a sundy because it was too easy for one person to destroy a spawn point. Honestly I think they can go back to it now that Deploy shields are in.

    I still think the C4 on lib is an oversight. Libs needed the HP but someone just forgot to lower their resistance to C4 oooor c4 counts as the same kind of damage as a tank round? There is plenty of lazy coding in PS2 history so who knows. AS someone who rather enjoys flying my lib I have to wonder the same thing as the OP.
  4. Copasetic

    Yeah, now only the engineer can do that. Even to a deploy shield sundy. Thanks Obama.
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  5. Iridar51

    Not exactly. While recess made soloing technically illegal, Obama left a legal loophole.

    Any class with C4 can deploy 2 bricks on a sundy, then run away and resuppply, then return to the sundy, detonate C4 to strip the deployment shield, place 2 more bricks to deal main damage to sundy, detonate, then finish the sundy off with UBGL and/or crossbow. Or just wait for it to burn down for 70+ seconds.
  6. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    How can an Engineer get rid of a deployment sundy fast? Without the utility pouch you can only carry three tank mines, and I haven't managed to kill a deployment sundy with three. You set off all three nothing, You set off one to deplete the shield and it is not enough, and thus the two next wont do it. Etc. Using the vechile turret is slow. An AT Heavy can do it:

    Decimator, vehicle nade, decimator, c4 done. That is the fastest I have managed to solo it without being a MAX. Not sure you need the Decimator but I got it so I use it.

    As for resupplying, you gotta be fast. First rank depoyment sundy reset it's shield in 10 seconds. At max rank it is 6 seconds. That is FAST.

    EDIT: Tested. rocket, nade, rocket, c4 works with the standard vanu S1 launcher too.
  7. Dj Gus

    1 manning a deployment shield sundy?

    HA with AV nade bando, couple c4's and the obvious rocket launcher. Done in about 20 seconds xD
  8. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    What I said the post above yours :p (no need for bandolier though) .
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  9. Copasetic

    Utility pouch, like you said. You have to stagger the mines, take down the shield first and then use the rest for the Sundy with a sticky grenade on top.

    The other possibility is 2 C4 to take down the shield and then AV mines with a sticky on top. That's even faster and doesn't need a utility pouch.

    What I usually do is pull a Harasser and just drive straight into the Sundy. Bail out and then mine it. Everyone is focused on the Harasser and in the chaos of the explosion and the debris you get more than enough time to plant the mines. Once you get the hang of it the whole process takes about 5 seconds, by then your sticky grenade is down and it doesn't matter what happens to you after that.

    Anyway, it's annoying but at least it costs a fair bit of resources to pull off.
  10. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    First of all; don't get me wrong - I don't think the deployment sunderer is OP. It is good as resisting burst damage, but against sustained damage it is still weak, it's just hard to solo it as infantry unless you are an AT max (250 certs).

    But for engineers it is hard: without the utility pouch it can't be done quick. But even with the utility poch at max rank you only have 6 seconds of pause from the shield was taken down till you have to get off the second batch of mines. More importantly however: utility poch certline is extremely expensive: one extra tankmine (utility pouch level 2) will cost you 600 certs, and two extra tankmines (util pouch 4) will cost you 2100 certs. This is VERY expensive and pretty much rules out players that are farily new to the game unless they do engineer exclusivly.

    Not sure what you mean here? Engineers have to choose between AV mines and C4, you can't equip both at the same time.

    In short I think the job of soloing a deployment sunderer fast and efficiently have been shifted from Engineers to AT HA's. But the cert-vise cheapest way is to cert into an AV max and just pile on the DPS until it blows up.

    Ofc a suicide run with a Fury-flash and C4/tankmines/vehicle nade could work.
  11. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    So was the deployment sunderer buffed? This above procedure is not working anymore.
  12. LaughingDead

    Im surprised no one mentioned AV turret.

    All fairness, a class that isn't designed to fight vehicles should more often than not, lose to vehicles.
  13. Daigons

    The only way I was able to do this is with a fellow C4 teammate.
  14. Vorest

    I've auraxed my mines on sundies. Deployment shield were no different, just more nanites to resupply in the end. Mine carrier utility - drop 3 mines - sticky nade/shoot them - 2 more mines - nade or shoot depending how you blown first 3 mines. Harder to pull when there is bunch of people around, but use harraser instead of flash with very faction specific camos to catch eye more while you wear camo resembling enemy faction. On best day I pulled over 150 mine kills, took around 5 hours if I'm correct.