Why change things most of your customers like ?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Blackbird, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Blackbird

    By far INDAR is the most popular area in the game . Why change it ? Come on think for once . Most people HATE Hossin ,shouldn't that be the first thing you change ? You messed up Crossroads by moving A point outside and adding a SCU and now yall going to do the same thing to Regent Rock . Red Ridge great base real bloodbaths happen there . Scarred Mesa AWESOME , MESSY , BLOODY BATTLES with people lighting orders chat up to keep the base ...AND YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE IT >>>>WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE SMOKING ?

    Some of your players actually have a attention span longer then 2 minutes . When we talk to our friends about Planetside 2 , we don't talk about bases we capped in 5 minutes .We tell each other about the BIG , MESSY , Blood Bath that went on for hours .

    Honestly its down right silly .........mess with what your customers like the most . Don't fix what they hate the most .
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  2. Carnage

    I second this and more, the bases are far to quick to be captured
  3. TherealScrable

    Actually Indar only needs a rewind, which unclocks the "T-Frontline". I am actually sick of fighting at the same bases over and over. I would prefer if I could finally fight at the J809 Impact site again or in the canyons.

    They are changing it for the construction update stop wining and calling the people who make the game dumb***s they change it to allow for better tactics and more base builds
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  5. Akashar

    Yeah they're really destroying the good bases one after another. First the Crown, and now there's hardly a base anywhere you would remember that is interesting to fight for. Such a shame...
  6. CrossFitForLifeBRAH

    Almost everyone I play with on a regular basis seem bored fighting on Indar yet another night and wish Hossin was played more often.
    - Disclaimer: I'm in no way trying to infer that the opinions expressed above aren't valid opinions

    What's the factor that caused the negative views toward Hossin? Is it the lack of being able to be in a ground vehicle or easily navigate one, forcing more infantry play? Or a performance issue? I personally think the diversity of base layout on Hossin is interesting and I get the same performance on every continent. My biggest complaint about Hossin is the population doesn't move there and ghost capping = ZzzzzZZZZzz. That being said, if the only target rich environments are going to be Indar or Esamir 90% of the time then a revamp, change or even complete overhaul that keeps me from having a deja-vu moment on a daily basis is more than welcome. With the amount of people I see stating they'd like to see more content you'd think they'd play on all the content presently offered. It might be because sitting in a MBT shelling is not as fun as infantry/cqc play for me. I like vehicle play situationally but, prefer the challenge of infantry. Not to mention points aren't flipped from inside a vehicle/
  7. Staticsilver

    Indar is boring as hell to fight on, the T is the only place yousee action at all, hopefully this will spread it out more, it doesn't matter how much of a bloodbath redridge and scared mesa where, they where horribly designed for the scale of ps2 and relics from a time when lattice wasn't a thing. Also please don't even try to defend red ridge, the location and area around that base is great, but the base its self deserves to die.
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  8. Armcross

    If you don't like the base build one or several more your self.
  9. Inu

    Have there been incremental updates since 1-29-16? I haven't been able to participate.
  10. 3punkt14159

    Its exactly my opinion. Lots of people dont like Hossin, lots of people play on indar, so i think you should remove some "contruction side" bases on hossen, they are so boring and all the same. By removing them, there will be enough space for the ant systems bases.
  11. Cymoril

    I think they should place "ruined" buildings or something other than a tree root that flips a harasser, or a small pebble that flips or makes the harasser take 2/3 damage.
    Indar is the roots of PS2 so in my mind it makes the most sense to make base alterations or have somewhat of redos since those areas have been shelled more than the other continents.You could always have ruined bases but the potential to use your ANTS to put structures in place to fix those areas ruined. Keep it fresh for Indar and clear out some trees on the other continents so that people can have open field vehicle combat. I feel Indar shouldn't be locked and the other 3 be used as the META game for the more serious players or a BR90 or less doesn't get locked out of Indar.
  12. badname123

    All of the small outposts should be removed. theyre not fun and never were. i feel nothing for them. winning or losing one feels meaningless.

    Construction and resources are the future. remove all but the major facilities and the players will make their own bases in place of the horrible unfun relics of the past.
  13. Stormsinger

    I agree, although I think what the general goal is here, is to get fights moving again. When too many players bunch up in the same place, it exacerbates render issues / large-scale crash chances - unfortunately, their method of addressing this apparently involves making bases less defensible in order to shorten fights to the point where you don't see as many 96v96 encounters.

    On one hand, fights will become less samey, we'll actually get to fight at bases other than the same 10 we all see nightly.

    On the other hand, this makes the redeploy-side issues worse, and makes tactical teamplay less important than redeploying to the next base as fast as possible, or abandoning defenses in favor of taking other enemy bases to make up for the impending loss. (We see this sort of issue already to an extent ... when full platoons ghostcap bases instead of actually fighting one another, it gets rather frustrating. I see this occur most often when the platoons are after the difficult to defend facilities, which irritates people to the point where they just don't want to bother.)
  14. H4YW1R3

    Sad fact is, devs are pandering to the masses of whiners that want easy mode. They're turning these bases into a joke. It's getting to where most bases feel like they're built to favor the attackers.

    On a personal note, I absolutely hate Indar. I have for a long time now. I won't even play there. So I'm sure not about to start now, and though I hate to say it, I'm glad it's happening there first. Despite my hatred for that continent however, I wouldn't wish what the devs have done to it on anyone. And they don't seem to care how players feel about it, so I guess it's inevitable that they're going to ruin the other continents in turn.