Why can we not spectate our killers in this game?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by gunnner10, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. gunnner10

    Apex and Fortnite allow you to spec other players after you die. This helps boost the credibility of kills and deaths in those games. If we could spectate other players, that would go a long way to reducing the hacusations so prevalent here.
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  2. Skraggz

    This would not fix a thing, the kill screen can't even get down how killed you sometimes. Not to mention the game runs on Client side making what you see vs what they see very different, and hackusations would still exist if not get worse.
  3. gunnner10

    I'm not talking about "Fixing" something, I'm saying it may boost the confidence people have with this game if they are able to watch another player after loosing to that player. I understand it's client side and everyone sees things differently, but once you die, why couldn't you watch the "stream" of video from the other players POV? This game just seems to be lacking without that as an option
  4. DarkStarAnubis

    I believe the OP is speaking about a spectator cam, which is something you have in other games (mostly 3rd person/shoulder view of players).

    In theory is not a bad idea, but in practice it is. Say you are spectating your last killer (so an enemy) and he gets killed. Then he re-spawn at a cloaked Sunderer and you now have its location which can be passed to your friends.
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  5. Liewec123

    It seems too easy to abuse, there is nothing stopping you from telling everyone where a high skill player is,
    or a flanker/sniper in a really good hiding spot, or even a cloaker sneaking behind enemy lines,
    Or as Darkstar said above, if they respawn at a cloaked sundy you'll know exactly where it is.

    Plus I don't even think it'd be possible in PS2, everything on your screen is slightly different to everything on everyone elses,
    And that goes for everyone! Latency, clientside hit detection, prefiring, lag,
    Spectating would be a mess, as Skraggz said it may even increase the hackusations.
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  6. Crayv

    I think the mistake was making this game a Free-to-Hack game instead of just charging $5 and then giving you $5 worth of currency.

    The other mistake was having such a high emphasis on headshots. Those attract aimbotters like sh*t attracts flies.
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  7. Towie

    Possibly worth mentioning here that the aimbots became so sophisticated that they allowed 'no turn' hits so the people could stream and it wouldn't look unusual - unless - someone spent a long time analysing it.

    Indeed - people showed the videos in the forum demonstrating how amazing they were before people were pulling the videos apart due to hits that were clearly misses (and some haven't played since).
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  8. Skraggz

    Even if this suggestion wasn't meant to be a "fix" but rather an aid it wouldn't work simply due to client side. The new person that would utilize this would be left with more questions, not to mention dev's wasting hours on a feature such as this. The other games you mentioned usually use this as a report tool, not to boost credibility for those that are legit.
  9. JibbaJabba

    Would be a cool feature. They already have an observer cam, seems like it could be triggered in follow mode on a death screen or something.

    Honestly though it sounds like a moderate coding cost for minimum gain. It is likely to fall low on priorities with dx11 and everything coming.
  10. gunnner10

    Yes, unfortunately I think you and DarkStar are right. Rather than verifying someone's skill, people would use it to locate enemies.

    Good point. I've read about aimbots that aren't 100% but rather 80% to avoid detection. So even spectating a player may not give a conclusive picture of legitimacy.

    Thanks for the feedback guys, Now I'm off to play more, Die more, and wonder if I died to skill or algorithm.
  11. DarkStarAnubis

    If you are killed by HS and you have doubts, then check the HS ratio of your killer.

    Most (if not all) the legit players are between 25% and 50% assuming an auto or semi-auto weapon depending on many, many factors (distance, weapon, scope, experience, ...): above 50%, it starts to be fishy.
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  12. Scrundle

    Strongly against this for the same reasons that I'm strongly against getting the old third-person camera back; instead of being used for its intended purpose it would actually just be a very powerful recon tool that would completely ruin many fights.
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  13. CaptCran

    People can already see the other factions sundy placements, enemy movements, etc because all you need is another computer set up with a player on the opposing faction. Bring the map up, place a w/p on the location where the cloaked sundy is on the other computer, kill said sundy done.
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  14. strikearrow

    It would not help and actually increase hackusations because - frankly - many people do run scripts (hacks they bought) that violate the Terms of Service. Even if they are banned, they just load a patched script on a new account that stocks them with certs., implements their adjustable (aim assist, ESP, speed boost, reload boost, lag switch etc.) and off they go again.

    Enjoy the game as you can and move-on. Watching people whom run scripts is bad for your heart's health. There is nearly zip we can do about it, so there's no good reason to try. DBQ cares only if enough people talk with money by canceling subs. etc. on PS2 and ensure DBQ knows the reason they took their money elsewhere.
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  15. PoopDatGame OUT!

    because its lame and this isnt apex,fortnite or overwatch..though they are far better.
  16. JudgeNu

    I heard an idea once i liked that they could put targets in places noone can shoot but aimbotters. IDK if that is feasible but i always liked it.
  17. Yessme

    Thats good part of Counterstrike and other BR Games. Wold be a good idea for PS2

    no not this way, in other games you follow the next killer of that guy.
    you don`t follow them to spawn spoint.

    you got killed and follow your killer, he got killed you follow now his killer, and and and ...
    no spawn
    no location
    just follow the next killer like CS
  18. Zagareth

    This is a BS feature and it only reveals the position of your opponent, so you could get to his position and kill him easily. This also contradicts any Infiltrator gameplay, where you have to stay hidden and not exposed to any spectator.
    Apex and Fortnite are fast pace shooters on a timer - stealth features dont really exist (tell me if Im wrong). In PS you need to do strategic, hidden things and to be exposed by spectators, because you killed someone, destroys that ability to hide and keep doing things undisturbed.
  19. PlanetBound

    Not sure if I understand you correctly about the "no turning" but shooting out your backside isn't a desirable feature in an aimbot.
  20. Towie

    Now that would be true - but - you can probably find videos still around that show how it looked. Before this 'feature', the gunner would 'snap' to targets. I literally had a situation where one shooter snapped to about 5 of us one after the other all in the same room, it was ridiculous.

    With the 'no turning' option you would still have to be facing the target BUT the bullet would hit the defined target area - be it head, bone, all with adjustable accuracy. Not dissimilar to the head-hitbox cheat now - where you just need to get somewhere close for it to be an instant headshot (although some people increase the head hitbox to ridiculous proportions as seen in some other threads !)

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