Why can’t we hack vehicles

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by OneShadowWarrior, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. OneShadowWarrior

    Why can’t we hack vehicles like in old Planetside, infills have limited AV capabilities?
  2. AgentRed

    I think it was because it was more of a side project and the devs who were working on it are no longer with DBG :(
  3. UrielSeptimIV

    Effort > Profit
    In order to make this simple game mechanic they will have to:
    1)Remodel all vehicles and cosmetics to make sure that allies can identify you from enemies (Amount of work is just tremendous).
    2)Make sure that nothing is bugged.
    There are only 2 reasons but amount of work to make vehicle hacking is just tremendous.
    DBG simply doesn`t have funds and time to remodel ALL vehicles and cosmetics in the game.
  4. Xebov

    This was discussed alot in the past when it was an actual idea. The point why it wasnt done is that the risk vs reward does not match. The cloak allows for easy aproach of vehicles and hacking them wouldnt require much efford while defending against would require alot more work. Its the same reason why Infis dont have access to C4/Tank Mines.
  5. YellowJacketXV

    How much effort is having the personnel radar, such as the Scout Radar or Proximity Radar if you know this is an option or if you know you're going to be solo? Or heck, even in an armor column...
  6. Twin Suns

    Dust514 had that option and it was hilarious to watch.

    Anybody up for a game of "Musical sTanks"?
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  7. Xebov

    I hope you are aware that you can prevent detection by it extremely easy?
  8. YellowJacketXV

    Crouch walking in an open field as vehicles run about doing their business. I assume this is directed towards Prowlers?
  9. iStalk

    That was a wonderful thing to do. As an original bastard, we enjoyed the scout class very much.
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  10. JDS999

    more cheese during armor battles u would have everyone playing inifi.... idk seems like enough cheese already
  11. iStalk

    right, but playing a heavy that can 1v1 a ant or tank isn't cheesy okay.
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  12. Effect

    Because the devs were incredibly shortsighted on the games initial development. So many good things from the original were ignored or dropped and instead, they opted to clone Battlefield.
  13. Blam320

    Chalk another "shot self in foot" point up to Sony.
  14. Who Garou

    There is no reason that an infiltrator should be able to hack anything that it costs another player nantites to pull.

    Allowing it is "gifting" nanites to infiltrators.

    Let's face it.
    Infiltrators are not intended to be an anti-vehicle class.

    Don't you get enough kills sniping characters getting out to repair vehicles?

  15. Scroffel5

    Right now it may be that they don't have the time to and the idea of how to implement it into the game without people getting mad. If vehicle hacking was implemented into the game, and a strong voice in the community didn't like how it was implemented, that creates problems. Personally I would love to see it in the game. It's a good concept. Once they figure out the best way to do it, maybe we will see it in the future.
  16. Scroffel5

    This post may be long so bear with me. Vehicle Hacking has never been needed so much as it has been needed now. Some of you see vehicle hacking as a way for infiltrators to deal with vehicles, but it is so much more. How many times have you seen a zerg of vehicles coming your way, and you can do NOTHING to stop them? You could C4 1 or 2, but then more come by. As an infiltrator, you can go behind enemy lines relatively easily. In this stage of Planetside 2, where the faction-wide known term of "zerging" comes into play often, we need a mix of coordination and organization to be matched with the chaos of their plans falling apart, where a zerg can be matched by the chaos of a few infiltrators hacking their tanks in the back and blowing up their sundies.

    Now I know what many of you are thinking. "VEHICLE HACKING IS TOO OP." In Planetside 1, from what I have heard, is that it was balanced and fair. If it becomes unfair or too exploitable, it can always been deactivated until it is balanced. Vehicle hacking gives Infiltrators their place in the lines of defense. Infiltrators have always been there to give recon, snipe, and cause chaos via hacking, but people don't see their usefulness in defending bases from bigger threats, such as zergs and vehicles.

    The Medic is so useful in keeping a battle flowing, by their reviving allies and helping them out. A trained medic is invaluable to the team. A Heavy is the anti-vehicle class that can take a lot of damage with their overshield. They are so useful in an upfront assault on a base and in the defense of your own. A few heavies can change the tide of a battle. The Light Assault, the king of flanking is so useful in attacking and ambushing, along with their Rocklet Launcher to deal damage to bigger foes. Light Assaults can wreak havoc on a battle. And the Engineer can repair our MAX's and Vehicles, have a selection of turrets to deal damage and provide cover fire for their allies, and keep everything running smoothly. Engineers repairing the sundy and repairing broken terminals can truly help us out. The only thing I see with a well trained infiltrator is for killing. They do provide recon, which is invaluable, being able to know where your enemies are. Yet people disregard the infiltrator as having its place in a squad, like its only function is to go solo and do whatever they want. Infiltrators do not need any more help with their killing, but being a tactical asset needs to be implemented more.

    I love being an infiltrator, but when that zerg of vehicles come and you are the only one who finds the sundy, and you have to tell the Heavies that are infront of you where it is and show them where it is, that just isn't as useful as being able to deal with it yourself. Infiltrators providing recon, via their recon darts, motion spotters, and even just reporting it back to people is awesome and important, but you aren't rewarding with it; your whole team is. The shame is that no one knows. No one cares, or at least show that they do. People don't view infiltrators as tactically superior to any other class, but just as there, yknow?

    With the implementation of vehicle hacking, I believe that it can change the tides of a battle, but it just needs to be balanced to not get super nerfed into the ground. Hacking deployed sundies would not be beneficial, but maybe being able to hack every other vehicle and it just takes a while or an alarm goes off or something would work. I have had so many instances where I have to wait for the engineer of a tank to get out before I can shoot him, and it's just not as fun. It gets a good laugh now and then, but it isn't as fun as being able to force someone out. Planetside 2 has been out for over 5 years now, and people who played Planetside 1 and took advantage of vehicle hacking probably want it now. Who knows where they went when it left? Vehicle hacking could draw in more players.

    Please, leave a comment. We want Daybreak to see this and take it into consideration.
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  17. Scroffel5

    All I have to say to that is "Anti Personnel Turrets." They maintain the same color as they once before being hacked, but you know its not yours when it shoots at you. Same with the AV turrets on bases. Even though they don't maintain the same color, they are the same model as the AV turrets on the base. When it shoots at you and you see it, you shoot back. Picture the same concept but on your own factions tank model. It shoots at you, you turn around and shoot back.

    If you were in a war, and you stole an enemies tank, the enemies wouldn't know its you, until you shoot at someone. Then they know something is up. However, in a game where it shows markers over everyone's head, the moment you look at a tank and see it's not yours, you know something is up, then you shoot at it, because thats basically what all players do when they see an enemy. Of course, this all goes with balancing, but it can work.

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