Why bother with anything but HA?

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  1. Separatists

    i wish there were more HA's, then i can go medic and get like a 30k score/hour with no buffs =)
  2. LookmawNoHands

    if the games military was smart..they would give all the kits jetpacks.
  3. GSZenith

    yes i agree so awful, made a new vs char to test LMG, they really suck dude.
  4. Kedyn

    In a 1v1 head on battle against an HA, of course you're going to lose. Sorry that standing still and ADS tanking is the only thing you ever think of.
  5. Neopopulas

    Tell you what, my Corvus feels like it does more damage, and is easier to kill with than my Polaris. Its actually sort of disappointing, my LMG's don't feel very powerful. Maybe they aren't as accurate, or whatever. But my medic gun seems easier to kill with than my LMG.

    People think the LMG is this amazing death machine and i've never had a (VS) gun that feels that way.
  6. Ixidron

    So basically you are agreeing with me and the OP, people shroud not bother playing other classes if every time they stumble across a HA they have the lower hand.

    Also why do you keep trying to insult a person you don't know and have never seen playing?

    2 players with equal skill, on a face to face battle, one playing HA, and the other playing any other class, the HA is gonna win 90% of the encounters.
    2 players with equal skill, flanking the other, shooting at the head or at the back, the HA is gonna win 100% of the encounters, the other one will have his terrain and situation advantage partially negated by the shield.
  7. LT_Latency

    There are 3 Assault class.

    The LA uses the jetpack to get to good spots on the battle field.
    The INF uses stealth to get to a good spot on the battle field

    The heavy has to shield and take the most obvious path which is heavly guarded. Even then the heavy is not a god 1v1.

    They weapon is weaker at long rang and they can get dropped by LA with guns like the lynx

    At close range a IF with a smg can win. At long range you can with with any of the sniper rifles.
  8. Rudette

    Let me break it down for you:

    Light Assault:

    Your mobility is what you leverage! Your goal isn't to win in a toe to toe brawl, your goal is to flank and surprise. C4 has vast synergy with your mobility and really completes this class. You have your tools. Use them properly.


    Your goal is to find a good vantage point or insert yourself behind enemy lines. Positioning is key. You have the tools to do find good ground. Use them.


    Leverage line of sight/walls/hills/the environment and the ability to top off your health to pick and choose when and where you fight. Only fight when it's favorable. You juggle this with your ability to keep the momentum of infantry engagements going with proper application of your nano regen and heal tool. You are support but you can also be an effective self sustaining guerrilla fighter.


    Our demolitionists, our ammo suppliers, turret gunners, vehicle pilots. Engineers have a vast array of support roles that they fill. They are the swiss army knife of PS2, and yet you imply there is no reason to play them?

    Heavy Assault:

    HA comes packaged with a numerical advantage when fighting one on one with another class toe-to-toe. This is how it should be or there would be hardly any incentive to play HA when you could just as easily play _____ and have additional support/recon tools. The key to fighting a heavy is to stay outside of his effective range or get the drop on him and overwhelm him. He is tough, but he is no god. He is the front line.

    What you need to do:

    Know your classes. Know your tools. Know your weapons. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each. Don't claim OP, don't claim hax. Soldier up and adapt. 90% of a battle is fighting yourself and struggling with your own bad habits and doing everything you can to improve them. 10% is what your opponent chooses to do.

    More GG = More skill. Learn humility. Be humble. It is easier to stay the same; change is difficult. When you claim OP you set an artificial skill ceiling on yourself. You tell yourself "It's ok I lost because of _____. Since _____ is overpowered, I don't have to learn from my experiences to overcome it." When doing this you take the lazy way out with the added bonus of shielding your pride.

    I implore you not throw away all that invaluable experience.

    Hope this helped.
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  9. ent|ty

    Bull. Headshots. Accuracy. Flanking. Surprise. Shotguns. L2Play.

    Better yet, go play an HA and post a video of you owning everyone.
  10. Babaganoush

    Found your problem.
  11. Rogueghost

    Most of the kills are in part due to your own abilities at the game, not so much the gun, I'm willing to bet if I said assault rifles or carbines suck you could had posted the same kill streak using an assault rifle or carbine.

    Lmgs biggest advantage is being adaptable, most of them being effective in both medium-long range and cqc. But a cqc carbine will almost always kill a cqc lmg user in cqc, unless the carbine user is pretty bad. And a long range assault rifle user will always beat a long range lmg user at range, with the possible exception of the SAW.
  12. MarlboroMan-E

    Because I own HA's with my carbine, and I make tanks my ***** with C4.
  13. GSZenith

    nope i suck with carbines :( can't get that score even by camping doors with bruiser/blackjack/deimos
  14. p10k56

    Just give LA assault rifles and day will by shinier:cool: