Why be a NC?

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  1. McChimperson

    Don't pick NC. Dumbest players, inferior aircraft.
  2. iller

    NC Morale is dropping fast on ALL the servers, even the ones where they were the big Majority.

    I think part of the issue is they don't even realize how many of these 4th faction guys also use subtle Hacks...
    I hate blaming balance for eveything b/c I think our Weapons are just more interesting and that should count for something.
    But all this Macro ADADA spam and other exploits also piled on top... make it damn near impossible to succeed with this faction as a whole. Some people might be succeeding individually, but the other Factions are just MORE PREPARED to fight against the cheaters, the warpers, and the exploiters... We're not. We miss too often or move slower, and in general, our Gear just penalizes us a lot harder when we make the slightest miscalculations.
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  3. Liquid23

    I blame that on Stew360...

    and the fact the CEOs are to cheap to spring for USO shows
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  4. Choppy89

    This is a purely 4th faction issue. TR been owning alerts for a few weeks (on briggs)and now everyone is joining TR. It is usually due to good co ordination and a big population base following waypoints. On Indar, VS and TR both push NC territories. VS fear the TR and wont fight them and TR know that we will stand and fight them (which is what alot if them want)Just bad decisions, poor communication and a bunch of school kids playing the faction that wins alerts is to blame. We start taking and holding onto some territories will bring it back into balance.
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  5. TintaBux

    Its nothing to do with the 4th faction, at least on other servers not Briggs.
  6. Grotpar

    Why be a TR? Why be a VS?

    Because you have to fight for what you believe in.
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  7. Blitzer

    We have guns that look and feel like guns (as opposed to vanu sex toys and tr weapons that have more curves than möbius strip).
    Also, best looking infiltrators, light assaults, medics and max units (also vanguard once they replace the turret with more railgunnish look).

    If you make "permanent" decisions in video games based on numbers/stats stuff, you will never be satisfied. ;)
  8. Gary

    Why be NC? Best Max for Short range, Shield to protect from long range and Best long range (falcons), 200 damage weapons...
  9. MGP

    NC is still most popular faction overall, thou TR are catching up.
  10. Quite Spiffing

    I've NEVER ever seen the Striker, turret, FracsMAX, AA MAX combination working all together to shoot down your air. Silly notion from a silly person.
  11. Mindjacker

    Because the TR and vs need targets, thats why in a war game they give ONLY 1 FACTION defensive only tools.
    vs are ridiculously OP - max , MBT and weapon wise but they play it down very carefully and come here in droves to keep this advantage. Not like they need to really, soe have and will continue to buff them as they hate NC. TR have much love from dev's as well as they cry hard but not as hard as the vs.

    All this leads me to 1 conclusion

    WORST BALANCE TEAM EVER IN AN ONLINE GAME and thats coming from someone that went through the swg "experience" with sony
  12. Mindjacker

    nope they are all in the vs there with losers like you
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  13. Jube

    This is simple economics. Sony wants to make money, bottom line. So what is the best way to do that? You start with all the faction nearly equal, then you give one a really cool weapon...the ScatterMax and everyone goes NC and buy it up. After sales drop off you give another faction a cool weapon and so on and so on.
    Sony wants people to rotate factions and buy more stuff. So right now it the NC who are sucking alittle next month it'll be the TR or the VS who get the short end of the stick. Don't worry what comes around goes around Sony will make sure of that.
  14. Mindjacker

    That sentence right there tells me you have never used a vanguard or even know what you are talking about - close up prowler ripos vannie new @sshole and mag rider dominates due to fact they are much more likely to land hits close up or far away with the unreal amount of manouvrability they have
  15. Algernon

    Hmmm population imbalances in Briggs? Well I must be doing something wrong because i play primarily in primetime here and I would have to say with the 4th faction warpgate shift, the population is at it's best balance it has been for a long time.

    Perhaps the OP misses his 40%+ population that NC had been enjoying on Briggs prior to this latest rotation, the real NC need no such crutch.

    (hope you guys remember all the alert posts on the forums about NC dominating alerts because of huge pop imbalances on Briggs, at least that problem seems to have been solved)
  16. Mindjacker

    NC have drawn short stick since launch in every dept
  17. Macchus

    yup TR is now in the position that NC was about a month ago . NC pop sometimes about equals TR pop but rarely....
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  18. Quite Spiffing

    Complains about other factions being OP, walks around in the toughest MAX that one-shots infantry. *cough cough* HaxMAX/ScatMAX. Our MAX is no way capable of that unless you take a Fracture to the face.

    TR Lockdown MAX is so easy to take down, just outflank him from where he can't get you, he'll have to mobilize, which takes helluva lot of time, by the time he moves he'll nearly dead.

    I played NC a couple times, and boy it is so much more easier to mow down enemies with those weapons, it ain't even funny. It took me more effort to gun down NC with TR weapons than vice versa.

    I'm sick and tired of this "NC = Hardmode" ********.
  19. TintaBux

    All the factual statistics now show the NC max to the worse of the three now.
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  20. xGreedFuSioN

    SAW, ACX-11, Reaver is boss, Vanguard is okay, Phoenix is awesome... need I go on?