Why be a NC?

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  1. Antreya

    It's just as bad on Connery. NC are third place last every single alert due to getting double teamed so most NC just don't even waste their time anymore, they just go to other continents and fight on getting the meager loss XP from alert or log on their TR alts for win certs.

    End result is people ARE leaving the game. The player activity charts have shown a non-stop decline for over 6 months. The game lost 500k+ of it's 760k~ peak players in 6 months and the number every month just declines more and more. The devs are doing nothing to address the worst problems of this game so players are just leaving in search of better games, this is why you see these forced server merges, but even then those aren't really doing much.

    The Connery Helios merge did nothing to change alerts with NC still double teamed to third place last and usually gated, even during Indar alerts with lattice, no difference at all. It's beyond a shame at this point really, but most people are just past the point of even bothering to care with no hope in sight for the real problems being fixed, and I can't honestly say I blame them at all.
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  2. S0LAR15

    Why do the NC think their guns are inaccurate? What do they smoke?
  3. Rhapsody

    if you fire 1 shot, wait 5 seconds, fire another single shot, wait 5 seconds, fire another single shot. Yea.. their accurate.

    Take a TR and VS weapon though, you can near about full-auto the thing and have 80-90% of your rounds hit, even when hip-firering at close-range.

    NC weapons... were almost 'forced' to aim down the sites, even in close-quarters, to land anything near 60% of our fired rounds. Even when using burst fire modes.
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  4. Kupcake

    Say whatever you want. I'm not saying the Van is OP, or that it's the best tank. I agree; the Vanguard has huge weaknesses. Most competent tankers will tell you that mobility is a vastly underrated trait. Not because of "dodging" and other nonsense brought up on the forums. It's because initiative is often determined by mobility, and initiative decides most tank duels between competent players.

    But it's a terror at point-blank hit trades, which is what you brought up. That's a red herring, simply put. The Vanguard should always win those kinds of duels, unless the driver gets outplayed. And the Enforcer IS better than the Saron, at present. The Magrider has a lot of big edges in tank combat atm, but the Saron isn't one of them. That's all I'm saying. Not trying to make any broader point than this.
  5. S0LAR15

    1. Lowest Horizontal recoil.
    2. 0.03 vs 0.1 ADS stationary CoF.
    3. 167 damage and 200 damage marksman weapons, which are inasnely good.
    4. 167 damage type have the same moving CoF for carbines, LMGs and ARs as 143, i.e should not.
    5. More damage per clip.

    For what 25% more vertical recoil, you know the one thats easy to control!! and lower RoF, easily made up for with higher damage bullets.

    Noob guns. Bad players.
  6. Rhapsody

    only on the first shot.
    How often are you 'stationary' when in a fight?
    They also have itty-bitty clip-sizes, and slow rate of fire, as well as the worst recoil so, as i said, your force into 1 shot, wait, 1 shot, wait. I'd rather have a 100 damage weapon that spits out at 800rpm, than a 167 damage weapon that only does 500.
    Again, CoF may be the same, but their all still worse than any of the TR or VS weapons. That extra bit of damage doesn't mean much if you're missing the same amount.
    IF every shot hits. Which, with low fire-rate, and accuracy, rarely ever happens. Or if you do take the time to make sure every shot hits, the other guy firing 3x the bullets, even if he misses 1/2 the time, still kills you first.

    Again, as you yourself mentioned, lower RoF. Meaning using a weapon with even LESS damage, and even LESS RoF.. loses out against a TR or VS equivalent.
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  7. Caydn

    I love being Nc I get to listem to new music in prox all the time get tked by fellow nc that then blame me what more could you ask for.
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  8. S0LAR15

    No you have a lower value PER SHOT. AND LOWER FIRST SHOT RECOIL. Thanks I forgot about that one.

    For Marksmanship of course you are still, you don't have to be still for long, CoF change is instant. I bet you think no bullet drop is good for marksman work, yet don't realise a 0 CoF Laser beam is MUCH better (SAW)

    You do not have the worst recoil, it is a myth, this is why the NC are a laughing stock, they have the best infantry weapons yet think they are ****, f**king derps.

    They are the same, not worse, the same, mathematically and practically the same.

    If accuracy is the same for both players, whihc contrary to your whgine it will be, then yes the clip has more damage.

    If I can use the pulsar C which is a less powerful versionb of the Merc, and win vs shotguns, then so can anyone who is good.

    You should see some stats, and be amazed at how good your guns are, I cannot be more clear about how clear I'm being,

    The NC 167 and 200 damage guns do not have the worst recoil, they in fact have the best recoil values.

    The numbers and many people's experience do not lie, it is a noob perception that NC guns are bad. I'm done now.
  9. ArmedGoose

    Bunch of corporate funded terrorists would describe it more accurately... :)
  10. Vashyo

    Says the scientologist ;)
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  11. x7xBillyDaKidx7x

    well i must say the Pheonix is a joke . I can fire mine,and by the time it takes to watch the silly tv screen at the end and then reload my rocket ,the guy i hit in a vehicle can jump out fix it and get right back in.LOL
  12. The King

    From range, there's not that much of a difference...
    Up close and personal, yeah....
    Then you would have to have a 2ndary gunner too, and then you can kill them before they kill you, if they're up close and personal...
  13. Zan_Aus

    Its got nothing to do with balance of empires, its just that on Briggs our 4th faction (for some utterly unknown reason) simply cannot seem to play anywhere but the Northern Warpgate.

    EVERY time the warpgates rotated, whoever had the North got a massive pop boost, look at the TR, they are back to original dominating numbers again after dropping away to almost nothing when they were in the SE. Even the VS halted their population decline when they got the North WG.
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  14. ComradeHavoc

    Because we aren't uptight military freaks, nor are we dubstep bronies. We are shotgun loving rednecks who often get the short end of the stick, but oh well just fight on!
  15. Rhapsody

    I honestly almost choked on my Pepsi reading that. Have you actually TRIED the SAW?... its CoF is bigger than pre-cold-war USSR.

    This just proved my point actually.. Our guns hit harder (like shotguns) Yet, they are always beat out by Faster firing, and less powerful weapons (your pulsar C and just about any TR/VS weapon)
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  16. Xae

    You're bad at analyzing data. Stop doing it.

    There are two servers where VS has > 35% population.

    There are three servers where NC has > 35% of population

    There are three servers where TR has > 35% of population.

    By Playtime:
    (Gobal) NC = 33.57, TR = 34.76, VS = 31.67

    Vanu is the least populated faction, TR is the most populated faction.

    TR hasn't been "hurt" because you still have/are the 4th faction.

    Highest Scoring: Tanks, LA, HA, Infiltrators
    Second Highest: Fighter, Engineer,Max

    TR is 1 or 2 in all categories. TR Maxes have even passed scatter maxes.

    Highest scoring Assault Rifle? TAR.
    Carbine? Lynx.
    LMG? SVA-88 (bugged, was hit scan during the week of stats) Other than that T32 bull

    By any objective measure of the data available TR has the best equipment.
  17. Cyridius

    tl;dr The OP asks; Why be NC?

    I answer, there is no reason not to be.


    I'm sad to say that NC players whining about their faction being bad really don't know what they're talking about.

    I played NC from early Beta until Janurary, and continued to play them until about March or April. They have at no point been underpowered. When I was NC, I, also, was one of the "NC is UP" forum warriors, talking about our "Terrible accuracy", "low ROF", "horrible tank/ESF". Playing on VS and TR for extended periods gave me actual perspective, instead of playing TR or VS for about a day and seeing things as "ohhhh shiny and new! Awesommmmmmmme" and being "Yup, TR/VS is fine, we SUCK!". You can tell who does that by posting, simply by the pure disconnect they have from the "reality" of the game itself, and the lack of understanding they display for what way weapons are designed and what works best in which situations..

    I've made very long posts explaining why NC is, indeed, not underpowered. I've made very long posts explaining why NC is the best faction in the game by a long shot. I've made posts comparing weapons, trying to explain what the strengths and weaknesses of things were, where the NC excelled and how there was no place the NC falls short.

    Where lies the New Conglomerate's weakness?

    Where does the Terran Republic and the Vanu Sovreignty pass up the NC?

    And the answer is a resounding... Nowhere.
    Well, that's not strictly true. The TR beats NC in the rate of fire department for LMGs and ARs. The VS has... no bullet drop? I guess?

    Rate of Fire isn't an advantage when you think about what is sacrificed. Thankfully, since the day of the flinch nerf, ROF is no longer the king statistic. That means I wont be able to open up on you with my CARV and have your screen shake for about 2 seconds before you meet the death screen. But now what? The NC has the advantage. The 200 damage of the Gauss SAW, namely, and the 167 damage of all your other LMGs, to boot - though with the recent hit detection screw ups, the only true viable LMGs the NC has are the NC6 Gauss SAW and the Anchor.

    How is the damage more of an advantage than ROF? Well, simple, Alpha Strike Damage > Damage Over Time. The effect of putting out 1000 damage in 5 shots instead of 1000 damage instead of 1001 damage in 7. Thing is, for every 4 shots the SAW puts out, the CARV has 6. So, pretty much, in practical terms the TTK is identical, because Bullets-To-Kill is far more important than TTK. The CARV and the SAW will put out their 5th and 7th bullets simultaneously, assuming both started firing simultaneously.

    What does this mean? The SAW performs the same as the CARV in CQC. The same as any 750ROF 143dmg weapon, actually. Except more accurate. But I've already done too much number crunching on that one to wish to continue. All I can say is Adv. Foregrip + Compensator and lower recoil/second than the CARV, and lower horizontal recoil/shot than the CARV.

    So that downside is gone. If you both look at eachother, and shoot, and all your shots hit center mass, and your reflexes are absolutely identical, you will both die. Infact, the CARV user will die first because of the higher projectile velocity on the SAW, but the SAW user will still die.

    And then we all agree, the SAW is better at range.

    The TMG-50 used to be our best LMG until the patch hit, simply because of its 167 damage. The rest of its stats were pretty bad. It had the Compensator. That was the only other good aspect. Our best weapon was good because it had more damage than the rest our weapons, but it still had less damage than NC's default and the same damage as everything else but the EM1. It was kind of sad.

    What's used now is the T16. Because with the hit detection being so screwed up, it's not really viable to use the TMG-50 anymore, the extra damage isn't worth the inconsistency. It's because it can do long range.
    Why this obsession with damage, or bullet velocity in the T16's case, you may ask. It's so TR players can stay competitive with the Gauss SAW. No joke. We're still not competitive, and neither are the VS all that much(But they are more so). But that is the reason you see weapons geared for longer ranges amongst the other factions. Needless to say, you'll see a prevailence of the CARV or Orion because they're free weapons.

    Anyways, this gigantic ramble I seem to have found myself on was to somehow make a point;

    The NC don't have a weakness. For close quarters, you're like everybody else. Shotguns, C4, the works. You know yourself. NC was the dominatrix of CQC until the ZOE came out this patch - which is sure to be nerfed. Even excluding the usual cheese bullcrap, NC's heavies are at no point ever disadvantaged in an LMG fight when they use the Gauss SAW. This is why I am so puzzled at the proliferation at the non-SAW NC heavies. They don't seem to realize any kind of perceived trade off is worthless unless it allows them to put out 7 bullets before the SAW can put out 5. Or in the case of 167 damage, put out 6 bullets before the SAW puts out 5. Which no LMG can do. The Gauss SAW has all the attachments(Barring soft point and extended mags), is more accurate than most LMGs and has the edge on killing power at long ranges due to front loaded 200dmg and does not lose its edge in CQC except to shotguns.

    The Vanguard is also awesome. Especially with the new Enforcer. The DPS a Vanguard /w Enforcer can put out is insane. I can't wait for the Vulcan buff as a TR player, because right now the Enforcer and Saron both do more statistic DPS than the Vulcan, which was the Vulcan's edge previously.

    The Reaver is the best ESF right now. With the Afterburners being superior to the others, its ease of transition between hover moder and flight mode(Important for skilled pilots, this enables the reverse maneuveur for dogfights) and the superior Rotary cannon, it makes it supreme dogfighter as well as more capable of escaping Flak or Lock-Ons. There's a reason most ESF videos you see are Reavers.

    The only thing that really and truly sucks about the NC, the only REAL downside to the NC, is the fact they look like crap and their music sucks. When the ZOE is balanced, NC will be top dog yet again.

    Yes... but do you equip the Loyal Soldier camo and rank, sir? That is the question.
  18. Cyridius

    Your first statement is really amusing, considering your final statement.

    Analysis of that data in no way infers better equipment. It suggests better players.

    A shocker, isn't it? That numbers of player statistics using certain weapons effects how good players are and not how good weapons are?

    Score and Kill per hour statistics are useless. Terrible. It's the worst kind of spreadsheet warrior that uses these and says "Oh, OK then, guess because they have a higher score per hour they're using overpowered weapons!"

    These numbers are good supplements, side points to a statement you are making, not the sole source.

    But if you wanna play that laughable game, you should try to not cherry pick your statistics.

    Characters created:

    All: 44,968
    NC: 15,621
    VS: 15,382
    TR: 13,965

    NC: 34.7%
    VS: 34.2%
    TR: 31.1%

    TR = 4th faction for sure.
  19. SgtBreastroker

    Wait. NC on Briggs dying? I hope you're joking.

    You guys were top pop when you had northern warpgate and SW warpgate.You guys win a majority of the alerts.

    Often it is actually the VS who are the underdogs on Briggs.
  20. DuckSauce

    A difference in average player skill across factions isn't really supported by the data. The best test of the alternative would be sph/kills using NS weapons, and those are fairly equal.

    With that said the factions are fairly well balanced. Infantry weapon balance is very, very close overall, with the devs seeming to make it a priority that every weapon is useful at least in its own niche.

    I think NC weapons do slightly worse in actual performance because lower RPM weapons are harder to use; I don't know why this should be surprising. But at the same time, you can't buff them too much for the low- or average-skilled players without making them OP for the high-skilled players. If you look at the data by BR, the NC 'gap' closes for many weapons as BR rises.

    The ESFs, ESRLs, ESAV MAXes, MAX abilities and now MBTs aren't quite there yet in terms of balance in my opinion, but none of it is imbalanced enough to stir up too much drama with things like "why play NC?!"

    Play NC if you like slow-firing, hard-hitting weapons and shotguns. Or blue and yellow. Or terrible guitar riffs. Or to join a NC outfit.
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