Why be a NC?

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  1. The King

    NC always lose population when they have these warpgates...
    Once they move north, they will be right back to where they were.
    Besides, no one should roll an NC, they have the most population overall, by far.
  2. Lenox

    Why be NC?

    For the sick-nasty rock intro, of course!

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  3. Rhapsody

    NC are the only faction thats still 'unique'.

    TR and VS:

    Both have multiple-shot HA weapons. Striker and Lancer.
    Both have MAX's that are good out to even medium range with large-clip, fast-firing weapons.
    Both Empires share near identical Accuracy and RoF now as their weapons have been nerfed/buffed to be nearly identical.
    Both can fire their small-arms on full auto and STILL be highly accurate.
    VS have a one-man-army Tank that can dodge any unguided weapon fired at it. (and even some lock-on ones)

    They're pretty much the same faction now. Only the Magrider stands out for the VS.


    Lowest clip-sizes coupled with the slowest firing and most inaccurate weapons.
    MAX that is good up close, but... good at nothing else.
    Missiles that we can steer around objects. But it takes 6 of us all firing at once to actually equal the damage 1 TR or VS using their HA weapon can do. Were also 100% exposed when doing this as we cannot move, whereas the TR and VS HA's can move and shoot.
    Hard hitting Tank... but so slow of a fire-rate until you dump 4000 certs into it that if you miss once, you're screwed. Also means you have to 'close up' with Magriders to even think of hitting them.

    NC weapons take 'skill' to use, and quite a bit of patience, Where both TR and VS weapons are pretty much point and shoot. A lot of NC weapons also require more than 1 person (phoenix) to actually be effective (either due to fire-rates or the atrocious accuracy), meaning our teamwork has to be better + we need a numerical advantage during fights just to 'even out' the battle since we have to send 2-4 people to do the task of 1 TR or VS (again phoenix is an example here).

    PS2 is more of a 2-faction game nowadays. TR/VS and NC.

    If you're looking for a challenge, and a more 'rewarding' feeling when you manage to win a fight with everything stacked against you. Go NC.

    If you want to play on easy-mode go TR or VS.

    Personally, i'd rather have to 'work' for my wins, rather than have all the advantages handed to me on a silver platter.
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  4. HellasVagabond

    With the new Saron mounted on the Mag it matters not if you are rolling with a Vanguard, AP shells and a L3 shield...You will get ripped to pieces.....
  5. IamDH

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  6. IamDH

    Fixed it for you
  7. Kupcake

    lol . . .

    Why even post this stuff, dude?

    With the current CoF, the Saron is still forced to wait for CoF reset between each shot beyond point-blank range. That's because, in terms of sustained DPS, there's really no point to firing at full speed if you miss more than 1 shot per burst. So even just hitting with _most_ of your shots isn't good enough, which means the max fire rate is useless unless you're right on top of them.

    So in the vast majority of tank duels, the Enforcer deals 41% more DPS than the Saron. 41% more. This is because the Enforcer got a large boost to sustained DPS at all ranges, while the Saron was nerfed at medium and long range. The Saron now deals 18% less damage than the old Saron/Halberd at anything beyond point-blank range.

    And even if we compare DPS at point-blank range, the Saron deals only 13% more DPS than the Enforcer at point-blank range. But that's only sustained DPS. In practical terms, the new Enforcer deals more damage even during point-blank range tank duels. Why? Because alpha is a very important factor too.

    Think about actually fighting a Magrider at point-blank range. Lets assume the worst case scenario, that they're built for tank scrapping, so they have reinforced front armor and are running AP-Saron, and they're consistently presenting front armor. TTK on their front armor as an AP-Enforcer Vanguard is 8 seconds. In that time, your Enforcer has dealt 6300 raw damage. Know how much the enemy's Saron has dealt? 5100. That's right. The Enforcer deals MORE damage in most real world tank duel scenarios because of its high alpha, even at point-blank range.

    Oh, and something you should know. If you are presenting front armor with a reinforced front armor van, the shield actually absorbs 2 shots from Mag AP + 2 full Saron magazines with life to spare. So lets actually add the shield to the proposed tank duel above. In the 8 seconds it takes you to kill the Magrider, how much damage to they deal to you? 15%. Yep, your shield completely eats their first two salvos from both weapons, probably running out of duration afterward, meaning you only eat the third Mag AP round, which only deals 569 damage to a reinforced front armor Van, out of 4000.

    Sorry, dude, but the Vanguard is still the best close-in brawler by miles and miles. It's not even close. If you are doing anything other than ripping mags to shreds at point-blank range, you're being badly, badly outplayed.
  8. HellasVagabond

    Perhaps you live 2 days in the past ? Right now the Saron is the best secondary MBT gun, even most VS agree on that.
    Can shoot 6 times, has a CoF of 2, it's semi-auto so the beams don't go left and right like when it was full auto (2 days ago) and it can even 1 shot kill infantry. So like i said you seem to be living 2 days in the past otherwise i can't figure out what you are saying.
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  9. Macchus

    just to calm your fears , the NC pop is not the dying .

    however ....

    the games pop is ....

    :eek::eek::eek: :eek::eek::eek:
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  10. Kupcake

    Everything I'm saying is based on the Saron's current capability. The difference is that I'm talking about its _real_ capabilities, rather than folklore about the Saron being OP. All the numbers I posted are true.

    The Enforcer is vastly superior at medium and long range.

    The Enforcer is moderately better at point-blank range due to higher alpha.
  11. Cyridius

  12. Syrathin

    I'm NC on Briggs/Connery/Waterson, Although I pretty much have stopped playing on Briggs since it seems to always be low pop.

    I picked NC because their back story jives with my personality, That being said when I tried out TR and VS in beta I kind of really liked playing VS. I'm not going to flat out say their weapons are easier to use but they seemed that way from my perspective. Either way it's the 4th faction that's really taking the flavor out of the game for me at the moment, It should have been one faction per server.

    So far as the TR goes...Screw them, Screw them in their face place.
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  13. NietCheese

    Yes the faction imbalance is worse than ever, yes the TR have a significant advantage over the NC and you could call them "easy mode" and be correct (nope a 300 meter restricted missile is not as good as the sky clearing Striker). The Vanu have a moderate advantage over the NC.

    BUT what you posted here is a pile of crap. Vanguards are one of the NC's only strong points and I would take a fully manned Vanguard over a fully manned Magrider any day of the week..

    The main problem is that with Strikers, AV Turrets and lockdown Fracmaxes mean that life is very tough for NC armor and NC air. It is most definitely the hardest faction to play.
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  14. Liquid23

    Stew360 made me want to be an NC...

    just to TK him for the lols
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  15. Antreya

    I think NC are in for a redesign soon. Fact of the matter is since launch, NC has been gimped and underperformed, stated by both the devs themselves, and the numerous faction statistics that have been put out throughout the months that always show NC in third place last.

    The big problem with NC is the terribly designed high bloom high recoil inaccurate weapons. This design DOES NOT WORK AT ALL in this game because of the failed clientside hit detection + latency exploits and ADADAD exploiting. With those failings of the game, a faction designed like the NC is just does not work, at all, in any way. It is trying to hammer in a square peg into a round hole, and it has failed since launch, as shown by the statistics.

    NC's design just cannot work with this game in its current state and simply needs to be redesigned to work more like VS and especially TR do with their accuracy and bloom. Faction specific traits should come out in faction special weaponry like redesigning the heavy weapons, Jackhammer etc, as well as things like the MAX weapons - BUT - the normal infantry weapons across all factions should all work the same simply because of this games failings. This kind of redesign alone would work wonders to really even out the playing field, not make this a 2 faction game like it currently is, through both bad faction design, as well as servers double teaming NC due to placebo effect trolling on forums about NC population.

    Players who like NC are getting sick and tired of servers where NC are gated on all 3 continents every single day due to double teaming and poorly designed square weapons that don't fit with the games round hole and more are quitting everyday. The "massive population differences" were never all that great to begin with with special exceptions like math TR and 4th faction FOTM swarming, and more players are quitting everyday as the overall playerbase just continues to plummet right down the toilette as it has done for 6+ months straight.

    Hopefully the devs stop focusing all their attention on $$$ grab weapons and really start to address the problems causing players to run away from the game and we start to see real improvement soon before it's far too little, far too late. With a population that is below 200k left and plummeting still, there isn't very much time left before there's just not enough players overall to do anything real with left and we are quickly approaching that too late to turn back line.
  16. HellasVagabond

    Vanguard looks great, behaves like a tank but it's CRAP....I've got over 1000 kills in it (i don't play more than 30m a day average so for my stats 1000 kills is much) but it's crap.
    The Prowler is faster (10km/h is not a small number), has better acceleration, can climb to places the Vanguard can't, makes more damage (25-30% over the Vanguard), reloads faster (3s vs 4s) and has the Vulcan secondary which rips everything to bits in close quarters. I am not even going to get into the lockdown mode which can fire from 500m away. (downside is that it has 8% less armor than the Vanguard which if you really think about it and compared it to the damage done by primary weapons makes almost no difference at all and it fires twice which to me is an advantage since that way you can measure distance easier but ok).

    The Magrider is also faster when certed compared to the vanguard (who doesn't cert their tank?), has better acceleration, can move left and right dodging everything (especially at mid-long range), it has the ability to Always look at its target (and thus it always takes advantage of the most powerful armor), reloads faster, can also climb to places the Vanguard can't and has the Saron which even the VS (most anyways) admit is OP (now at least). As special ability it has an turbo mode which can allow it to vanish from the battlefield, repair and come back to bite you. (once again the only downside is the 8% less armor overal which matters little since this little bugger can always point its forward armor towards you).

    So what does the Vanguard have ? Not the most powerful primary....Not the least bullet drop....Not the fastest shell....Not the best engine (both in speed and acceleration)....Not the best traction (since we can't go where others can and we slide on the side of mountains like we are skiing)....Not the best secondary (pretty good but i'd swap it with the Vulcan or the new Saron any day of the week)....Oh yes we have 8% more Armor and a shield which lasts 5-6-7s when NOT taking damage....

    I don't think i need to clear things more do i ?
  17. NietCheese

    Well that's it, why would the Vanu push against the TR when they know they will have to fight against Strikers + Av Turrets + Fracture Maxes and Lockdown AA Maxes.

    Much easier for them to push against the NC. On Briggs the NC population keeps dropping, we've basically given up on events, the morale is at an all time low. Everytime a cluster of striker spammers kills you or a fracture max dominates your lightning in seconds (or dominates your max), or a lockdown AA Max drops your Reaver, the anger builds.

    The NC was always the weakest faction, but not to this extent. If they are doing it to address population imbalance, if they think there are too many NC, it's the wrong approach. People will just leave the game.
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  18. NietCheese

    I have over 2000 kills in the Vanguard and nearly 1000 vehicle kills. It is NOT crap.

    I run Shield + Rival Combat Chassis (for improved reverse speed) + Nanite + AP (with night vision) + Enforcer. It is very strong against enemy armor in most situations. You just need to avoid lockdown Prowlers who will out DPS you. I always run the Vanguard fully manned, if you don't you are just asking to get owned.

    The only problem I run into with the Vanguard, as I mentioned, is Fracture Maxes, AV Turrets with unlimited range and Strikers. They turn what should be our strongest asset into something that struggles to survive. Very rarely do I see NC dominating the air, 90%+ of the time the NC air dies quickly and ESFs/Liberators are spamming at my tank, that is the main issue with NC armor - we lose air battles way to quickly and then the enemy air dominates the Vanguards...
  19. HMR85

    I have played NC exclusively for the most part for the last 10 years. I guess you could say I am a loyal soldier.
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  20. HellasVagabond

    So you choose to ignore all the facts i laid out for you and you just say it's not crap because you can kill many enemies....I don't judge a weapon solely from its ability to kill others cause there are many things that we need to take into account (such as support, element of surprise etc) but ok.