Why be a NC?

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  1. Vortok

    Amusingly enough, the stats between dual bursters and a Skyguard are actually extremely close based on the weapon info given ingame.

    The rate of fire, velocity, damage, and even cone of fire are really close between the two. As I recall the Skyguard actually has a small lead in the first three (would have to double check rate of fire). Bursters recoil less and can cert for extended mags (Skyguard being practically the only multi-round AA option that can't cert magazine size). The other main difference is that a MAX is a lot harder to spot compared to a Lightning.... which is what really makes them so deadly - they can go practically anywhere just like other infantry and are extremely hard to spot from several hundred meters out.
  2. iller

    I think a better question here.... is why is the part about Headshots cropped off???
    SVA is the king of Headshots for example b/c it gets them at EVERY RANGE very easily
    (and is further fudged by a lot of ppl using an ammo exploit)

    This also goes along with what I've been saying for Months now: That there should be NO HEADSHOT bonus damage on any Automatic weapon used in CQC range. You should have use Semi-'s or Pistol if you want to go for Headshot damage in CQC.
  3. Quite Spiffing

    So really it may be the size of the AA unit in question is what you're saying. You can't really nerf that besides by making the MAX the size of a BFR :p
  4. Rhapsody

    Take the time it takes for 1 nc player to fire 2 phoenixs. and compare it to the time it takes 1 TR to fire off ALL 5 of his. The NC has to wait out the entire travel time of his rocket. Shooting at targets farther away makes his DPS lower by the meter. The TR? Distance is no problem, they simply fire off all 5 missiles, then reload, an continue to go. Distance has 0 effect on their DPS.

    Terrain can stop a phoenix just as much as a Lancer or Striker. The missile does NOT turn as fast as a Scythe. But again... Even if you ARE targeted by a phoenix. (note i said "A" phoenix, meaning 1 single NC). You can fully repair ANY damage that 1 phoenix user does to you, befor the next missile ever impacts. if you are more than 100m away. Try doing that when targeted by a single TR or VS with their Heavy Weapons.

    As for Lancers. Their beams. They cant curve around objects such as Phoenix's or Strikers that are following a locked target can, But, again, as with the Striker, they can be fired multiple times by 1 single person, while that person also is MOVING. Again, 1 person, able to out damage a Phoenix user due to the fact that they have no 'delay' in firing 1 shot and another. Distance to target has no bearing on how much damage they do.

    I'd gladly trade a phoenix for a Striker or Lancer any day. Shooting over hills and walls is fine and dandy, but when it takes 4-5 people ALL concentrating on 1 single target, to do what 1 TR or VS can do... it losses its 'shininess' rather quickly.
  5. Sharmanti

    ... Are you serious right now... ?....... You don't have a clue about the striker. Please read more and come back.
  6. NietCheese

    The Phoenix is a joke weapon, a gimmick weapon that is extremely situational. Why? 300 meters.

    Compared to the Striker, which dominates vehicles.

    There is a reason that Vanu pilots always attack the NC first and have many more NC kills, it's the striker, and now lockdown AA Maxes provide additional incentive to not fight the TR.

    What good does the 300 meter Phoenix do against the many ESFs we always face. Because the Reaver is the weakest ESF and because we don't have the Striker, most of the enemy air ends up aimed at us. That makes like much harder for our armor and infantry.

    I don't think the NC/VS balance is massively out of whack. They are still reasonably close with ZOE giving the Vanu better short range attack as well as the medium range advantage they had. The main problem is TR and that Striker, Fracture, Lockdown combination. It is MUCH harder to play armor or infantry on the NC side because we are usually dominated in the skies.

    Getting really sick of the significant advantages they keep throwing at the TR.
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  7. Geneaux

    Meh, my take on all this is that the VN are the only "OPd" faction as of now. Mostly because of their insane accuracy. TR have difficulty using the weapons at range because of the unfair recoil our so-called high rof our weapons can give at times. If you can aim well, rof means nothing, but recoil will always be a factor to take in. Still formulating my opinion by playing all 3 factions.
  8. Wintermaulz

    1. No
    2. Gauss saw
  9. cfnz

    Agreed. Things are much better at moment compared to the past few months where there has been an excess of NC and lack or TR.
  10. kaolla

    i choose NC because don t like the "religious" of VS and TR army^^

    but why does NC ESF isn t more resitant than the 2 other? it is neither good for hovering, neither agile..., look like a flying tank but nothing special.
  11. Epic High Five

    It's been said already, but sometimes when we run a public group I end up with Stew360 in my squad and no other faction can say that. NC OP
  12. Grimleyblack

    If NC are so OP as it has been stated then why does this happen???

    This should not happen if everything was as balanced as it should, there is no reason for the NC to be double teamed this... There wasn't even an alert on at the time??? its beyond all comprehension when the Vanu have 52% of the cont and TR go "well fk, hit blue?, yeah kill blue" and Vanu go "hmm blue?, yeah Blue"
  13. Grimleyblack

    WHY because the TR are Germany and the NC are Poland, which makes Vanu... France?
  14. travbrad

    NC weapons aren't "kill friendly" either apparently. I like my Orion (default VS gun for HA) better than any NC gun, and I've tried most of them.
  15. Sharmanti

    If a single pheonix rocket hits it's still more valuable than the 393213673541587613 striker rockets that hit the mountain. Because the mountain doesn't care. Simple as that.

    What you're seeing is that a lot of players have a lock-on launcher. Just like your own normal lock-on launcher (250 certs?). It's kinda obvious that you'll get lock'd on alot then. Is it not? It's not about the mother****ing striker, that I can ******* guarantee you.

    Let's talk advantages. We have no long range carbine and no long range lmg. NC for example have the following. Several 167 dmg carbines, a 200 dmg carbine, a 147 dmg carbine (also happens to be better than any TR CQC carbine). As far as lmgs, I think you lack a 147 dmg lmg.

    With the recent nerf to CQC weapons, you see what happened to a single empire and not really affected you guys so much? We have nothing but CQC weapons in our arsenal. We are outmatched in CQC, medium and long range encounters. As far as NC we have the extreme long range category (for example the SAW), which noone except NC really can compete in..

    The GD-F7 is actually BETTER in CQC than the lynx, by a small amount, but still. We have nothing, I personally think our anchored mode on tanks is a strenght, it's extremely easy to counter tho and therefore many disagree. As far as maxes go.. I've not seen someone use lock-down mode as of yet, and besides you got the dual-wielded (currently very much discussed for being OP) AV turrets for your maxes. Aka Raven.

    Please, don't come and talk about advantages.
  16. Grimleyblack

    THE NC Shouldn't be Poland in 1939 Germany go do your job and invade France (vanu)
  17. KlyptoK

    Well that's obvious, it's so you can gun for my tank.
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  18. Bape

    everything you said it opposite on our side if you get what im trying to say.
  19. Quite Spiffing

    Well, no, I don't get it, and I'm serious. Many folks of Imperial Reach do not want to engage NC MAXes, simply because they know they cannot win unless they take it by surprise, or vastly outflank and outnumber it.

    I wish I could say NC MAX was a joke, it is not.
  20. Bape

    You do know nc max need extended mags to kill a max without kinect so a lot of new players are screwed against tr/vs maxes. Yes nc maxes are a threat if they have extended mags and they know how to engage a vs/tr max. If a vs/tr max sees me and im about 12+ meter away my only option is to take cover and wait for them to come closer.