Why be a NC?

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  1. Rasp

    LOL you ******* NC had a the dominant population for most of the game they only lost it in the last week or two which is why everyone kills more of them. Thats coming from someone in your collage.
  2. Algernon

    We NC Briggs have had it easy mode for too long it seems, yes we had dominate population, yes that let us dominate alerts for 2 months, we have the best inf weapons, hard hitting cqc maxes, raven maxes, the best av tank, the best reverse g esf and i might add some of the best players on the server. If you guys want to whine and cry that we have been on the back foot for the last two weeks, the door is that way -> Or we can organise, get tactically smarter and fight the good fight. The trolls have laid down the gauntlet, they exist only to deny us victory in alerts, let us make the Vanu dog blood stain the earth of auraxis!
  3. CNR4806

    Reason to LEAVE NC: The music.

    Simply put, it's the only faction music that I quickly got absolutely SICK of and had to turn it off before I vomit or something.
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  4. daveske

    Those figures are since release rasp, they aren't modified or selective of the last few weeks. NC only had the dominant population whilst in the northern warpgate and upon release of alerts our pubs actually bothered to change continents. It might not seem like much to look at the pie charts but when almost ever person on that list has 10-15K more kills of a particular faction it speaks volumes.

    Don't get me wrong, I am all for a challenge and I will stay NC through thick and thin however I am concerned about the number of people both quitting the game and/or changing faction away from NC which seems to increase after every game update.
  5. BundyMcBeefy

    Yeah, Notice to Red on your kills? Scared of Red? That Time? Hypocrite.

    You hate Freedom. Stay out.
  6. Weirdkitten

    People play with music on? :O
  7. Pac1

    I really don't understand what's the problem here. Currently the population is much more even on Briggs than it has been during last 4 months, no matter when I log in every faction has over 30% of world population. Alerts disturb the balance a little bit, 4th faction jumps to whatever faction is winning the event.

    Before the warp gate rotation TR had about 27% world pop on average and hit 30% maybe once per week. Alerts made the situation even worse, I witnessed NC having 50% of world population during some of the alerts. There might be balance issues between faction weapons but currently Briggs one the most balanced servers population wise.
  8. BundyMcBeefy

    Bring in the 24hr lockout on faction change like PS1. 4th faction dies a death.
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  9. Quite Spiffing

    Again, if you cannot back it up, by either quotations or links, you have nothing to stand on. just saying, that's how arguments work.
  10. Quite Spiffing

    Do not speak ill of your MAX, your MAX is dreaded by the TR on Waterson. Vanu MAX we can handle, Scat/Hax MAX is dreaded by infantry, Raven MAX is an 'avoid at all cost' for Vehicles.
  11. Quite Spiffing

    So true
  12. Sharmanti

    Sigh... Pheonix, Raven, SAW, GD-7F, that 200 dmg carbine you have, MAX shotguns and much more. Except for the colors I'd rather be NC than TR.
  13. GuraKKa

    It seems like you picked the wrong faction.

    Why would you pick NC if you don't like being slowish, tankish and hard-hitter with low-accuracy.
    You should've picked TR or VS.

    IMO Phoenix is awesome.
    Your MAX is still great, If you don't like the new ability (which IMO most don't know how to use) keep using Charge, is not like it doesn't exist anymore.
  14. NC INGE

  15. Antreya

    I laugh at how throughout this thread how people keep commenting on the 200 damage weapons when they fail to realize their dps is the same as other weapons. What people seem not to notice is that those weapons, have fire rates of 500 rpm, compared to 167 damage weaps with 600 rate of fire, but here's some simple math to find dps. No it's not OMFG MATH GENIUS 100% SUPERCOMPUTER ACCURATE "MAFF FTW" FORMULA, but this isn't the point, this is for conversation sake.

    Take your bullet damage, multiply by RPM, then divide by 60 to get rough DPS estimate.

    Gauss SAW
    200 X 500 / 60 = 1666.66~
    167 X 600 / 60 = 1670.00
    143 X 750 / 60 = 1787.50
    143 X 750 / 60 = 1787.50

    As you can see, the NC weaps actually do THE LOWEST DPS for the so called "best of the best" NC are always touted to have, the "baws saw" and the em6.


    Well, to understand this, you have to understand why the NC weapon design -FAILS- in this game. A lot of posters on this forum seem to have trouble understanding things, so I'll try to explain this simply.

    The NC weapon design, ESPECIALLY with the "supposed god mode 200 damage weapons", has a massively failed design aspect which is their disgustingly terrible bloom. What is bloom you ask? Bloom is how the bullet spread cone of fire "spreads out" as you continue to fire. Now why does this fail in this game you ask? Simple, the #1 failure in this entire game. Yes I understand it is funny to single one shot at a time gauss saw hit someone stupid enough to stand still, but at the same time, you can accomplish the same thing with a sniper rifle or even a battle rifle(yes they are terrible, not the point)

    Clientside hit detection

    You see, with this games massive failure of design with hit detection, this causes the NC's terrible bloom to punish them even more severely than intended, because this game struggles to register hits as it is. Add in an absolutely massive cone of fire? Recipe for disaster.

    I stated this before, the NC weapon design WOULD BE FINE --- IF --- it was not for this games terrible hit detection. NC weapons already do the lowest dps as it is with their high damage variants, but because of the bloom, it just causes the games hit detection to fail even further than it already does. This is why I have stated before the NC weapons need to be redesigned to be more line with the other factions dps output and accuracy, because that is all -THAT CAN WORK WITH THIS GAMES HIT DETECTION-. NC weapon design as it is just simply isn't compatible with failed clientside hit detection, it just doesn't work, and mismatched dps just makes it worse.

    So for the buzzword trolls bantering back and forth about the 200 damage weapons, just quit it. It is a failed argument as a basis, there are design problems in the games current state, and things with all 3 factions need to be reworked. The NC however, aren't the gods people try to make them out to be, they are actually pretty badly designed with how the game currently functions, so hopefully NC weapons get redesigned and the other factions adjusted as needed to bring all 3 factions within a next to matching overall output in damage and accuracy, with a tiny bit of faction uniqueness like clip size or no bullet drop mixed in for faction flavor. This combined with fixing the hit detection to be as it should have been from the start server side detection would work wonders to actually truly improve this games gameplay, rather than the focus on $$$ weapon grabs that keep hitting and screwing up the balance and design even more than it already is.
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  16. Rhapsody

    You'd rather have a missile with such a slow DPS, that it takes 5 of us to do what 1 Striker can? :confused:
  17. Lenox

    Boy, are you kidding me? Pfft, whatever. I prefer my butt rock over the dubstep and the orchestra.
  18. Pac1

    I definitely have trouble in understanding the issue. If NC LMGs have massive design flaw why do EM6 score more kills per hour than any TR LMG?

    If DPS is all that matters how is it possible that Carv has lowest kills per hour out of all LMGs in the game?

    Source: http://ps2-stats.com/weapon/infantrytype/lmg/all/per-hour
  19. Sharmanti

    First of all: that is not correct information

    Secondary, I don't get you people. Would you rather have a launcher that does almost the same amount of dps (it actually does kill lightings faster...) and is nigh unstoppable (shooting it down is a tottaly viable strategy if you'd happen to carry some kind of flak weapon or skyguard). Or would you like to have the striker that is countered by A) moving at all B) flares/smoke C) terrain. Pro tip, terrain can stop.. well, just add a random number of soldiers carrying a striker, from shooting you down. Try dodging a pheonix or lancer.

    Both the lancer and the pheonix is superior. Especially the lancer is the most deadly weapon in the game with a bit of teamwork. Thank god noone is even trying to organize that ****.
  20. lilleAllan

    You have my axe.

    TR Music: Epic orchestral score. Fitting for a game about large scale warfare.
    Vanu music: Sweet futuristic electro beats. I chose Vanu as my first faction solely because of the vanu character creation music.
    NC music: Embarassing dad rock. The guitar riff that plays while you log in might just be the most uncool thing I ever heard. Apparently, freedom sounds terrible.

    I mostly listen to metal, so I'll chalk it up as a major fail, that the ROCK empire has the worst music by far.
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