Why be a NC?

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  1. Quite Spiffing

    well tbh, I from what I hear across the board is that the NS-10 Burster is slightly OP in comparison to it's tank mounted counterpart. But idk how true this actually is.
  2. NietCheese

    Whatever. The reality is that you are too weak to beat the TR.
  3. Paulus

    To bring this wayward and meandering thread back to the OP's question, you should play your chosen faction because the feel of the weapons and the ethos of the lore appeal to you as an individual. Trying to pick a faction because they are "the best one" is always going to be a non-starter and you'll only become bitter and resentful as you never give your faction enough trigger-time to become comfortable with how they perform, leading you to always be the cannon fodder for the other person who picked the one that felt right for him/her and gained experience with it.

    With the exception of a few minor and often unintended peeks and toughs, the game is rather balanced. Seeking out some kind of unfair advantage because you can't win without one is not a nice place to dwell. Go back to the lore, see which you agree with, try the weapons, see which you feel at home with and set out on your path with your faction, regardless if its blue, red or purple.
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  4. Quite Spiffing

    I'd avoid Scat/HaxMAX anytime. I do not like engaging them because I know for a fact that I will not last long if I do.
  5. DramaticExit

    They are, to all intents and puposes, identical. This is a silly statement to make.
  6. Purg

    They must be.

    I'll show you the speed boost - goggles on?

    You can literally feel the air rushing through your ha.. err, helmet.

    Was it too fast? OK - Here it is again.

  7. johnway

    It was more luck then preference that i play mainly as NC. on day one i had a TR soldier ready on Miller for the PCGUK Outfit. But i couldn't jump onto the server nor play for long as it kept crashing.

    I decided to keep myself entertained, i played as NC on colbalt and i was stunned at how much better i played on that server as NC then i did as TR on miller. With on going issues on miller i stuck with the NC character. I do play as TR once in a while and i have to say that i'm glad that i played as NC. When i play as TR, the weapons feel far too weak and handled badly in my hands.

    I don't believe in NC ideals and the rebel rock stuff isn't to my liking, but their weapons at least give me a fighting chance, i seem to do well with them, i'm on a server where we have at least an equal footing in places and can hold our own. Might have played as VS but never really had a go with them to make my mind up. They seem to be the second if not just as popular as TR.
  8. SmartBase

    Briggs pop. is the lowest of the servers (I think), most of these arguments are silly. When the NC had the northern warpgate on Indar they had the highest population and so dominated like the TR do now. It's just a cycle made more evident by a low overall server population, but I suppose saying your own faction is UP and another is OP is just an easier argument to regurgitate.
  9. Grimleyblack

  10. NietCheese

    It's exactly the same on Briggs.

    I was just on there, and watched a bunch of Fracmaxes and Strikers push back about 14 NC Tanks coming out of warpgate.
    The TR didn't even need armor to stop our armor column.

    Then I tried to defend the southern section of the map and the Vanu came in with about 6 ZOE Maxes. We had plenty of NC Maxes, but they just aren't competitive anymore. The ZOE Maxes run into the room, do a ton of damage then run back out.

    There are only two possibilities folks:
    1) Whoever is in charge of balancing new weapons and looking at faction balance has completely failed.
    2) They want less NC population so have let the imbalance develop on purpose.

    NC is well and truly "hardmode".
  11. Liquid23

  12. MarkAntony

    Because Freedom, that's why!
  13. Grimleyblack

    Lol niet, This was taken from Briggs not 20mins ago
  14. daveske

    Whilst waiting for my air resources to renew on briggs at 15 per 5 minutes. I decided to make a little collage.

    Here is every VS and TR player within the top 50 players on briggs. They all have one thing in common, they all focus NC more then the other faction. What a co-incidence.
  15. kyxash

    Give a medal to this person.
  16. kyxash

    This. This is why i hate you , and why i love killing you :3
  17. TintaBux

    Its already backed up, you are on the forum, funny how TR/VS always deny reality.
  18. lilleAllan

    I have auraxium in GD-7F but I'd take the Lynx over it any day.
    0.75x ADS movement speed and 33 % bigger clip > 6% more RoF.
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  19. MrForz

    Well... I joined NC because my friend was in there, and on my own, I just prefered the very generic 'freedom fighters' over the two other derp looking factions.

    For the lot of time I played I actually couldn't care less about the balance issues and I'm happy with the weaponry I have. In most of moments you tend to get so deep in the mud or so locked down that any overpowered weapon or skill won't get you out. Aaaand... well, being Light Assault, there isn't much to complain.
  20. Weirdkitten

    Any notion of skill differences between factions in a game with as many players as this is just delusional. It's just the usual BS that some current top dog players use as an excuse so they can continue to think it's their skill, not game balance that makes them win. Balance is always a rollercoaster in MMOs, at some point the top dog will change and you'll see the same BS excuse from the new master race - usually with the addendum that "we've been underdogs for so long we've become much better players than faction X and Y".
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