Why Are You A Patriot?

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  1. CovertYank

    If you're one of those folks who stays dedicated to a singular faction, what reason do you have? Do you believe in they're cause? Or do they come off as the lesser of three evils?

    I honestly agree more with the TR's goals. They want peace, but they'll get it through extreme force. I mean sure they're control freaks, but still. It's better than dealing with greedy bad cats in suits and cray cray scientist who popped way to many mollies one day, and thought Spandex was much more durable than fashionable. I mean, I'm not sure why I play NC personally.

    Maybe it's the weapons, maybe it's the fact that the NC are practically the underdogs on the Connery server, and as much as it's true that we lose a lot, it makes the alerts or continent locks we win/gain even more delectable.

    But yeah, what about you guys?
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  2. DarkStarII

    I just don't like the aesthetics of the other two factions. I don't really care about the lore that much, I'm just in it to look cool. ;)
  3. Azawarau

    NC descrition won me

    Hit first, hit hard

    I have alts now but theyre rarely used
  4. Okaydan

    I main vs based on their lore. NC is way too much corporate greediness and corruption where the suits pull the strings and everybody else is just another tool for their ambitions. Makes me realize life is so vain. Plain greed is no reason to live for.

    As for TR, i hate the idea of being restricted in my freedom. I do not need rules to protect me of myself, id like to keep that responsibilty. Some governmental instutute has no business dealing with my private life and telling me what to do. Why live if you are not free to decide how to live? That makes you either a slave or a robot and id like to be neither.

    VS is the only faction that is tolerable. Im not a fan of religious zealots but as long as they let me be free aside of some duty every now and then, it would be the lesser of 3 evils. Also, i believe in science to enlighten us. Vanu may have his ideals to strive for and his ideas whats best, but ill stick to mine. Technology equals might.
  5. Gemenai

    Sci-fi alien lore and the promise of advanced weaponry hooked me - stayed because of laz0rs.
    The other two faction are mostly not appealing to me in a visual sense.
    Though i have to say i like the feeling of the Bruiser shotgun and the "heavier" sound of the NC(!) .

    On the topic of the Bruiser, the model and sound just match with each other, imo.
    Something i miss on VS sniper rifles and lmgs for example.
    It's the same with the Archer - the sound is "ok" (could be heavier) but it kinda feels like a papergun ( not mainly because of the poor dmg, and yes a slim or lightweitght structure is typical NS i know). I just can't "feel" it being a antimaterial rifle.
  6. Diilicious

    the main reason for me is TIME

    Ive met quite a few nice VS players (while ive been killing them no less) honourable folk which has made me want to make a VS oath, whereas TR cobalt players are literally CoD scum, have never had a pleasant engagement with one, constant hate tells etc, bunch of prats.

    however it takes too long to get to a position where id be comfortable.
  7. Mezinov

    I main mostly NC because that is where my outfit settled at launch. In Planetside 1 I was pretty much exclusively a Vanu (because TECHNOLOGY EQUALS MIGHT), and started to run TR when my VS crew started to evaporate (because DAT LOCKDOWN BOI)- thats where I met my current gaming crew, whom I've stuck with since across multiple titles and years.

    When PS2 Alpha came about the decision was between myself and the other oldest PS1 veteran (both Day 1 Planetside 1 Veterans). We played all 3 in Alpha/Beta to see if any one felt right for us but ultimately when launch came; I wanted to be Purple, he wanted to be Red, so we settled on Blue.

    We have alts on all the factions, and certain members prefer Red/Blue/Purple, but when I log on I default to NC because its where I started and its where I've logged the most time. Generally when we do all get together in PS2 now, we go to the faction of whoever was already playing PS2.
  8. Gundem

    Started off VS.

    Came to TR for the MCG.

    Stayed with TR for the Dakka.
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  9. Eternaloptimist

    I'm a complete mercenary - I'll fight for anyone, so long as there is a fight to be had. Every faction has some weapons I like. For me the TR armour cosmetics are best, the NC helments are the best. But I'll wear spandex for a punch-up (even the bathing cap helmet).
  10. Vanapapi

    Ehm... you made me read the lore with this topic.

    Though, from the brief introducing descriptions i managed to read before choosing the faction 3 years ago, i went with TR.

    Now comes the WHY. This is how i pictured things in my head when i read those descriptions:
    (NC) "Freeeedom, freeedom! Run like you don't care Johnny, and you too Carlito. Run! Freedom! derp-a-derp derp!
    (TR) "F your freedom! Ready, aim, FIRE! (Order, **** gets done, it feels nice to win in a teamplay oriented game)
    (VS) "Are we enlighted or manipulated? Don't really care. Let's just kill every1 because the voices in our head say so..."

    Now that i read a little of the lore....
    I never liked picking sides, but it clearly said Earth became a paradise for generations (TR). What does that tell you? It crumbled with the wormhole, which made the greedy ppl stand out (NC), and those "enlighted" by it abnormal (VS). It's seemingly biased, but if you consider how careful the TR was about the wormhole, what makes you think they weren't about Everything else.

    Obviously, now, when the TR happened to have not-perfect figure in charge, I'd hate it too. But the story says it was a paradise (of course, then there's the "in what sense was it a paradise?"), so it means, at that time, a perfect figure with perfect ruleset was in charge for generations. The only issue i can see in it is the fact that it was perfect. Human need imperfection from time to time. Or maybe that perfection took it all into consideration anyway, making it perfectly perfect a.k.a paradise.

    Overall, if it weren't for the fact it said "paradise," I'd be skeptical. Order can be good, but it can be horrid, too.

    I can go on with it. I could prove each side "good" compared to rest. It's a judgmental thing.
  11. Shiaari

    I'm a liberal intellectual who hates nationalism and capitalism, so I sided with the scientists with guns.
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    So many rebel scum in here. TR came to martial law because of NC sabotage, VS just hopped on the train as pathetic fifth wheelers.

    Long live The Republic.
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  13. Savadrin

    I started VS as a lone wolf.

    Found out friends played TR.

    Much preferred the feel of TR.

    I'm here to stay.
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  14. dfqabgrga

    Hi i need help is there any way to change my formune name
  15. dfqabgrga

    Also is there anyway to get free camo
  16. AxiomInsanity87

    Because Democratic Republic Of Mankind.

    Anything less is scum.
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  17. RainbowDash9

    been TR since the beginning cuz i dont feel like grinding the other factions. i have alts, but my NC is only cuz schwarzenegger, and vs cuz i plan on playing with groundtrooper and renzor at some point.

    if i had to go with lore reasons, id say id still stick with TR, because while they may be forceful in their rule, i think thats only because of the war. they may seem worse than they actually are. NC are just too greedy and VS, while technology is cool, is no reason to **** over it and say screw humanity. and god knows what NS is, must be pretty damn screwed up to be supplying all these weapons without helping. where did they even come from anyway, and why do they help everyone? is that ever explained?
  18. toast2250

    The TR is a well oiled machine,.. and I lube myself often so,.. a perfect match I would say.
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  19. Pfundi

    NC, because of sounds. Forst I figured it was looks, but I can work with that, and I love the look of all factions.
    I didnt realize it a long time, but alone hearing a Ghost go of drives me crazy (I often times randomly teamkill TR/VS infils for simply uncloaking. Reflex) Dont get me wrong, I love the sound (god I love the Trac and the Carv sounds) but hearing them makes me want to kill them. I cant play relaxed when I panic just because a ally spots someone.
  20. OldMaster80

    TR since 2003, never ever had a second character, not even on another server.
    I've been playing PS2 since beta and still have the same character, same nickname as on PS1, and I don't have alt accounts.

    Why? Because this game is so competitive that it drives me to HATE VS and NC. It's too much, I just can't dare to see my screen in Blue or Purple.
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