Why are TR so, "It isn't me/us, it's you" attitude?

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  1. daniel696

    And here is your great (NC and VS) maturity, you guys have no ideia about what I was saying, the OP is not speaking to the Devs, but he is complaning about a problem "insulting" and "raging" the players, those that have nothing to do with this.

    The place to speak about problems is here, forums, but stop this unnecessary rage that is destroying TR. And stop saying that all the TR players are weak, idiots, losers, noobs, non-sense, immature and etc. As I already said, this is not our fault.
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  2. MrMurdok

    That's because it is you, you're the problem, TR is the solution.
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  3. artisticFreedom

    i think i need to write an more accurate scale,that can only be more accurate if i played TR.
  4. Hoki

    You are a delusional individual. You're literally bringing nationalism and prejudice into a videogame.

    Maybe you should stop playing.
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  5. CDN_Wolvie

    I take exception to this, I have played NC for the past year and all sides have their a**holes and angels. About 6 months ago IIRC, I made a TR character as well, thinking it would be just like a video I saw from the TR of their leader yelling insults at the platoon as they successfully blasted a NC convoy to bits from the top of some northern Indar cliffs with the first AV lock on rocket, the Crow IIRC.

    But when I made that character, obviously being low BR, as an Engineer other Waterson TR thanked me for the ammo drops, repairs, and offered me rides and squad invites. And they were fun and warm on the mic, they weren't hurling insults at each other. And I don't ever put up with rascist, bigoted, neo-conservative BS but luckily such social situations didn't crop up, they were talking tactically about the game. Using in game communications to communicate about the game, a shocker I know, I thought the Waterson VS had the top position on that particular front before.

    You know what, after that experience, I really get the impression that there is a vocal minority of the TR on the forums here who act like a**hats ... so I make use of the forums' ignore function with the plain trolls, there are many more posters who regardless of their forum avatar manage to be reasonable that the threads are pretty active anyways. NC and VS avatars on the forums probably have their fair share of a**monkeys as well.

    But that isn't really the issue is it? Its how often someone is willing to show up in a thread with a legitimate game design grievance and spout nonsense that doesn't really need repeating but it goes forum meme anyways. Its been an issue in threads pretty much since these forums first got going, some of us want to actually see this game be fun for everyone to play and others get fanatically defensive of their in game mechanical strengths, rightfully fearing a nerf since the Devs have shown a pattern of enough caterwauling by players on Twitter and Reddit result in a down grade - when really, shouldn't the Devs be finding ways to buff instead by asking the question "How does this work with our hit detection and net code"?

    Do you remember how some people thought tanks, liberators, and ESFs were OP? But really, it was that everyone's base design it is a requirement for the securing of a base to trap the enemy in the Shack O'Doom, the render distance of a infantry and vehicle are 100s of meter different, many bases are placed in low ground rather than high ground, and the walls made next to no sense for defense? This game has had questionable design decisions from Day ******* One.

    I don't want the TR to have a weapon nerf, **** that, I want the other factions to make as much ******* sense with the hit detection and net code!
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  6. supernauttt

    i think we have an answer for the OP, lmao...you TR are funny, u think winning is so hard earned...your basically shooting blindfolded children in a park...anyone playing TR can win....look around you can find plenty of people who play many factions and ALL of them atleast double their KD on the TR character...its no secret...your part of the problem....with your advantages you should have cont lock on every server everyday....try to be a constructive person and improve the game if u really enjoy it cuz soon there will be nobody left for the TR to fight...the snowball is already gaining speed
  7. Hoki

    I am from Jaeger, I didn't ask to be joined to the waterson zerg.

    TR Jaeger were often the lowest population and its why I joined TR.

    Also your post is extremely childish, I shouldn't even be responding to it.
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  8. MurderBunneh

    Problems that need to be fixed in order to balance.

    1. SAW should not be the default LMG it is too hard to use uncerted and certainly hard to use for a noob.

    2. ESRL Striker much more effective then Phoenix. Lancer I can't speak for. (Nothing wrong with the Striker imo just need to bring Phoenix up to it's level. Increase damage vs armor OR give it a air lockon mode.)

    3. Faction aircraft Reaver should be as effective and easy to fly as the other 2 faction aircraft. This goes along with the SAw and Phoenix as being more difficult and situational. One weapon being harder to use to only get the same result is the definition of imbalance.

    4. MAX something needs to be done here again the NC version is too situational.

    The big 4 Striker/Reaver/MAX/SAW Fix these and you balance the game for all intents and purpose.

    When the other guy has easier more effective AV AND easier to fly aircraft you create an imbalance in air superiority.

    Waiting for the impending "It's all caused by pop imbalance/bad outfits excuse.
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  9. faykid

    for most people, it is not the hate, it is the irritation about TR refusing to admit that they are easy mode

    i started another VS character on Miller plus a new TR alt on Woodman, and i tried playing LA with next to no gear and stock weapons on both

    so, when i see that TR stock weapon tears down heavies and is good at all ranges, and when i see that i cannot do the same when playing the VS low rank LA, what else am i supposed to assume? other than that TR weapons are easier to use?
  10. Zerran

    This is, I think, a very key point that I don't see discussed very often. Individually, outside of the pre-nerf striker (it's more or less ok now), TR aren't really OP. However, they have hands down the best force multipliers in the game.

    Their infantry get larger magazines, perfect for laying down large scale suppressive fire and taking down multiple enemies after a flank, but mostly useless in a 1v1. The Prowler, while not very impressive in a head on 1v1 fight, is fast and can lay down serious hurt if it gets a good flank, or can lay down a hell of a barrage from long range with lockdown. A perfect force multiplier vehicle. The same goes for the mossy.

    Nothing about these is OP in a 1v1, or even really in a small scale engagement. However, in a large zerg, these things add up quickly.

    Compare to the NC.

    NC weapons often either have poor damage per mag (such as the AC-X11), or have to be fired in tiny bursts to be effective (such as the SAW). Not too big of a deal in 1v1 engagements, and their lower dps but high alpha is perfect for 1v1. In a zerg though, these things work against them. High alpha, low dps becomes more and more of a liability the more enemies they face.

    The same goes for the vanguard. Easily the best 1v1 tank in the game, but it's worthless as a force multiplier. Too clunky, not enough dps, and can't lay down enough suppression.

    The Reaver and the NC Max suffer the same problems. Not bad at all for 1v1 or small scale engagements, especially when they can fight on their terms, but when was the last time you saw an NC Max offering suppressive fire outside a building?

    The VS have a similar problem, though it isn't as bad as the NC have it. The lancer is good if really well coordinated. The magrider and ZOE are good in zergs if they use their strengths well. Still, can't compare to how well the TR traits work in large zergs.

    Honestly this really fits the factions story traits, and I think I see where SoE was trying to go with this, but in PS2 force multipliers are everything for key engagements. Having one faction with superior force multipliers is not a good idea.
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  11. illgot

    Because the TR, at least by all metrics, have the lowest number of kills in their tanks, with their empire specific weapons, with their Maxes, and their ESFs...

    oh wait, no, sorry, that is completely wrong, The Death Oracle has shown the complete opposite and TR is not just leading by a tiny amount.

    The TR are of course only winning because of their superior skill... not at all because their empire specific traits.

    I play all three factions and by far, TR is the easiest for me, but not the most fun as I love the NC.
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  12. Takoita

    Well, as a TR player since November, I have never been witness to a 'TR weapons rip and tear everything' situation.

    A little while ago I have created an NC character on Miller, just to get myself one the wrong end of the famed TR farm squads. It wasn't pleasant, that's for sure, but after seeing about two-thirds of the goddamn faction population run around like headless chickens that have no idea that that sunderer has guns on it, I have trouble believing the accusations. Especially when I see Woodman Vanu deploying four Skyguards and an assortment of armor around their push.
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  13. Van Dax

    that's probably the most reasonable explanation I've heard so far (except the mag being good in groups, mags maneuverability scales poorly do to everyone bumping into each other and impossible to repair in combat.)

    effectively the NC (and to a smaller extent VS) need more easy to use force multipliers.
  14. Furluge

    You used the Oracle of Death stats as evidence for a balance adjustment after you were expressly told not to and were told by the creator that the stats themselves didn't actually equal any proof of anything. That's a paddlin'

    TL;DR: A lot of what's seen on those stats can be also read as simply cases of popularity of certain weapons or higher population in battles.. something that we can easily see as having an effect. Thank you for playing. I'll trust you to paddle yourself forthwith as I haven't yet mastered the art of BoiP*.

    *The Safeword is FIN/ACK
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  15. Cougarbrit

    OP implying it'd be any different the other way around?

    Protip: It wouldn't.
  16. Villanuk

    Really, which one, I will buy that today. Even My max does not "tear down" maxes.
  17. illgot

    so, having 3 times the amount of kills of any other empire specific weapon/vehicle is just a sign it is "popular"?

    Yeah, keep telling yourself that. The weapons and vehicles are popular for a reason, they are effective. But being so effective as they out do the other empires variants by more than 100% is insane.
  18. Liewec123

    because it'd be true the other way around.
    its like if we compare marauder to C85mod, onslaughts to hacksaws, fractures to ravens etc.
    there is very little in the way of "its just you!" that you can say because the weapons are obviously in completely different leagues.
    there are several TR that i know the names of on these forums who you can guarentee will try to defend seriously broken weapons, they were even trying to fight the striker fix when it was invisible and noclipping...
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  19. Cougarbrit

    Yes. Actually.

    Things don't get kills if people don't use them.

    Kpu however, that's a better comparison point, which TR still lead in numerous areas, but guess what? We're scheduled for nerfs in all those areas besides the Marauder, where I assume the PPA and C85M are instead getting buffs. Only reason they haven't hit yet is because of OMFG.
  20. Cougarbrit

    I'm saying if NC or VS were the OP faction.

    I remember NC and VS ferociously defending their OP toys in the past. To expect anything else is naive.
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