Why are there so many cheaters?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sharpmaster, Aug 18, 2021.

  1. Unlimited

    The dev Team is literally IP banning people. What is it with people thinking the devs are sitting on thier ***** and twiddling their thumbs? Like legitimately what do you people think they are doing? They are constantly working on it. The reason the hacks work is because of privacy logistics bs like the drama that was around Vanguard (The Anti Cheat for Valorant).
    Developing a game is hard, very hard and these are just people.
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  2. vonRichtschuetz

    Haven't seen those vids, but I remember someone consistently hitting the most ridiculous shots with a Dalton against ESF. I also remember loads of people defending them as legit player, because they played a lot and "just became that good".

    Same with the ESF nosegun aimbot. They "lock on" to a target and then do perfect vertical circles. Saw a handful of them after the DX11 update. Meanwhile some parts of the community defended those obvious hackers with "just being returning very good pilots". Another way they like to defend hackers is making an ad hominem approach. "Do you know enough about ESF to know it's a hack?" or "You're just salty you got killed by A2G."
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  3. BR3EZ3

    Players who suspect cheating should get an in-game message that says, 'Thank you...you were correct.' Peace of mind beats suspicion any day of the week.
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  4. BlackFox

    IPs can be changed, that's not hard nowadays with VPNs - MAC adresses are fixed IDs for the hardware
  5. Blue_Lion

    Mac addresses can be spoofed, or send out a fake mac address. Honestly spoofing it is really easy.

    I imagine with hacking as a service there may even be software to counter common methods of device ID. Their is big money in helping people hide.

    What is MAC spoofing? - IONOS
  6. JibbaJabba

    RE: IP vs Mac banning. They do both. They do "hardware" bans which is typically unique identifiers on various hardware components. The Mac address is the most commonly known. Can this be spoofed? Yes. It's just more hassle for the hacker though. Lots in some cases.

    Re: the flowery email to DBG.
    Not helpful. Yes they'll forward it to dev just like they said but nothing in it is actionable. Might as well have written a love note.

    Not the right place to send it either.

    Send them something actionable. If you don't have a video clip or can't get one then send them events with timestamps and names. Statistically significant data. Actionable.

    Then they'll act.

    The typically "flying hacker" that I've seen lasts 15-45mins after emailing cheaters@planetside2.com. Mind you I'm on Emerald which is somewhat daytime for RPG. Might not be as quick for other servers.
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  7. MonnyMoony

    A lot of what goes on in this game is necessarily subjective. Only really obvious cheats can be evidenced. More subtle ones are very hard if not impossible to catch on camera.

    One thing I will say, having played this game since launch and being ASP level 80, I am pretty confident of my skill level. There are certain times I play however were my game and survivability just seems to take a massive nosedive.

    Sometimes I can play and feel like i'm holding my own quite well, survive reasonable encounters etc. At other times the enemy seems to always know just where I am and I am plinked dead with little time to respond and something just feels off.

    Is it realistic that my gameplay can vary so much, day to day or even hour to hour - or are other factors at play here (like a large increase in subtle cheaters at certain times)?
  8. JibbaJabba

    I'm on Emerald.

    Weekend mornings, and after 1am on weekdays and I carve through the server population like a knife through butter. Whatever primetime demographic that's better has left the server for the day and it gets easy. Weekend afternoons the primetime crowd is not around but a more elite set of solo players is. I'll be cutting through everyone then get stopped in my tracks. Hard.

    I've not really had concerns that there are cheaters. People good at positioning armed with a minimap will indeed know exactly where I am. I gotta deal with that...I'm trying my best to do the same and I know for sure there are times I've ganked people that they had to have been wondering how I did it.

    The thing that really separates a good player from a hacker is the movement meta. Some players you can observe for just a few moments and tell that they are deadly. You don't need to get a triple dink to the face to know they can deliver one.

    Hackers.. they didn't put 5000 hours into getting good so they don't look the same even if they kill quickly.
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  9. blackboemmel

    If the cheater is not a professional you'll still find fishy stuff in his stats. Like: Bad at everything (even KDR) but a top notch HSR with a CARV or something. (If you click on your server above that list you'll notice that most of the "head shot Kings with a spray n pray weapon" are unknown "noobs".) :eek:
  10. OldSchoolD

    This subtle cheater topic is so lame. Imagine you being the one at the wheel of it. How long would it take for you to get tired and quit the game if you can spot every enemy player at all times on the map and auto aim at their heads? How fun would that be? To play months, years like that?

    I think most "subtle cheat" experiences are due to the opponent having bad connection & computers. In Miller, a certain outfit from Russia is notorious for giving opponents the feeling they've been had by a cheat. But when you play alongside them, you cannot discern any foul play.

    The cheating in this game is close to non existent, except when there's some notorious one once-twice a year and they do not last long. We should be glad the game does not garner enough attention to be worth the cheat programmer's effort.
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  11. BlackFox

    The last month was quite cheater heavy, at least on Miller. The obvious kind like flying maxes shooting through walls or people killing 30+ people with headshots through objects right after spawning.
  12. Gustavo M

    Memerald player here. I also found a couple of "cheaters" by following the imposed logic of this thread -- getting instagibbed from folks using Carbines and the usual "what the heck I was behind cover for three seconds and some random was still able to shoot me wtf is this ********" situation.
  13. KastianJJ

    Big issue is too much of the game is client side, which allows a lot of these issues to happen.

    Usually mmo's make a lot of the data is server side. But with everything being client side with almost zero checks, can make things such as a lag switch very manipulable. Since the data stop sending packets you're standing in place for them, and generally since most snipers are too far away for you to actually shoot back and kill.

    This is also why you die too
    a lagger turning the corner (they've been shooting at you on their side since you where standing still)
    a lagger when you've turnt the corner ( they're shooting to where you are 1-2 seconds in the past.)

    You dont need to "hack" to "hack" just finding ways to spike your ping is undetectable and can result in cheat like situations.
  14. Tunashamed

    I've seen some cheats too!

    This one time, I came over a building as a LA right as a heavy was entering a room. He 180'd and shot me, no sensor equipment around! I then discovered the cheat he used in the options, called "Turn on shadows."

    I've also noticed there's one weird thing I can do to greatly cut down on my own personal death's from cheaters, and that's run a silencer.

    Smarmy attitude aside, the only true cheats I ever see come about once a week or two, in the form of a BR-1'ish with a Directive Score less than 50 going on a headshot rampage at a tech facility.

    As for subtle cheats, imagine what one would look like. Maybe a recon dart stuck to you at all times. Overpowered for sure, but you could get the same affect in the game just by having a friend playing an INF. Running cheats is a risk that the devs will find a way to detect you, and are subtle cheats worth getting your account banned?
  15. Soporific

    MAC addresses are the easiest to spoof and they aren't shared via IP. Here's a Powershell script to change the MAC. You can have it change randomly as well with a little more effort.

    PS C:\> Set-NetAdapter -Name "Ethernet 1" -MacAddress "00-10-18-57-1B-0D"

    Windows 10 already has the option built into wireless connections:

  16. NellyG

    I feel your pain... such a wonderful game being ruined by these pathetic human beings. I try to record them in action when I can and email to the admin. I know several have been banned before with that type of method including some from obvious clans that hack like 00 Recursion or Iron Wolves. It really doesn't matter anyway these same LOSERS always comeback with another character, clans, or different accounts. As long as there's massive shooter games like PS2 or BF these "no skill LOSERS" will be hacking. Welcome to Hackerside2 :)
  17. JibbaJabba

    Recursion isn't hacking.

    Players of that skill would not tolerate a hacker in their midst. Players of that skill will also spot them.

    Bullcrap like shouting about hackers that don't exist is more harmful to the game than actual hackers. The lie gets propagated again and again until it turns off new players.
  18. NellyG

    If a true gamer was concern about the integrity of the game like PS2 they would call out these LOSERS and would probably discourage them from this pathetic behavior... but you are the opposite "enabler". And yes my naive friend the clan Recursion00 does hack it's been recorded over and over again and posted on youtube in the past. Ones in awhile when I catch these LOSERS in the act and call them-out they refer me to websites or forums that allow you to hack the game by altering your game files, manipulating your hitbox for example. It's so funny how these LOSERS beg for instruction on how to hack PS2 in these HACK forums... hopefully you're not one of them JibbaJabba. lol
  19. TripSin

    You could play on Connery server. On the one side, you'd be playing on a dead server with no player pop and a terrible experience that is nothing about what Planetside is supposed to be, but on the other side there are barely any cheaters because apparently cheaters don't want to waste their time cheating on a dead server. Makes sense though, cheats don't really mean anything if there's no one to use them against.
  20. Grandizer

    Well it's 7:30pm EST on Emerald and it's not late night and there's 2 TR currently hacking. One like to hide in rocks, the other currently is at Kwahtee Amp I think, as an engie, shooting through everything and into the spawns using his mounted inti infantry turret.

    Don't need late night for hackers