Why are there no doors in bases?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by HappyStuffin, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. HappyStuffin

    Planetside 1 had hackable doors. It was an additional layer of defense. You had to hack your way in the door (pick the lock, if you will) and certs would speed up the process dramatically. It lent itself to a bit more strategy so the offense could not just walk in unabated.

    Who the heck designs a military base without a (lockable) door?

    So what happened in PS2 that made the Auraxis overlords forget to build doors this time around? Were they drinking the Nanite Juice a little too hard in planning?

    Note: Shields don't count, PS1 had those as well, in addition to doors.
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  2. Hatesphere

    They tend to be glitchy due to client side hit detection and each door takes up extra server resources. So its a combination of being frugal and a bit lazy. But I dont miss being shot through closed doors.
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  3. FieldMarshall

    Apparently they said it was "too hard" to make.

    Too hard to make something that they made 10 years ago. Too hard to have basic things like doors.
    Because reasons, and degeneration of game quality in general. Too hard to make awesome games anymore.
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  4. HappyStuffin

    Well that's unfortunate :(

    Personally I think they are afraid the doors will slow down the zerg mentality and doors aren't something they can somehow monetize effectively.
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  5. Leftconsin

    Imagine doors breaking. One patch day comes around and suddenly somehow doors don't open. Game over.
    Imagine doors breaking for a single individual. Game over for that person.
    Imagine if doors cause even more problems with so much being clientside (the stated reason why we don't have doors).
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  6. Crashsplash

    There's no door because there's no weather. Imagine winter without doors, imagine summer *with* doors and no air conditioning?

    If they put doors in they'd also have to add air conditioning.
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  7. Xasapis

    Some threads get repeated like a broken record. I only had to look at the title to know it was a thread from yet another PS1 veteran.

    You give some, you take some. Bigger scale, more people, better gunplay, no doors, no AI until very recently. Game is what it is. Either it's fun and you play it for what it is, or you get frustrated for what it isn't and you ruin any fun you could get out of it.
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  8. FateJH

    To be fair, hackable doors weren't an appreciable layer of defense. Anyone could carry a REK hacking tool and there weren't any reasons why it was a bad idea to always carry a REK.
  9. stalkish

    Ive seen many max crashes fail because the door was either not hacked to begin with (fail leaders) or it was rehacked by the defending players after killing the cloaker.
    Alot of people forget maxs coudnt do anything at all without some1 to hack a door, and pretty much no-one knew you could re-enable the IFF lock on doors for your empire by simply hacking your own door.

    They wernt a big deal tho for organised squads.
  10. zombielores

    1.)Because with doors this game would be more Doorside 2, imagine restricted movements that doesn't let you move freely in or out of a base, everyone would be trapped either A. Inside the room or B. Outside the room all while the enemy knows when your going to come through or not.
    2.) Clientside or serverside problems, you make it clientside then the doors will be opened for one person but not for the other. Make it serverside and you increase the load it'll take for the server to respond to, believe it or not, server technology hasn't been improving at the same rate as computer/gaming technology.
    3.)Base design, most PS1 bases were indoors and cut off from vehicles, PS2 base design is designed so you could move quickly and is much more fast paced then PS1 so doors will slow you down causing you to die.

    As a PS1 vet, I would love doors in PS2 but just not the way PS1 did it, I hated PS1 doors because they were shotgun max and jackhammer central especially with 3rd person mode where you could peak around corners and doors. PS2 could use a door here or there, like the techplant entrances, why is such an important base left with its doors open.
  11. Vaphell

    Sure, instant doors can be a pain, but why can't doors be shields on a short timer controlled by some pad(s) nearby? What's the difference between let's say techplant gens with a 2min timer and some small pad with a 3s timer? Not to mention we already have controlled bridges in the game and they seem to work just fine.

    Either way i don't think there is enough indoor space in the smurf villages we have to even bother with doors.
  12. TheMish

    How is a door hard to make?

    Hell I bet they go look around for a script and just copy it, and boom. Door script...
  13. Yago

    You validate your argument on the basis you have less experience in MMOFPS?? **see last point**

    Bigger scale:
    Doesn't seen it to me, fewer conts, smaller fights, shorter fights(bases are rolled back and forth continuously) can run from base to base (zergside).
    More people:
    Show me the numbers, I suspect that PS2 pop fell off really quick compared to PS1.
    Better gunplay:
    It's about the same, corpse shooting, getting shot through walls.
    Big scale fights:
    Nope tend to be

    How about no strategy:
    Just shoot and run, no scary as fek Ant or LLU runs that require well armed escort, better get it right or you loose the base.
    Remove specialist skills:
    Everyman is Rambo in this game, a cloaker with a machine gun, drivers that control the main tanks weapon...yada yada.
    Bases too close to each other:
    Yep, just pull favourite class and zerg your heart out, you don't need support, transport or arganisation, and will not get it (number of battles I see with zero armour is shocking).
    Gal drops:
    I miss seeing 90% of an empire just pull out of a big battle, regroup for multiple gal drop, and return raining death from the sky.
    Imagine the result of a recall order being issued in PS2, a big flat no-one listen.

    **Last point**
    PS1 was distilled down and prettied up.
    For the entitled COD generation of idiots with the attention span of a goldfish and a whining voice of such volume to qualify as a WMD .

    As Mr Xasapis not so eloquently demonstrated for us, thanks buddy :D
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  14. Cuik

    The reason given in beta was that each door would have been an 'entity' to make them work right. This would have caused much server overhead so they decided to do without.
  15. Asageh

    You people complain about Doors, next thing you know, someone is gonna complain that there aren't any toilets in the bases.
  16. BobSanders123

    Sorry, we spent all of our budget on snowmen.
  17. Xasapis

    I'm demonstrating an argument based on reality. PS2 is what it is and the features are what they are. It's pretty much the same deal with SWG and SW:TOR. They are two entirely different games and trying to play like one is the other or complain because one is not the other will only lead to the unnecessary frustration. You either enjoy the current offerning, or you don't. As for the veiled insults, you're neither smarter or more eloquent, you're merely THAT guy that complains why the graphic MMORPGs of today are not as feature rich as the MUDs of the past.

    Regarding the rest of the stuff:
    • The continent are fewer but bigger. Perhaps way too big, considering how they need to lock some to prevent overspread of the population during the small hours of the day.
    • PS2 is officially prepared to regain the Guiness record for the most people playing FPS in a single continent, or whatever they are trying to do. The mere fact should be enough of a proof.
    • There are FPS with good gunplay and there are those with bad gunplay. You can ignore it as if it is trivial and people can whine about hit detection and lag problems, but the fact of the matter remains that there isn't a single game on the market right now (and probably for a long long time) with infantry gameplay based in what we would call skill.
    • The very fact that you talk about zergs and claim that there are no big fights kind of contradict itself, doesn't it?
    Can the game become better than what it is? Certainly. But now we're starting broadening the range of features each of us deem necessary, when this thread was about one thing, doors. So the whole thread boils down to one thing really:

    Is the PS2 as it currently is, fun, even without doors?
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  18. z1967

    Think about it this way, would you rather have:
    -200 or more less players per continent depending on door density
    -laggier servers

    -no doors
    +the game as it is now with semi-stability (stuff breaks, what ya gonna do)

    I see no benefit to doors that shields can't already provide. The level design is also radically different, mainly in that PS2 bases are 95% above ground with only a few bases having any door-able underground areas. Simply put, I don't see doors being a good use of dev resources and I don't see them being very useful in the game.
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  19. Yago

    I agree with the principles you posted that time Xas.
    The game is fun to play, and I wasn't downplaying gunplay, just there is no difference really.

    The point and comparison will always be made, and they did drop the ball with PS2 by ignoring their own experience with PS1.

    Sad really that the "COD generation" gets treated this way, as it does seem to be by assumption only.

    Doors would improve PS2, there is already too much influence a camping hover jockey has on the base fight.
    Spawns should be completely indoors, people should not be able to take part in every aspect of the game from their driving seat

    Argg, off I go again, the good ole days.
  20. Death Reaper

    I feel like there's a really obvious point that's being overlooked here: the code needed for a door is, theoretically, already functioning in the game. Anyone here happen to remember the light-bridge at Heyoka Chemical Lab on Amerish? It's a physical object that has its physicality controlled by a terminal, and it has no issues rendering as solid or not-solid for people around it, nor does it cause any noticeable lag issues. If you took that bridge, flipped it 90 degrees, and shrunk it to the size of a doorframe, it would very easily function as a door. Granted, it would need to be retextured into an actual metal door as opposed to just a wall of light in order to differentiate itself from all of the other walls of light in bases that function as shields, but it's still very much a possibility.

    Whether or not doors would be an improvement to game flow is definitely a topic worth discussing, but trying to say that they would cause lag and desync errors due to clientside is a bit far-fetched when such an object is already in the game and does not suffer from those issues.
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