why are the VS purple?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jlesaistu, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Jlesaistu

    Seriously, how are you supose to have any credibility as a army when you wear PURPLE SPANDEX SUIT ?

    i mean...you walk on the steet and see a why walking around in a purple spandex suit. What do you imediatedly think of that person? yea right.

    how seriously can you take a guy running toward you yelling: "We are being attacked by a army of purple spandex soldier!!!!!!!!"

    NO really, the only time i think i died to the VS is those time i was laughing so hard at how pathetic they look than it distracted me...

    Alien weapon and everythings concept are cool...but seriously..VS need a new color, why not green?
  2. BlueSkies

    Don't worry, coming to The Depot soon:

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  3. Flying Mug

    Purple is the color of emperors and kings.
    Also it's FABULOUS.
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  4. Farlion

    You passed the g4y test.
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  5. Jlesaistu

    "surrender now! or we will probe you!"
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  6. Benton!

    What are you suggesting sir?
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  7. Jlesaistu

    Just saying i REALLY hope the VS dont take prisoner...
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  8. the pestimist

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  9. the pestimist

    Gays. saying there is no gender.
  10. Vanu Superiority

    VS remind me of the Covenant in halo. They also had an obsession with purple and alien technology.
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  11. Vorxil

    Can't go wrong with purple! Although the VS appear to be closer to violet.

    We don't take prisoners. We toss them into the Vanu Terror Box. As for what occurs in there...
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  12. SgtScum

    I sooo want that as a camo and helmet combo. :eek:
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  13. RobotDoc

    Cause they dont have camo.....yay i win
  14. Xikuner

    Purple is the new black..... It makes you look thinner..
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  15. NanoBitSplit

    It's not working then, judging by those big ol' VS butts.

    Actual answer: T-Ray thought it looked good when designing PS1, and it stuck. Seriously.
  16. prowler707

    they are also hoping that their technology in Selectively Amplified Electro Magnetic Spectral Output will allow them to focus on the ultraviolet spectrum which will allow them to emit UV rays from their purple suits. one problem. they havent figured out why they keep losing men XD.
  17. Some1

    Red vs Blue is a given so they just needed some other neutral color. Purple and black looks good together with out being over whelming as say a combination of yellow and black would be.
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  18. the pestimist

    bees overwhelming pft
  19. LameFox

    Also, it's red and blue, so...
  20. Angelo85

    purple is the color of kings. Also Samuel L. Jackson's favorite color. Therefore as badass as it can get.