why are tank drivers so chicken ??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tonberry76, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. TomaHawk

    TTK for everything in the game is too low, imo. SoE might feel that people need to be killing things at a fair clip to feel rewarded and wanting to keep playing, so that's why stuff just dies so quickly. The craft that seems to take the most beating is the Gal, but everything else in the game, I mean everything, dies without much effort. Spawnfest.
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  2. maudibe

    Not in Virtual Reality (VR) it wont. I did kill a lightning once as an HA by hitting it in the rear at close range with 1 brick C4 and a rocket (not sure it if had already sustained damage or not but i thought it interesting). I do think for some reason the rockets become stronger at very close range which they are not suppossed to do. I have lots of experience with dumbfires and unless your talking the decimator which does more damage that the stock ones 3 will not kill a tank and make it explode even from the rear. It will take most of the life of a tank away but if he hits fire suppression and runs off he will live - exploded is DEAD.
  3. maudibe

    Become a tank driver and you'll see. You get more XP and help your team more by staying alive and being a threat to advancing tanks AND infantry, than by beoming the advancing tank. I like the ENgi's AV turret for getting up closer and getting hits on the enemy tanks and then with a hit from the tankers the enemy tank is toast however i get killed a lot doing that, but i dont suffer any resource cost so i dont care. When i play tanker i try to keep alive and the lack of being able to move and find cover is ALWAYS what kills me. Somehow once your health is down your tank becomes unable to move at the normal speed and becomes a sitting duck for the other team.
  4. NyaR

    Tank drivers are badasses:

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  5. Decian

    Omg Nyar, that guy you midair C4'd is in my outfit. Everytime I see that clip I laugh. He raged for like a week solid.
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  6. lyravega

    What cost? lol
  7. Alarox

    Tanks don't suck. People that get into uncerted tanks without gunners do.
  8. dsiOne

    What gunners?

    There's a gunner cert now? When did this happen? I thought the devs were deathly scared of making real tanks like they did in PS1...
  9. Frostiken

    1) Anyone can get a tank, and tanks are one-man items. So tanks have to be ****** and weak or else we get the Beta all over again.

    2) Heavy Assault is probably overpowered. They are like mini-MAXes. They get a sweet AV weapon *and* a very competent AI weapon on top of their shield. There's not a lot of reasons to NOT use one when you need one, because they have no actual downsides.

    3) Heavy Assaults are free and rockets are effectively infinite. Every vehicle costs resources, C4 and Mines cost resources, rockets and turrets do not.

    My asinine fixes:

    1) Go back to PS1 certs so not everyone get have a tank.

    2) Make MBTs require a driver and gunner to limit their numbers and effectiveness (unless used with teamwork). Then use this to justify beefing up the MBTs themselves.

    3A) Remove the AV rocket launcher from Heavy Assault. Give it to a new class called Anti-Tank armed with weaksauce SMGs and shotguns. Their special ability is a radar jammer.

    3B) If that won't happen, make AV rocket refills and Mana Turrets cost resources and you can't get them from engineer ammo packs.

    I hate tanking in this game, because it's just tanks lined up at a distance while literally thousands of rockets fly all over the place. Every single ****** and their mother can just grab Heavy Assault and run around pissing missiles out their dick.

    PS: The infinite range Mana Turrets don't help.
  10. RadarX

    We do appreciate any and all feedback but this thread has hit way too many topics in order to remain a usable feedback thread. Please ensure posts are specific in order to increase the chances of it being seen. Thanks!
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