Why are sticky grenades so incredibly powerful?

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  1. Stigma

    Why are sticky grenades so incredibly powerful?

    I'm not talking about the usefulness of them being sticky - that's obviously intended, but they seem to have way more explosive power than regular frags do, and that seems unintentional.

    With fully upgraded flak-armor (which I use a lot on all classes) you have 50% explosive resistance, and you can easily survive standing right on top of a frag-grenade as it detonates. With sticky grenades though I have experienced more times than I can count being killed from full health by a grenade that was at least 3-4 meters away when it detonated. Even if you got it stuck to you this shouldn't happen with the 50% explosive reduction assuming that it carries the same damage as a frag.

    So why are sticky grenades seemingly just way more powerful than regular frag grenades? Is there some sort of bug with damage-types where stickies do not properly count as normal explosive-damage or something?

    Sticky grenades have really turned into the new spammable-of-choice into groups of enemies because of this. It is even more effective than the old AV grenades - at least those wouldn't gib you with a single hit when you had flak-armor on. It's a bit silly that you can just blind-throw these roughly towards a group of enemies or inside a small room and kill 2-3 people even when nobody got stuck directly. Recently I killed 11(!!) enemies with a single sticky... and that just seems a bit absurd.

  2. ronjahn

    There's no bug or mistake. Stickies are simply the only grenade to avoid the NERF hammer so far. A Mustarde video surfaced recently; expect sticky grenades to turn into tactical nuclear warheads in the eyes of forumside2 soon.
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  3. Scr1nRusher

    You mean ChaosWarp2?
  4. GhostAvatar

    I do love this. One video shows up and the nerf train gets rolling. I was wonder how long it would take before the nerf hearders to reacted to this video. Lets see how long it takes DBG to respond.

    Funny thing, its been like this for a long time. But of course the nerf hounds on forumside don't know anything, just looking for another bone to chew on.
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  5. Leftconsin

    I'm glad I already auraxed them. Eventually the salt pile will be large enough to get it nerfed down to 750 damage.
  6. FateJH

    Actually, there is a bit of a bug with them at the moment. The explosion of a Sticky Grenade is supposed to ignore Flak Armor only if it directly sticks to the target; otherwise, it's supposed to deal normal explosive damage, modified by the Flak Armor; but, currently the sticky just needs to land close to the target to ignore Flak Armor when it explodes.

    Here's the Atlassian ticket.
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  7. OldMaster80

    I use them quite regularly and I don't do more kill than with standard grenades. They are just more accurated than standard frags because they do not bounce o_O

    Then you know... forumside mass hysteria turns in mass destruction weapons every bit of this game.
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  8. Akashar

    But you don't seem to realize, it's something you can kill someone with! Absolutely OP! NERF PLZ! OMG SO OP! ERMAGERD
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  9. HadesR

    Last 100 Deaths ...

    Died to a sticky nade once ..

    C4 twice

    Normal nades 5 times

    Spitfire once ( Oh the shame )


    And Just out of curiosity I checked the top fivepeople on my kill list .. And out of 500 deaths, Stickies had accounted for 4 of them ..

    So I wouldn't exactly say they are in line for a nerf
  10. Stigma

    Thanks for being the only one in this thread to actually stay on topic and give an accurate answer. Your link explains the root of the problem perfectly. I expected something along those lines.

  11. iMartyr

    i thought i had more time...
  12. MrJengles

    Yeah, 1 character is a nicely sized statistical pool. The total picture looks very similar:

    881 - TR Sticky Grenade | KPU | Daily Average: 5.98
    44505 - NC Frag Grenade | KPU | Daily Average: 2.66
    300021 - VS Anti Vehicle Grenade | KPU | Daily Average: 2.39

    Deliberately included the AV nerf for further context (making its average meaningless).
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  13. asmodraxus

    All that chart shows that TR stickynades are OP and VS stickynades need a slight buff.

    But hey a stick would be OP if it was VS, according to these forums.

    Then theres the other minor issue that the grenades are carbon copies of each other.
  14. johnway

    I barely use sticky grenades as i can barely throw a frag without killing myself or a friendly in the process. But i must admit i die more from sticky grenades then i do with frags.
  15. Pikachu

    I killed 4 people with a sticky today. :D Sticky sounds so cute. :3
  16. Pelojian

    His chart is not comparing TR, NC and VS stickies of the same type. his chart is comparing TR engineer specific sticky grenade, NC one is standard fragmentation and VS is the HA AV grenade.

    Here is a chart comparing all three engineer sticky grenades over the same period:


    Note that TR engineer sticky grenades do not outperform other factions engineer sticky grenade.
  17. Scr1nRusher

    To answer your title OP......

    Its because mustarde put out a carefully edited video that the forumside & redditside people will gobble up.
  18. Stigma

    Ok, so sticky grenades objectively and verifiability have more explosive power than frag grenades because some person put some video on youtube? ...

    Are you high?
  19. Scr1nRusher

    sigh, you totally missed the point.
  20. Stigma

    Well, feel free to rephrase your point then, but I didn't ask about their popularity in the current meta - I asked about why they are so much more powerful (and the underlying reason for it).

    I don't see how some youtuber's video on the subject factors in at all, and for the record I didn't know who Mustarde was until I went to look him up based on the earlier replies to the thread. Sorry for being a bit rude, but it's frustrating when I ask a legitimate question about game mechanics and most of the replies I get in return are just a bunch of meta-opinions of some youtube video I didn't even reference... it's like people didn't even read the question past the word "sticky grenade" and just assumed what the rest of the content was. /rant

    Thanks again to FateJH though, his post basically answers the thread topic fully, and this fully explains all the funky (damage-related) behaviour that I've seen from stickies.