Why are people still playing TR?

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  1. brobackoff

    Because im loyal and all my scopes and crap are on that profile.
  2. bubbacon

    You don't have a Higbying clue as to what your talking about.
    1. This game isn't about CQC...This game is all about range and those that can deliver the highest amount of precision DMG over that range. To that point, NC over-whelmingly will always have the advantage over VS and especially TR.
    TR players simply want to be just as competitive in all aspects of this game as our counter parts.

    Our Medic line is very competitive, but we are handicapped at every turn on our pathetic LMGs and Carbines...which are the most prevalent small arms played in the game. Yes, we have an issue with 143s because they are going up against weps that deliver damages at 167 and 200 with greater range and tighter CoFs without erratic horizontal sway.

    On that subject of 143s even you NC ppl get one. Its the EM1...and yeah, I know NC Derps will say its a PoS. Of course its a PoS compared to what you have in your arsenal, but that weapon is identical to the TR Rhino with even better velocity which a lot of TR like of course because of the crap we have at lower tiers suck at range. That's like Higby giving TR a SAW with better velocity than its NC counter.

    You mentioned the Lynx and GD-7F. Yeah TR are pissed off about that goddamn weapon and rightfully so. That OP MFer is in a 143 damage tier firing at a rate of 845 with...WITH an insane velocity at 500. The Lynx fires at 909 in a pathetic damage tier of 125 and a lame velocity at 450 compared to the GD-7F.

    Higby could easily fix a lot of these issues. For starters Nerf the GD-7F out of existence. Tighten up the CoF on the TMG 50 or give us a solid mid-range 167 LMG. Re-tool the Cougar specs to 610 fire rate with a 490m/v. That would help this huge disadvantage TR suffer with.
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  3. JibbaJabba

    I think some people here need to just shut up and play.

    Too many worthless paper stats. To many worries about what will or will not happen with population.

    Get your zen on and get back in the game. Fun is what you make.
  4. brobackoff

    Also I dont want to become a noob on another account its that simple
  5. TopVanuTroll

  6. PastalavistaBB

  7. TopVanuTroll

    But your blatantly obvious attack on me hurt my feelings... I'll never be the same again T.T
  8. Ryujin35

    Vanu are sort of like prostitutes, if you think about it. "Welp, I'm either bad or painfully average at everything and pretty uninteresting, but at least I've got my spandex. Guess I'll work with what I have." :p
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  9. Flashtirade

    Have some pride in your faction, jeez.
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  10. PastalavistaBB

    Ay kri evri tim ;)
  11. Golconda

    you didnt read what I wrote, I dont care what is better than what, thats not the point. the point is that NC have both TR and VANU weapon traits in their arsenal AND the NC trait and that doesn't make any sense at all. before the lynx was modified if someone wanted to use fast firing carbines nc or vanu would be his faction, now if someone wants to use slow firing weapons NC is his faction, if someone wants non dropping-bullet AV/AI weapons he can choose NC or vanu. the point is NC is pmuch good at everything should be faction-related to VS and TR. TR is supposed to be dakka faction while VS has the best infantry suppression weapon, NC is supposed to be slow moving while TR has the lock down abilities. faction traits are implemented like if the developers themselves didn't know what faction is supposed to do what.
    NC IS overpopulated, and that's pmuch for 2 reasons, they are overpowered (and I dont think so) or they cover the biggest number of playstyles, thus gathering the biggest number of different players (and I think that's the bingo).
  12. GoEErs

    Not before I take a few of you traitorous NC down with me. Also, I'd like to give a shout out to PacoPacoTacoNC, Rebel Fighter, and Arevok of D117. Played against these guys at Allatum Broadcast Hub on Indar and had a blast. Pretty intense fighting and I just wanted to say these guys made my last few minutes very very enjoyable that is until I went over to the Botany Wing and got schooled by Toi. Thanks again guys I really had a great time of it. See you on Emerald.
  13. Quikloc007

    I don't think TR is boring. And after the update a few weeks back, TR weapons are now very usable. They did stink for a while with there CoF but are very good now. They sound like proper military weapons now as well. So I disagree. If you want daka? TR is the faction.:)
  14. orbital

    THE MUSIC! which also is added to by many players who blast Russian or Viking war anthems over prox. you can keep your rave and Nickleback garbage.

    respectable pants. our pants are sensible and functional, not too flashy or blocky.

    after horizontal recoil fix for all TR guns, I think I'm OP and wondering when we'll get nerfed (cause, you know, Striker, Vulcan, they were just tooooo good).

    the drill sargent who yells at us or praises us during the battle, as opposed to the Zenmaster and whiny kid.

    yeah, our mini-chaingun is only just now as good as the other heavy guns but it's soooo fun to use - makes you feel like Ahhhnold! get the doubled clipsize and not the BRRT loaded and it's nothing but spraying bullets for days.

    NC makes me feel like I'm using a nailgun with the safety off and those Vanu suits make me feel ashamed.
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  15. TwwIX

    Because i love the overall aesthetic and the fantastic orchestral pieces of our faction. I also have no desire to grind away at another faction even though i prefer some of the infantry weaponry of the NC.
  16. Corezer

    It's good to know I can be likable sometimes, I just gotta work out a way to stay permanently high...
  17. Popejustice

    Three words. Arctic. Wolf. Helmet. Coolest thing ever. That being said i think all the factions have lackluster faction specific traits. I will agree that with TR i feel like we've got the ability to repeatedly auraxium the exact same gun (a little more stat mix up?), but truly unique faction traits are tough to come by and will inevitably be cried about as unfair and unbalanced until they're negligible or the other factions get that "unique" trait as well. Personally i say SOE should take a baseball bat to balance and make the game more interesting, but with 4th factioning and the like it just isn't really viable, and would likely hurt the player base more than it would help, which is too bad.
  18. Goretzu

    That's exactly the point.

    You can hardly say the NC is "overpowered" when most of what you are complaining about is plain WRONG, and in a couple of case the TR actually have better weapons than their NC versions you are complaining about. o_O

    (and again what are the "no bullet drop" weapons the NC supposedly have? :confused:)
  19. kirinohana

    I like playing the TR. I started playing VS on Connery and I liked it. However due to boredom made a new char and like it.

    Benefits to me: I find there guns fairly easy to control. I am able to in general aim/kill at longer ranges then with my VS weapons of the same class. I find the high ammo, quick fire, more suiting to my crappy aim and more forgiving. It is nice having a mbt where shots go basically where you aim (hated the velocity on my mag).

    Subjective bits: I find myself getting team killed less and thanked more often. But this is highly situational I understand. I find that being a underpoped faction leads to greater comradery. Also less getting kicked out of sundies/tanks/gal by some strict dbag squad.

    I dont find anything super OP I think the style of guns and situation of being underpopulated just suits my playstyle, specific weaknesses and personality.

    Oh and one last important thing, I am slightly colorblind and it is easier for me to see red as red, the purple/blue sometimes are hard for me to differenciate. Why isnt NC Yellow for greater color difference or VS green?
  20. Goretzu

    NC defintately has a lot more % yellow cover than VS has % teal, certainly on infantry, unfortunately I suppose your best bet is changing dorito colours to yellow and teal for the NC and VS (or changing them both to red).

    It would be a bit harsh to change the blue/purple to yellow and teal though, because you'd be able to see the NC from another continent and literally no one would play VS (teal and spandex?).

    Having said that quite a few NC play with the golden type camos, I guess because it harks back to turning more golden as you "levelled" in PS1.