Why are people still playing TR?

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  1. -Synapse-

    I still play TR because I'm too stubborn to do anything else when we're so underpopulated. I refuse to be a 4th factioner.
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  2. reaven2

    Because everytime i hear the light PewPewA shooting i get angry and want to destroy it!
    No, basicly got my highest character, outfit and friends there.
  3. Kaktwox

    Some people are still playing TR because of the time invested in their characters or because they enjoy playing with their Outfit. What we are seeing though are more players leaving TR then any other faction, and with nothing appealing and facing over pops we aren't seeing many new players compared to the NC or VS.
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  4. TriumphantJelly

    I know these are your opinions, but I couldn't help stating mine too.
    TR are a good faction, and while they do lack some diversity, VS only make up for that with things like the Lasher. NC, IMO, have a very good selection (favoured child, yada yada, I'll not rant). The Striker needs a redesign, but I fail to see why the TR moan about it: For the same price they can get something better, that can even be unlocked on other factions too. While this dents faction pride, it it doesn't seem to be a major dev concern.

    The Prowler, (again IMO) is in a better place than the Magrider at the moment, and very likely in future, and the Lockdown (IMO) is MUCH less situational and FAR more useful than the Magburn. The Shield is by far the best. ZOE is literally useless ATM, and many agree. Lockdown needs a few buffs (I think).

    Good post, I respect your opinions and have stated some of mine.

    And sorry to drag this into this thread, and I'll not go on about it, but I think a more relevant (not necessarily important (massively)) question to this particular time is Why do people keep joining VS? People play VS for a variety of reasons, but the semi-experienced players join VS out of the blue, when VS have been recieving a constant, and mostly steady, stream of nerfs and seem to be nearly allergic to buffs. It just confuses me (maybe because we have the best ESF and the *funnest* tank (if you don't mind losing a bunch bit), and (again IMO) the most need for (and therefore more focus on) organised play)?

    Not saying it is a good question, just that I wonder it and the Magrider has been directly and indirectly nerfed very recently.

  5. Scr1nRusher

    they should buff the striker & prowler vulcan, also the Marauder.
  6. minhalexus

    May I see where that's written?

    Highest DPM through RoF is a TR trait.
    Any faction can have DPS.

    NC/VS has the best DPS carbine, TR has the best DPS assault rifle. (with 40 rounds)
    I always see TR complaining about NC/VS DPS carbine, but never praising what they have.
  7. zombieslore

    1. It is an issue that TR mostly have 143 tiers, but 143/750 is the most useful weapon as it excels in CQC to Mid Range but lacks in long range but most battles take place in CQC conditions where it matters, thats why i put laser sights on every weapon I can, Gauss Saw with laser sight and suppressor is a godly combo.

    2. TR does not have that bad horizontal recoil, people exaggerate too much, its CQC weapons that have horizontal recoil but none of them are so bad that you can't control cause if NC can use the GD-7F in mid range, then I believe you can control a 750 rpm gun recoil.

    3. TR does have more "Dakka" 40 rounds on most weapons with high rpm and you reload quite quick for 40 rounds. But as much as you hate it, 167 CQC weapons are not true CQC weapons if you dont have 700+ RoF because in CQC you need that DPS and RoF (GD-7F) or OHK/High Alpha potentials (shotguns)

    TR also milk the the GD-7F WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH, I mean WAY TOO MUCH, NC has 1 higher RoF then 6/7 of your weapons while every other weapon you have is higher RoF then NC except the Cougar which is a 167 mid-long range carbine. Faction traits are a general guide line, not a end all be all. (PS you do have the highest RoF weapon in all categories except snipers which are all carbon copies.)

    4. Lockdown is the on par with shields in the pro hands as AP-AP prowler with max lockdown will kill an full shielded vanguard with maxed out AP-Enfo Combo before the vanguard kill you.
    The abilities are balanced around the user, the better the user the better the ability. (WARNING : in my opinion, not facts.)
    I.E (wrong ways of using ES MBT abilities)
    -Use you shield blocking a rocket, well too bad when a prowler or mag jumps you 10 secs later.
    -Use lockdown in the wrong place, C4 fairy gonna come and get you.
    -Magburn towards your enemies, well too bad because your not a brawler tank.
    I.E (effective ways to using abilities.)
    -You use it when your critically damaged and just need it to block a few shots so you can get back into cover to get repairs.
    -Lockdown AP-AP on top of a hill over looking a choke point or armor zerg and watch them be decimated by your insane DPS. or HE farm the crap out of infantry zergs or bases.
    --Magburn on top of a cliff or hill that offers you ways to block LoS from your enemies and that they can't get to. (anyone remember the magriders on top of the tawrich arch that rain hell on you while you can't even get your tank barrel to angle up enough to shot back)

    5. I agree that its a bad ability but it does have its uses in places, try hitting a lockdown fracture max 300m away, its quite hard and thats where lockdown excels. I'm all for changing to another more balanced ability.

    6. The prowler has usable secondaries.
    Vulcan is like the NC Max, it excels in CQC but lacks everywhere else, so the same arguments can be used for the Vulcan that can be used for the NC Max (see what I did there, backfired on you TR didn't it.)
    Marauder, it's a cheaper version of the Fury that differs in certain aspects.

    7. Avoiding snipers is not a weapon problem, it's a user problem, move around make unpredictable patterns of movement, but by your logic avoiding snipers is impossible for Phoenix users because you can't move, Phoenix shares some of the same problems with Lockdown. And like keeping lock-ons is that hard, TR make it sound like it's near impossible to do it. I'm honestly all for changing the striker but making a fire and forget is just stupid because you could keep a whole area suppressed from vehicles for barely any effort. Why do you think people made jokes about TR heavies being so stupid and clueless.

    8. All weapons are SIDEGRADES, that means everything has its uses and doesn't excel at everything so everything must be an option (except the Enforcer C85 TROLLIFIED)
    The NS infantry weapons are generalist weapons with 0.75 ADS speed but they lack in pretty much everything else compared to TR.
    NS Vehicle weapons are prefered among every empire, they offer variety.

    What I think of the TR right now is that their pretty balanced compared to other empires, in general CQC TR>VS>NC ; Close-Mid VS>NC>TR ; Mid NC>VS>TR ; Anything beyond Mid VS=NC>TR but then there's carbon copy snipers and battle rifles.
    TR just lack variety because 143 gets boring after a while.

    Just a FYI, faction I realized the most accurate trait for empires is TR : High Sustainability, VS : Medium Sustainability, NC : Low-Medium Sustainability.
  8. Jerox

    I think you forgot to type 'in my opinion' after most if not all of your points (opinions).
  9. Lord_Avatar

    I agree that 143/750-800 seems to be the sweet spot for many people (including myself). Where I disagree, however, is when folks call horizontal recoil easy to control. You can't do anything to counter it and bullets will just keep whizzing past the target's head even when keeping my HS/NV centered between their eyes.

    Gauss SAW + LS - 500/200 and yet still godly in CQC. Hear that NC? :rolleyes:

    Anyway - this is becomeing more of a ****storm than I intended it to be...
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  10. Undeadfred

    As an avid VS and TR player I think the problems with TR are very real, but typically overstated.

    1) Yes in terms of damage per bullet we have general lack of diversity. In LMG's in general we have a severe lack of diversity, but damage per bullet is a horrible way imo to measure how unique a gun is. RoF, recoil, cod, moment speed, fire modes, all add much more to a weapons uniqueness.

    If you look at TR AR (medic guns) we have the best diversity, and most effective AR's in the game. No one has anything like the TRV, or Sabr-13. In other weapon categories we are pretty par for course, except LMG's. In LMG's we are seriously suffering.

    That said go take a second look at the carv-s. It recently got a pretty significant buff and is now my go to TR LMG.

    2) Yes we have high H-Recoil on many guns. This is to offset our advantage of larger magazines. I'm with you in saying I'd rather have better recoil values than a bigger magazine. I don't think the value is necessarily too much, they aren't overcompensating for our magazine value, but they need to offer alternatives for us who rather have the tighter pattern.

    3) What blows my mind is they could easily fix this. It only takes a few choice weapons in a few places to form a faction identity. Make the MCG a 1k rof weapon, and alter it's bullet values to balance it. TRV does a good job at creating that faction identity in AR, the new lynx helped with carbine identity, though it was an objective nerf.

    4) Even if the prowler didn't root itself into the ground, its speed discrepancy isn't enough to make it stand out. The only tank that's passive is really unique is the Magrider, and that comes at a pretty hefty cost (turret articulation). What I'd do is make a new utility option to replace anchor. Call it Overdrive or something. It's always on and gives (meaning it's a passive) a X% acceleration buff, and Y% speed buff.

    5) Our max ability is trash, albeit slightly less trash now, but we do have have some pretty good max choices. Not outperforming a NC max anytime soon, but better option than a VS max imo.

    6) Halberd is the best 2ndary in the game at the moment. Vulcan needs some serious work, and I hate our granade launcher. Oh not because it's bad it really isnt. Put it on a harasser and let the farm begin kids. I hate it bc this game needs less AOE spam not more.

    7) Never liked the striker. Even when it was in its prime. Now it's just garbage. The requirement that you need to maintain your lock is 9/10 a death sentence. It's hard to balance out the ideas of high RoF and explosives, because it inequitably leads to AoE spam. What I wanted for a TR Anti Tank weapon was a AT Rifle. Basically what the VS got. And as a VS player let me tell you how amazing the Lancer is.

    8) I disagree with that.
    In the LMG category I'd easily opt for the Carv-S,
    In AR I can T1 Cycler, TRV, or Sabr-13
    In Carbines Jag or Trac
    SMG Armistice.

    TR is hurting in it's diversity of choices not in it the effectiveness of its current choices.
  11. Golconda

    I agree with OP, racial traits are totally screwed up, we're the fast moving, fast firing faction and our max and tank ability just encourage us to stay still, this is silly, NC is the slow-moving/hard hitting faction, give those to them?
    the reason of the massive NC overpop pmuch everywhere is not OPness, it's just that there is no reason to choose a faction with this or that trait when NC has them all already. they have fast ROF weapons (TR trait) AND slow refire/heavy dmg weapons, they have normal sniper rifles AND no bullet-drop weapons (vanu trait) and not only where it actually matters more (sniping), but also in MAX weapons, with a cannon that 1hko infantry if used in both arms, and in a HA rocket launcher too (phoenix)!
    why should I roll TR or VANU for their traits, if I can find those in NC? a player who would like to use high RoF weps should be "forced" to roll the TR, but he can roll nc too, and fight alongside player who like to use slow firing/hard hitting weps. isn't it silly and against any idea of racial trait?
    nc is just everyone's faction, there's no real reason/playstile that forces you to NOT join them.
    I play TR because I like their lore, color and appearance, as there's no real other reason to join them nor vanu.
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  12. St NickelStew

    However (clearly IMO), the NC have the [by far] ugliest color scheme and music. Some things, such as infantry weapon variety, are not worth the steep cost ... .
  13. Lord_Avatar

    Well I hate to break this to you, but as far as colours go VS takes the cake as the ugliest of them all...
  14. Liquidrider

    May be true, but I'd take them in a heart beat after the sun goes down.
  15. St NickelStew

    That is all a matter of opinion, my good sir. My favorite of the faction colors is, indeed, red. However, VS purple is considerably more attractive than NC blue.

    Thankfully not everyone agrees with me, though, as that would mean one faction would have no players at all!
  16. NahumLudd

    Want to know why? Because our faction trait is to be LOYAL.

    We're underpopulated? Great! More enemies of the Imperium....I mean.... Republic.... to send to hell (or to rebirth)
    We have underaverage equipment? We only need our hands and the fire in our hearts!

    Seriously, I don't get identified with any of the other factions. And that's enough for me. More of a challenge to win against the odds!
  17. Goretzu

    I dunno which game you're playing where the NC doesn't have any bullet drop on sniper rifles, but it isn't PS2. :confused:

    (the railjack has bullet drop, contary to pre-release hysteria, and is plain worse than the Longshot out to 400m - which is a shame when infantry only render to 300m).

    NC RoF spread is pretty much exactly the same as the TRs, so again. :confused:

    The Falcon is great....... but the Pounder is....... better (so again). :confused:
  18. Kunavi

    Well that's what you get for rolling with the TR. Seriously if the Vanu or the NC even had different stories I'd pick them no questions asked. As it stands I'll stay with the guys with views closer to mine. I don't like AllThatIsBadWithTheUSA in Space, I don't like Alien Probe Fodder either... FML, I know :p

    At best I can pretend I'm a Space Marine and attempt to fight back the traitors and the crazies, all the while knowing very well I actually am a silly Storm Trooper- Bullets go where they want, not where I aim. I like Hard Mode too though so it's OK I suppose. It's nice fighting against the odds now and then so we got that going for us. Yeah...
    On average, I just play, droning, because there is no competition yet(Although I find it increasingly challenging to entertain the notion that PS2 is really unique, BF calls it a Loading Screen; We call it ReDeploy When A Base Is 100% Lost but there is no difference). I am droning because TR got nothing interesting going for them. Too generic. So I just play to get my FPS fix.
    At worst I'll get frustrated and quit- But that's more to do with PS2 as a whole, I'll admit.

    I'm too bored to cook a solid arguement once more, just to read more "TR IS GUD I TRIED I LIKED U GUD, IF NOT WORK THEN U THE BAD NOT THE TR" with lots of charts and pies and theories sprinkled on top. Sciencery tires me.
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  19. Stellus

    This. As a PS1 Vanu vet, I can say they had the MOST personality of the three factions. Versatility, agility, and convenience was their mantra. Their tanks could float on water, their MAX's could fly, their AV and AI ammo was interchangeable. In PS2, Vanu have none of this. They lost all of their personality. Now they're just... purple.
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  20. libbmaster

    You are a good man.

    I'm going to miss the VS being underpop when emerald goes up. It was hella frustrating sometimes, but hitting above your level and fighting the hordes was the way this game was meant to be played.
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