Why are people still playing TR?

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  1. Lord_Avatar

    1. It does matter quite a bit, because the damage model dictates playstyle by a fair margin.

    2. So is mine, but the horizontal recoil is impossible to compensate for.

    3. All you need is a single one-off that becomes the go-to weapon for all players catering to that particular playstyle. Weapons
    immitating "foreign" traits should be watered-down versions.

    4. Anchor is a useful ability (on the Prowler), but it utterly fails to synergize with the MBT's description and other combat traits.

    5. Aegis is the only useful ES MAX ability.

    6. The Vulcan is grossly underwhelming when compared to the Enforcer/Saron at any range besides point-blank. The Marauder and the C85 both suck horribly.

    7. The Striker...

    8. Correct.
  2. Key Pusher

    By your logic, we TR should have a Gauss SAW class LMG. Balance it out.
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  3. Alarox

    You guys are so pessimistic.
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  4. Corporate Thug

    I like TR because on Mattherson they are under populated. Sure, you might take a bunch of deaths due to lames camping your spawn or the overwhelming odds but after 1+ years of playing, high risk is the only enjoyable play style for me. Their guns aren't all that great, especially when you consider how the NC has such a diverse arsenal or how easy the VS guns are to play with, but they do get the job done.
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  5. Nakar

    If I ever catch you using NS primaries as a TR I will pistol whip you with a Repeater.
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  6. MaxDamage

    Have to agree on Strikers.
    They used to be a genuine deterrent to Liberators which have always been Planetside 2's BFR.
  7. TopVanuTroll

    Stop trying to cover up with this "TR is boring" BS. This is clearly a buff TR pls thread in disguise. Sure, some of your points are valid. But you're trying to gain more credibility by being different from whine threads, when, in the end, it's the same thing under a different name.
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  8. minhalexus

    Why are people complaining about the GD-7F / Serpent?

    Lynx compared to those 2, does have the highest RoF and Magazine size, the 2 TR traits.
    DPS is not a TR trait.

    And just to make you feel better, TR has the highest DPS Assault rifle which is known as Cycler TRV.
  9. DatVanuMan

    1. I agree with you. It is boring, having most of the same damage and rate of fire models. Which is why it could be changed; i.e. Maximum damage for TR fast firing weapons is 167 (Which it is), and the lowest RoF is 577 (The Cougar does not comply with this, I think). The lowest damage model should be 100-112, but these weapons have massive RoFs (896-992). For example, the CARV gets its damage changed to 125, while its RoF is increased to 834. TR want dakka? Give them it at the cost of less damage and slightly longer reloads.
    2. Though I main the people of spandex, Terran recoil is easily compensated for, in my opinion. Just hold the mouse down:D
    3. First change could help with this issue. However, changing the other faction's models would be amazing. For example, the NC's Gauss SAW is a wonderful example of low fire rate but God-like damage, slow reload but long usage. Try to make all NC weapons like this. The VS, however, IS the most lackluster faction in the ENTIRE. GAME. Their weapons should have faster reloads (I don't like seeing TR 40-round weapons (TORQ and buffed Lynx) reloading faster than my 30-laser waterguns (Zenith and Terminus). Plus, VS could have smaller CoF's (Or none, if that's okay), at the cost of slightly reduced RoF's. Why did the VS get the Orion? A total revamp might help it.
    4. Better than a crappy booster that reveals your behind to two cannons that reload faster than you>:/ (Even WITHOUT Anchor mode).
    5. I must agree with this ability being a bit lacking. However, if used correctly and wisely, you can be a living machine gun with it, and grind out certs from their hideoutsXD
    6. The Prowler is the best tank in the game. Fastest speed, reload (Despite having TWO cannons), highest DPS (You must be 40% competent with this tank to score those two hits), and highest AA potential of any ES tank. You don't NEED a secondary weapon, and they are pretty OP anyways.
    7. Couldn't care less, I hate that monster. I love seeing its users suffer>:D
    8. I wouldn't say so. The Repeater is a pretty amazing pistol, and it follows the TR high RoF, low damage profile perfectly. Why switch a CARV with a 15M? TR carbines are OP, as are their AR's, and NS weapons are usually clunky and always are expensive. Except when you're Vanu when you are going to purchase the Commissioner 90% of the time, since we lack any GOOD pistols. It's a wonder how I even got a silver medal with teh Beamer, let alone the gold (I WANT MY COOKIE)!
    At the end, I just want this game to be more unique. Still think it's the best game ever, but less or preferably NO nerfing and more buffing would be amazing (Doing things the TF2 way). Have a nice game session, O loyal TR soldierXD
  10. PastalavistaBB

    Says the person named "TopVanuTroll" with a NC logo in his avatar...o_O
  11. Canno

    I play TR because the leadship voice actually sounds like he can kick someone's *** if need be. Not some washed up sci-fi death-star lackie wannabe or cheerleading don't-want-to-break-a-nail just believe in yourself chick..

    and more bullets. For everything. Even TR bullets have bullets.
  12. JibbaJabba

    Why am I playing TR?

    Because I ramped a BR100 NC and now it's complete easy mode when playing red.

    I *love* the Carv and MCG. The first is so accurate it's like the tat-tat-tat of a tattoo gun on a single pixel on your screen. The other is a complete death fart machine.

    The tank? Again easymode. It has an "auto-bracket" mechanism built right in. First shot=close, second shot=hits every time. No reload inbetween.

    I'm not high enough BR to cert up everything yet. Looking forward to the mossie though after flying the Reaver (aka bricker) for so long.

    My advice: Just play your faction and have fun. Stop wining so much about what the other guy has. TR, NC, and VS all have awesome stuff. Don't be so jaded.
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  13. Mianera

    Because of MSW-R

    Best gun in the game!
  14. \m/SLAYER\m/

    dam, if i edit your post by replacing TR with NC (and some ES stuff) it will be true XD
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  15. Lord_Avatar

    Highest DPS through ROF *is* a TR trait. Same as highest alpha for NC and best consistency via accuracy for the VS.
  16. Goretzu

    They problably should (although the TMG-50 and Rhino are pretty effective at ranges where the NC6 is good - so I'm not really sure the TR doesn't already - although the fact that you dismiss them utterly rather underlines my following point, I suppose), but given the Cougar debacle (and indeed this very thread) TR-only players would only complain about it and be totally unsatisfied anyway. :D
  17. Goretzu

    High RoF is a TR trait.

    Highest DPS however is NOT a TR trait (even though a lot of TR weapons have higher or joint highest DPS - this tends to be a factor of TTK, which is basically number of bullets to kill, not high DPS for DPS's sake).

    RoF and large magazines are TR traits weapons-wise, DPS is not a "TR trait" (and could never be and the game remain remotely balanced :confused: ).
  18. Lord_Avatar

    Actually it could, because it is range-limited due to most TR weapons wobbling like crazy left and right. Ideally, weapon models should be balanced DPS wise via ROF and dmg per shot, but the fact is that it's easier to keep a lower ROF high-dmg gun on target at range, than a rapid fire weapon. I suppose it's rather common knowledge that most TR guns are very mediocre at range.
  19. Goretzu

    They balance them all pretty much by TTK, and whilst DPS is obviously important in the TTK equation (as it is just DPB x RoF (with or without reloads factored in).

    Certainly the TR have less ranged option, but then they have more close to mid ranged options too (and don't forget even with normalised Flinch high RoF still brings an intristic advantage to CQB weapons), which given that the best performing NC LMG (for example) is the Anchor seems to be the place to have an advantage if you're going to have one.

    The NC6's "range advatage" is also monsterously over exagrated, it's marginally better than the EM6 at ranges where you're going to be burst firing it, it is better at plinking, but if you're plinking with an NC6 then I don't understand why you're not using a Inf with a sniper rifle or arguably even a Phoenix as AI.
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  20. OldCuban

    Well, I guess I'm the black sheep.

    I've played TR the most since launch due to the friendships I've made on that faction.

    No other reason, and I've played all three factions.

    I almost went NC due to having been in an NC outfit in PS1 for Lord knows how many years. But they switched to TR for PS2.

    So yeah, there's MY reason. :p