Why are people still playing TR?

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  1. Haquim

    Well I'm usually just taking up a gun on a whim and then use it till I got Auraxium on it (which takes a while) so I can't really judge the state of all our weaponry.
    But yes, the Striker? ********. I as many phoenix rockets as striker ones - and the latter shoot five at once.
    The Vulcan? Not so ******** anymore, but still not up to the game - you basically have to drive into your enemies face (rear is more effective tho) to use it. Which is fun. But usually kills you. Since he got buddies over there
    Our ES abilities?
    Anchoring the most mobile tank down is ********, yes. But the ability can also be ******edly effective in the right place, at the right time.
    Unlike the MAX lockdown. That one is only ********.

    So why do I play TR? Well for one I know people here.
    And asking why I play TR is like asking why im charging into a room head first instead of sitting back and letting other people take the bullets. I do it because I feel like it.
    No, actually asking why I play TR is like asking me why I need to breathe.
    And I will teach our peaceful ways to the traitors and heretics. BY FORCE!

    ... but mostly I dislike spandex, and I think some NC soldiers have their armor WELDED to their crotch...

    Seriously the other factions are not THAT different. The only reason to play vanu I can see is to have an ESF with maybe a THIRD of the surface from the front (hate hoverfighting Scythes).
    And the only reason for NC would be to get me a squad of phoenixes and make anything armored cry out in despair and be suddenly silenced.....
  2. PastalavistaBB

    Actually I played my NC the most in the last couple of weeks. Then some TR and a bit of VS. Having weapons shoot bullets actually where you aim at and drop people with a few bursts from distances they can't even shoot back, feels awesome.
    Playing HA on VS feels like cheating tbh. Of the 3 factions, I enjoy playing NC the most, because it's the only faction that doesn't have glaring problems with their Infantry weapons IMHO.
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  3. doombro

    NC and VS don't have the mini chaingun.
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  4. vsae

    I envy NC for more diverse arsenal.
    They have Merc and GD7F
    They have GR22 and Reaper
    They have SAW and Anchor
    I'm not even gonna mention the MAX, which I absolutely adore.
    They just have both ends of the stick, while TR has mostly one end of it.

    Things I like on TR side so far:
    Lets face it, this game is all about CQB, so yeah Carv, MSW-R are really really strong.
    Mossy, maybe more out of habit, than due to actual advantage.
    Prowler, a nice thing to farm towers when your lightning is on timer. Although not viable for 2/2 mbt combat, which isnt sitting and waiting.
    TRV is good, T1 Cycler is good, the rest is about meh.
    TR lacks at range.
    VS on the other hand has only 4 things I play for. LMGs, Scythe, Magrider and fabulous camos.
  5. uhlan

    Slowly, but surely, the whiners here and elsewhere have petitioned the powers-that-be enough that any faction flavor to be found in game will be completely bled out.

    The devs haven't helped much in this regard as they seem to be content to make any significant new content of the NS variety as well.

    I'd really like to see the devs take a hard look at the factions once more and add some flavor back in.

    Redo the sounds, perhaps the look, or at least give the players the ability to add at least cosmetic flavor back to the mix other than helmets and camos...

    I'm desperate for any new game-play to be had... I feel I might not be alone in this.
  6. Uberclocked

    Yes plox.:p
  7. GrouchoNietzsche

    TR = Hard mode

    VS /NC = interchangeable easy mode

    Thats my reason

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  8. SacredRay

    Not sure what OP is on about. More Dakka is faction trait that I can relate to. Whenever I have yet another boring session on Miller VS, I just log into Mattherson TR, pick up a T9-Carv and just spray that sh*t at the nearest baddie. Its fun as hell being able to shoot something knowing that you will kill it - unlike a VS gun.

    As for the Prowler, its a different style of tanking and I like it.
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  9. Majorpaynekills

    We just got a buff on our lynx so it now has the fastest RPM in the whole game. Also i love the T5 AMC to me it is dead on (if you use it right). If you are having a problem with the accuracy, you have to remember that accuracy and recoil are different. So the compensator lowers your accuracy but lowers recoil so make sure you have the right attachments.

    I play TR for the Connery server and TR is the only faction i actually play. I have my other factgions as BR 5-30 and my TR as BR 71. I only use the other factions just so i can test the new guns for them when the get out.

    But with the Striker i have to agree with you. No lock on in the game should take 5 lock ons to take down a reaver (stock), as well as have a long time to lock on to it as well. But as of now i have to agree with most that most of the factions are pretty ballanced for now besides common pool Vehicles, which need to stick to one setting and not keep getting nerfed and buffed over and over.

    Only thing i would say that i hate about another faction is the NC T.V. Guided Rocket and the NC Raven max that whistles my damn ear off.
  10. Axehilt

    Mostly it's that nearly all of these complaints are wrong or irrelevant:
    1. Irrelevant. TR have weapon variety, and just because their bullet caliber is fairly constant that doesn't really mean a whole lot.
    2. Irrelevant. My overall performance with TR weapons has been fine in spite of the complaint here about their recoil model.
    3. Irrelevant. Who cares if other empires get a few one-offs that have higher rate of fire? Overall the TR use more bullets, and importantly they have more bullets. Superior damage per magazine across most TR weapons is a key advantage for high-end players, and TR carbines are easily my favorite because they give me the option to clear that room of the 3-4 enemies, rather than forcing me to reload.
    4. Wrong. If the empire with a self-rooting MBT was also a slow MBT, that MBT would be the worst MBT to use because relocating to a new artillery position would be painfully slow. My Prowler SPM (759) is literally about double my SPM with the other tanks because the characteristics of it are so amazing. It's the only tank where it feels like you have two entire playstyles available to you (artillery with Halberd+AP+Anchor, or skirmish tank with Maingun+Vulcan+FireSuppression)
    5. Correct. The MAX ability sucks and needs a defensive component (ideally a front-only damage reduction.)
      • ...but mostly irrelevant. All MAXes get Charge, and most ES MAX abilities suck (and even the one that doesn't suck (Shield) sucks for most situations (it's only useful in organized play.))
    6. Wrong. The Vulcan is amazing for when you play the skirmish Prowler (it's not the right choice for every battle, but it's amazing in the right battles.) The Marauder is serviceable; it's neither good nor bad. Important to note is the Marauder isn't the C85 Modified.
    7. Correct. The Striker has always been the worst ESAV (even when players considered it "overpowered" it was bad, though maybe it was better than the Phoenix at that point, which was/is also bad.) TR and NC deserve a skill-rewarding ESAV, and maybe give the VS a bad-player ESAV.
      • ...but irrelevant. Who cares what AV weapon your crappy infantry use? They're still crappy infantry and going to be run over by combat vehicles outdoors.
    8. Wrong. The TR's weapons are quite superior to ES weapons in most cases. Only for VS carbines do I find myself leaning on the NS-11C a lot (since they lack a good long-ranged carbine option.) Mostly the NS options are suited to long-ranged fights, and not never considered for roles better served by the CARV (as an example). Then for long-ranged fights you have guns like the T5 AMC which is a close second place behind the Razor as my favorite long-ranged carbines.
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  11. Akuzimo

    Personally I think the TR weapons feel good. I used to go for High-Damage, Low ROF weapons back in the early days of my FPS gaming, but after using the MG3 in several games, I came to the realization that there's nothing better than sending a blistering hail of bullets at the opponent. That's scary when 20 rounds a second lands near you and it hurts like hell if they land ON you. If I can get 4 rounds that do 143 on you before you can get 2 rounds that do 200 then I won that skirmish.

    They seem to be good, solid weapons. The VS weapons are cool because they're not stereotypical lasers, but still. Although the VS is my main, I can't help but go back to those TR weapons. I still want a ~1000 RPM LMG.
  12. Iridar51

    Correction: all weapons have random horizontal recoil which can't be compensated for. TR just gets more of it than other factions.
    While I wouldn't call Serpent/GD-7F exactly "more accurate", it bothers me too. It's not a problem of TR, though, it's a problem that VS/NC shouldn't have these weapons in the first place. In something closer to perfect world, GD-7F would've been revamped to Bandit, and Serpent to Zenith, but all that cash ain't gonna spend itself.
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  13. FishMcCool

    Faction X loses to skills/tactics/overpop -> Faction X player blames gear.

    Accepting that you've been outplayed is stright bad for the ego. Accepting that population is the deciding factor in this game is indirectly bad since it puts your previous (overpop) victories in context.

    It's hardly unique to TR, look at the amount of VS whinging. NC's only flying low at the moment due to overpopping, but you can be sure it'll be back with a vengeance as soon as that shifts again.
  14. jiggu

    Because TR is stronk!
  15. Goretzu

    The GD-7F is a Lynx competitor, the Bandit is a Jaguar competitor.

    The idea that only the TR should have access to a Lynx class weapon is plain silly.

    The GD-7F could be NC-ised to 167 or even 200 DPB, but it would need significantly higher DPS than the Bandit to be what is currently is supposed to be.
  16. Flying Mug

    I'm baffled by the faction trait complaints. The last two gun/class updates changed the Lynx to fire faster than other Carbines and added the Torq, which fires faster than any other ARs. If anything, SOE has been actively adding TR exclusive high RPM weapons.
  17. Akuzimo

    To be fair, the TRV Cycler still beats the TORQ by 45 RPM but I think the TORQ is a solid piece.
  18. WarmasterRaptor

    Because Loyalty until Death, that's why!
  19. TheShrapnelKing


    And die they do.
  20. DK22

    mini-potato gun, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, bet that hurt eh?