Why are people being over compensated?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chiss, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. Wolfsbrigade

    SOE stated they would be compensated, thus entitled. Not referring to the fairness of their decision, simply referring to the grounds on which Sony determined what purchases would receive certs.
  2. Ganelon

    Exactly, it's like they're being rewarded for their stupidity (or we punished for being smart).
  3. CHDT65

    "Someone who spent $30 on the game received 24k cert points for no apparent reason."

    So, as I've paid three times this money, I'm waiting for my 72k cert points, no ?
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  4. StrikerKOJ

    But it would be totally game breaking to allow Premium Members to receive (up to) 48 certs per day without having to log in, right? Would take almost 4 years of continuous subscription to get that amount of certs passively, but god forbid that person doesn't log in every 24 hours.

    Gotta hand it to SOE. At least they are full of suprises.
  5. CHDT65

    What's annoying is that I bought very cleverly my weapons, to gain certs by playing, and the dumbasses unable to inform themselves got certs.... for being dumbasses.
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  6. CHDT65

    And I don't think I will put real money in this game any time soon.
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  7. Nimbat

    I wonder how much potential money SOE just lost with these cert handouts (weapons being mass-bought for certs not SC today).

    It will definately affect the game.
  8. Tar

    how can there be 11 pages about such a non issue?
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  9. CHDT65

    Do you see often non issues making 11 pages so quickly ?
    Examples ?
  10. Dem1se

    I'm sorry. I fail to see the comparability between the passive cert gain and a BR 0 having over 60k certs. Could you explain?
  11. Bad News

    Logged in this morning and was banned for cheating. I mailed support and waited many many hours but finally they removed the ban and i log in and find 6k cert on each char :D

    Spent most of it on my flash, damn that thing is OP now :D

    Day started very bad but ended very nice :)
  12. WaiZen

    Brace yourselves, All the OP items will be unleashed! I will not be surprised to see LA BR1-10 with maxed out equip, instakilling with stuff like pumpactions.
    Nice one SOE, Keep it going till 2025, huh? You're totally going for it.
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  13. Aisar

    Why would you be upset? Like me, you only spent on one character and specialized, which was the best thing to do if you want to have the biggest arsenal and be the most effective. Umm yeah I want to know why you are upset?
  14. WaiZen

    Spend massive amount Of SC on one character - Get no Certs

    Spend some SC like an idiot on multiple characters- Get Massive amount of Certs

    Basically, SOE Logic.
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  15. Leal


    I bet this person was ecstatic.
  16. Regpuppy

    An example that seems to ring true often enough, which is the issue.

    Guy A: focuses 100 dollars on one character. Gets that much in weapons and such
    Guy B: Puts 50 dollars each on two characters. Gets 50 dollars on each character in unlocks.. and then later gets an extra 5000 x 2 =10,000 certs on both characters. Which in the end actually adds up to more in certs than they would've spent on any of these guns.

    Guy B can then buy more weapons than I could or use the new certs on character upgrades. If he spends the same way I do, he gets twice what I got out of his money. If he goes the other way, he gets rewarded for a mistake. Either way, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and discourages future purchases.

    This is ignoring time spent or how much this will hurt progression for a long while to come. Hell, even their profits. Since these people with absurd amounts will have no incentive to really buy anything.

    I'm all for people getting refunded. Just not in this way. It's messy and just bad all around.
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  17. Puppy

    But they have to play to earn it. If two people have membership and one gets these certs it's unfair. Even if the player who didn't get certs paid more money.
  18. Gustavo M

    Because people who paid are getting an absurd amount of certs In a short span of time?
    Not like this game Is perfectly balanced or anything, but hey... that indeed break all the "balance" this game had.
  19. Tolta

    Yeesh, this has flat out disgusted me. I mean, I don't want to come across as jealous or anything, but it does tick me off to see some <10 battle rank players getting given enough certs to max out any vehicle(s) they like. And, from some reports, these players might not have even done anything to deserve these certs.

    At this point, best things that could happen would be either an accepting response from SOE confirming that they have made a flatout mistake, and one that they should hurry admitting to before the playerbase gets stirred up any more. The other solution that lots of people are suggesting is a massive rollback. This would be effective, yet annoying, but, I believe that if this was what happened, after the rollback players should be rewarded an average amount of certs they could have earned in the time that has been removed from them because of the rollback.

    Even if action is taken now, players will still have a sour taste in their mouths when they witness players who have not bought multiple weapons of the same kind on multiple characters getting thousands of certs, whereas players who have befallen these issues are left with nothing apart from anger.

    Personally, I would love to see something more truthful being said about this 'refunding' as it is clear that way too many certs have been given to some players, and far too little have been given to others. We, the playerbase, NEED an official response from SOE before we all totally lose our cool because of this ridiculous situation.
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  20. NietCheese

    Terrible analogy.

    A vetter one is you went to a car yard to buy a car and you bought a red one. Then you realised the red one only worked on mondays, so you had to buy a blue one which only worked on Tuesdays. Then you realised you had to buy a purple one which only worked on the weekends.

    You just bought three cars when one car that worked all week would have been fairer. The car yard realised a single car would have been fairer given that blue, red, purple cars are identical and gave a refund for the extra cars you bought.

    You need to stop crying. You got what you paid for. Others paid too much and got a refund.
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