Why are genades

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  1. ReptilePete

    just wonderins why the flashing light to alert enermy and why the rubbish explosive radius? on what planet would they invent a grenade that flashes to alert the victims? Also why is there no timer from when you pull the pin to throwing?

    Seems like some cheap **** compromise that pleasese no one.
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  2. The Rogue Wolf

    Speaking as someone who's mastered the art of airbursting grenades to get kills in other games, I have to say no. Grenade spam is bad enough in this game as it is.
  3. FieldMarshall

    Its for game balance.
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  4. ReptilePete

    I dont give a sheet about game balance, why would I throw a ***** greanade that alerts the enemy to the fact that its there?
  5. FateJH

    Don't (frag) grenades have one of the largest splash radii in the game?
  6. MajiinBuu

    You don't. Problem solved.
  7. Pat22

    The red light is not on the grenade.
    The red light is an optic-intergrated HUD element alerting you to a nearby grenade.

    Mind. Blown.
  8. Bearded Wall

    The real question is:

    "Why are genades"

    Why are genades guys?
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  9. Pat22

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  10. Badname707

    Yeah, and you know what else? Why do bullets alert you to the shooters direction when they hit you? Why do vehicles broadcast a HUD marker when you spot them? Why do all the weapons allow people they killed to be revived? It all just seems unscientific.
  11. R0411


    But seriously though, why are grenades?
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  12. ReptilePete

    I still dont know why are grenades.
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  13. Newlife1025

    Be me
    Be light assult
    Have grenade bandolier 1
    Get to high point,
    Lots of enemies,
    Chuck said grenades
    6 kill streak
    Swoop doown like a hawk
    Drop c4
    MAX kill bonus x2
    Thats how you use grenades
  14. Anteep

    Wow, the first few posts are absolute trash. Why are genades?
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  15. Eternaloptimist

    You ask why are grenades? it's because
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