Why am I taking 5+ minutes to log into Briggs

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MykeMichail, Mar 8, 2014.

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  1. dezusa

    Getting this issue now,

    Taking more than usual to login at briggs, and by the time I login,
    theres a chance that my client will stop responding and I'd have to
    attempt logging in again.
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  2. Thagyr

    What's there to say about whats happening?

    You get in to the character screen, click log-in and then go watch paint dry for 15 minutes as the little swirly thing zooms about.
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  3. TinM3N

    Station Name: TinM3N
    Server: Briggs
    Status: Subscriber
    Time: 830-8:40pm (+10 GMT)
    Issue: Entered game via client, selected character, clicked green play button, Button changed to "loging in". Continued for ~ 10 minutes at which point game crashed to desktop
  4. GhostEpyon

    I am getting this issue too, only just started happening to me yesterday afternoon. The day before that it was all sweet could log in within 15 seconds, but now i am looking at the 5-10 minute log in wait times and sometimes it will just close the game down.
  5. FaLI3N

    It was never resolved Myke, it just gets better until prime time or until the server picks up.
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  6. Guters

    Me too I have been trying for an hour now keeps crashing I'm a subscriber as well !!!!
  7. Vaelkyri

    Its exactly the same issue we had the last few times this happened-

    TLDR our ISP is **** and our architecture outdated.

    For Radar, long logins/cant login during peak- Rural NSW, ADSL2+.
  8. Psychic Moose

    Up until recently(~2 weeks ago) it was fine and then all of a sudden I've been having to wait 20-30 seconds to log on during offpeak times and anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 during primetime, if there is an alert going during primetime sometimes I have to wait until the alert is over before i can log in.
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  9. DemonJnr

    Getting this problem as well. Usually it takes no longer than 15 minutes for me to log. I'll usually exit the game and try again if it fails to load in a reasonable amount of time and this seems to speed things up.
  10. Squeaky4all

    Just tried to log in, plus 10 minutes and not logged in.
  11. Commander_Nyx

    SOE **** the other server they are finish focus in briggs i hve level 78 on that server and now i gotta start out as a noob on the other servers
  12. InFlamess

    Had to make a post because this is pissing me off, 30 minutes with 2 crashes still not in.
    It is mostly Briggs primetime or during alerts that this happens, please fix this ASAP.
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  13. dezusa

    Hell bru, I'd quit this potato sack of a server if it werent for my awsm platoon [TROL] and, for the most part,
    the letancy being at >250ms at connery

    Edit: since this has been going on for months now,

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  14. Incentive Legend

    As i type this my charactor logging in screen has been logging in for the past 15 minutes. just spinning nothing. Its sunday 1:35pm AEST Brisbane australia that i am logging in from. Primetime. And the game just crashed and exited without any error. this is annoying. :mad: Issue persists obviously. 2 crashes in a row now sigh :(
  15. Fenrix

    Everyone should support ticket about this. but I already did and they assumed it was a problem with my computer *which its not*

    also. the game does not crash after 15 minutes. it just closes. the game has no proper response for being unable to get through to the login servers so it times out and closes the game as its default behaviour.

    to SOE, people are sitting at login screen so long it is timing out and closing on them.
    I have just had this happen 3 times in a row.

    as the number of players or connection attempts increases, it starts to cause a traffic jam of somekind, this eventually gets so long that people are simply not able to connect at all.

    you need a proper login screen SOE. show us when its connecting, or re-trying or in a log in cue, this would help us to help you.
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  16. Stampa

    Takes longer to login than read this thread from start to finish.......rofl
  17. Ourous

    The Briggs server appears to have had the population cap reduced to 750. Evidence can be seen here.

    This does not explain the ridiculous log-in problems when the server is not full, but it does explain why it sometimes becomes impossible to enter the server at all. SOE is definitely aware of the cap size reduction, and there is no excuse as to why it happened - Briggs was reaching over 1000 players a few times a week before they changed it, and was hovering at around 750 during most nights.
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  18. ZenzotuskeN

    This Video's lengthy login wait is exactly what happends to myself and all my friends that play Briggs, when we try to login and this issue is going on and it usually effects us all and we just have to either wait it out or do something else, as a technical person i feel something on the Server hardware or network is on its way out.
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  19. broderbund

    Character name: broderbund

    Issue: Logging into a Briggs character takes a long time.

    Steps to reproduce issue:
    1. Create a character on Briggs
    2. Select that character and click the log in button
    Expected result: I should log in immediately.

    Actual result: I remain on the character selection screen for about 5 minutes before logging in.
  20. redshirt

    Yea 10 minutes to login this evening (Sunday 9pm) GMT +13
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