Why am I taking 5+ minutes to log into Briggs

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MykeMichail, Mar 8, 2014.

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  1. Awkward

    You are wrong.
    I am a subscriber, i have login priority, and i am still having the same problem as everyone else.
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  2. ShortRovnd

    Would someone on the payroll actually reply to note that they've read this thread?
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  3. Lufeng

    I imagine they've not got to work yet... Is only 6.20am there
  4. ShortRovnd

    This thread was created more than 24 hours ago and was preceded by other threads on the same topic.
  5. Lufeng

    Yeah, I only just noticed. And also they've banned people, but still not replied. Slack.
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  6. MykeMichail

    Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with an ACTUAL log in queue, or if it is, its an invisible one.

    Briggs is rarely, if ever, full. The only times I've seen continent queues is immediate after a major content patch, which has occurred on a long weekend. I don't think I've ever seen a server queue for Briggs.

    This has to have something to do with their login server simply not doing its job anywhere near as fast as it should.
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  7. LightPulsar

  8. Shrubbo

    It has nothing to do with being a subscriber. I am one and I have given up after 20 minutes and walked away, Last night with a new system install I wanted to set my controls up so I log into Connery (Because I know I can log straight in), set my stuff up and then get a coffee and try to log into Briggs. It was just under 10 minutes this time.

    This problem has come and gone with Briggs but it seems to be back with a vengeance this time. It's got to the point now that I ask outfit members to tell me when they see me log in so I can tab out and do something else rather then sitting there watching nothing and pulling my hair out.

    This is really frustrating as hell for me. New players, returning players, hell even today's players must be thinking what else is out there. I know I am.
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  9. AxisO7

    Had to happen on my 5 day weekend too. :rolleyes:

    To be fair, the european servers (Miller in particular) also had massive problems a couple of weeks ago. So it's everything that's not in America.

    Of course, the europeans then got a double xp weekend out of it, so it'll be interesting to see if they give one to us. I almost hope they don't, as all that does is give us more log-in problems.
  10. Lufeng

    Still nothing?
  11. MySupremacy

    Still can't login
  12. Alice Abernathy

    it's happening again.... low period and still taking over 5 minutes to log in then realize that it's lagging the ***** out..
  13. redshirt

    Yea Friday evening during prime time I gave up after an hour attempting to login so on the weekend during prime time I just didn't bother, I have better things to do than wait for 15-30 minutes to 'maybe' login. Monday night which is normally quiet and it is still a 5-10 minute wait. *sigh*
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  14. Mortucus

    i feel a server merger coming on
  15. Kulantan

    Still getting this. Still waiting for word from SOE (even just an acknowledgment would do).
  16. Ian_M

    Still broken. Still crashing to desktop while waiting to login.
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  17. Odders

    I tried everything since this happened on Saturday night to me on Miller. Every other character, even those I make on Miller is fine except for my main. Logged a ticket and was told that it's a know bug that they are working on and a Sorry. So it seems that that character is stuck until the bug is fixed which will be ........
  18. PresidentFreeman

    You know what this is eerily prophetic. Logged in tonight almost instantly but in the middle of primetime with an alert on the biggest battle on the server was 24-48, at one base.
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  19. smegnz

    Doing the login forever issue with me again. Like you observe players will just give up and go do other things. The small population could just reflect hassles people are having with the login server.
  20. HLM

    Wonder if I'll be allowed to look at the new stuff from the patch today?
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