Why am I only getting around 30 FPS? I should tank this game.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by KanoRain, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. KanoRain

    Just wondering why I am getting only around 30 FPS. I have a feeling it COULD be a CPU bottleneck, but only due to optimization.

    AMD 8350 @ 4.4 GHz
    SLI GTX 970
    16 GB RAM Quad
    Installed on Samsung 840 EVO

    I'm not playing it at 1440p, only 1080p so I don't see why I shouldn't be getting 60+ FPS.
  2. user300115

    Can you give more information when your FPS are that low and what settings you are running? This would be pretty normal with shadows on ultra when entering a bigger fight.
  3. KanoRain

    Give me a sec and I'll edit this post with more info.


    Was getting 40 FPS in the VR...
  4. user300115

    I assume that the problem is hardware related because the performance is far from what you should be getting. What mainboard are you using? Is the Bios up to date?

    There are quite a few AMD mainboards that suffer from overheating VRMs with such a high clocked processor. Are the VRMs actively cooled?
  5. baka

    Offhand, your Vsync in the nVidia control panel is not set to Adaptive (half refresh rate)? Also, I have heard that SLI in this game is ....well.... poor, though others will have to say they're going to give their knowledge there.
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  6. user300115

    Oh, thanks. Totally missed that it said SLI in the opening post. Definitely disable SLI for a test.
  7. Pfundi

    Turn off one of the graphic cards. SLI and cross fire seems to make problems.
    Also the game has Problems with AMD CPUs as well.
    So you got an awesome PC but the game sucks :D
  8. BlackDove

    Its your CPU. Disable half your cores like the guy in the other thread suggests.

    That "fix" has been known about since 2012.
  9. KanoRain

    Sabertooth 990FX R2.0, current updated BIOS. Not a problem with the VRMs overheating, I can guarantee you that. Possible other issue.

    I do have Adaptive vsync enabled, but not the "half refresh rate" setting, I'll try changing it to that.

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm not going to hinder my PC to play a single game. I'd rather just not play the game again than deal with disabling SLi and multiple cores just to play.
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  10. BlackDove

    Its the architecture of the AMD FX CPUs thats the problem. You should at least read the thread and try disabling one core per module.
  11. KanoRain

    Like I said, it's not worth it to play a game I barely played in the first place.
    (I bought Alpha Squad and I'm only BR26 on my highest character. It's just not worth it for me.)
  12. BlackDove

    Other games will likely have the same issue.
  13. KanoRain

    Sure, poorly optimized ones.

    I get a steady 60 FPS on BF4 64 player servers on all ultra @ 4x AA w/ resolution scaling up to 200%.
    ArmA 3 I get 60 FPS in 120 player servers like KoTH.

    PS2 is just still poorly optimized, that's all.
  14. JurtinTheDirty

    Damn it! I had my heart set on getting a Sabertooth 990 x Fx 8350 combo for this game! This is truly disappointing.
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  15. KanoRain

    You're tellin' me, brother.