Why 40% off?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BleuNoir, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. BleuNoir

    Sure, you save more money at reduced loss, but a lot of people are tight on their wallets (and simply many other sales since it's the summer are coming up, GOG, Amazon, Steam to name a few.)

    Double SC/Triple SC get more profit because simply, more people buy. I'm disappointed and confused.
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  2. PaidToWin

    Because 40% has a four in it, but triple only implies "three." Since the majority of people don't understand basic mathematics, they will think that they're getting even more than usual this time around.
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  3. VSDerp

    better than nothing
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  4. BleuNoir

    This is pretty crappy, most of the players in PS2 I met were American and of course, 4th of July duh and they'd be thinking its a huge sale piling up.

    Kind of hard to compare to other digital distribution sales, such as Amazon or Steam..

    66% or 75% off sales compared to this.
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  5. Mykra

    A .01% price reduction would be better than nothing, so that saying really doesn't mean much.

    The question I wonder about is how many people who don't purchase SC - or do so very irregularly - are going to take them up on the 40% sale. Do they see this as a sale worth spending money on the game for, or does the pricing still seem unappealing? The people who were hoarding cards already gave SOE their money, so SOE won that fight before the bell even rung.
  6. PaidToWin

    The cards can be returned as long as they weren't used.
  7. BleuNoir

    Very true, they get money off the hype itself.

    However, it was my first time getting cards because it was a very slim and rare chance of convenience (went to mall for clothes and thought why the hell not I got money to blow.)
  8. zib1911

    All I have to say is if you don't like the sale **** and don't buy.

    God damn who complains about a sale you entitled children
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  9. PaidToWin

    Where are you from? Somalia?
  10. BleuNoir

    So...You're complaining about people who complain?

    Okay, hello too. Nice intro ad hominem too.

    Look, they could get even as much sales as Steam in the summer if they did a 2x/3x SC event. That's another reason.
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  11. MilitiaMan

    Sigh, I get payed Friday....not Thursday. Guess I won't be buying SC this week =(

    Poor move Sony.
  12. Neovius

    Not even double SC... Looks like SOE doesn't want my money after all...
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  13. Hawkerased

    The buisness dept is testing the waters. Boycott the sale, get double triple next time. If they make more money than they would with double or triple, they will continue to do this sort of thing, and Triple station cash will end up the same place SWG did.
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  14. Singed

    Disappointing. I am interested to see whether this is the new norm or just an experiment gone horribly, but predictably wrong. Oh well, gonna wait till Christmas.
  15. zib1911

    Your complaining about a sale, do you even realize what you sound like?

    Troll much?
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  16. Rhaeyn

    My guess: "40% off because it's July 4th"
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  17. Jump Jets

    Come on It's not hard to figure this one out.

    40% Because of Independence Day in the US is July 4th (also why there is a Flare (fireworks) Gun)
    And since 4% off would just be a joke, instead 40%.

    Also isn't hard to figure out why people still complain about the sale.
    There has been better sales in the past they feel entitled to get that same deal again. (or maybe even just jealous b/c they missed the better sales) lol
  18. PaidToWin

    It's not that we feel entitled to a better sale, it's that we feel used to paying at a certain price point, and they've in effect literally doubled the price. So, most of us won't buy this time around, because station cash is a rather elastic good.
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  19. Kortan

    Well I intended to buy SC, now i'm not.
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  20. Roland2TowerCame

    I was expecting a double station cash event, but I have one of those 1500 SC cards, and I get an extra 1000 (on July 4 PDT), so it's close enough for me.