Who the crap is Vanu?

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  1. HadesR

    With a beard, long hair , wears sandals and lives in Waco Texas
  2. Zapon

    PSST: The devs hinted at some alien faction joining the fray in the long term future... .

  3. CloverHead

    I don't know about you guys, but I like the whole religious aspect to the VS. It adds depth to them.

    VS are the technophiles who love aliens and lasers and all their stuff floats and is pretty colors and they can unlock the true power of technology... And they're pretty much a literal cargo cult that replaced priests with scientists.

    NC are Muhreens hoorah who fight for freedom and eagles and Americ-ERR, Auraxis... They're also mercenaries, literal fascists, and are funded by megacorporations that fought to decrease worker safety regulations and wages.

    TR are the majority of humanity, a bastion of order, hope, strength, pride, and unity... And they're also COMMIENAZIS who slap curfews and riot police down on anyone who disagrees with the direction of the goose step.
  4. EvilAlbatross

    Came here to see this image:


    Leaving disappointed.
  5. souled

    'Vanu' could be a collective, makes some sense if vanu sovereignty are transhumanists oriented towards a single collective consciousness that they are following the original vanu who did the same

    If the vanu unified in this manner then they could be referred to in the singular.
  6. Xae

    Yeah, in general the audio could use some tweaking to sound better.

    It should be "This Facility now belongs to the Sovereignty", not "This Facility now belongs to the Vee-Ess". But this is a tiny, tiny *** nit pick.
  7. HvcTerr

    It's not a cargo cult when the stuff they do actually works.
  8. TartarusMkII

    Simply put, even if we are knit picking, the fact is that these are small things that should have been easy to get right.
  9. Mansen

    I don't deal in vague future promises.
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  10. SinerAthin

    If the Vanu had sufficient technology to become 'immortal', how did they then disappear?

    DUN-DUN! Teh conspiracy...
  11. Xae