Who the crap is Vanu?

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  1. SpaceCowboy

    I seem to remember "THE" Vanu being an alien race.

    Now Vanu is like... I dunno he's Xenu or something. But HE is now a HE a PERSON... wtf?

    How did we go from Technology to Scientology?
  2. Argento81

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  3. Stellus

    Vanu is still the alien race. You're just imposing their will on your foes and requiring the batteries necessary to do so.
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  4. Jaggedmallard26

    Don't mention the S word or you'll find yourself with a law suit.
  5. medbot544

    I really have no idea why we are fighting here at all other than its red vs blue vs plurple.

    Explaining lore and what the hell is going on is evidently not worth bothering about in PS2 lol.

    I guess they saved a ton of cash not hiring writers.
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  6. HvcTerr

    WHAT!? But Vanu is eternal! The end! The beginning! The Circle of...


    That said, possibly-canon PS2 backstory stuff that was written says that "Vanu" is the name human researchers gave to the presence they felt based on some ancient artifacts. It could either be a member of the species that built on Auraxis, or an AI, or a protrusion into our dimension of a hyper-intelligent pan-dimension being that we may find out just looks like a mouse.
  7. inigma

    This does need to be highlighted. There wasn't a singular entity called "Vanu" in PS1. It's as if the devs thought PS2 Vanu would be some sort of religious techno cult. Kinda weird. Dumb really. If I wasnt a Vanu vet from PS1, I'd be playing another faction just for the creepiness factor of it. I really wish the devs would remove religion entirely out of the Vanu experience.
  8. Rogueghost

    I think Vanu is a name of a powerful alien leader.

    And the VS worship him as a god and named their entire faction after him.
  9. TartarusMkII

    I complained about this in beta, but the wonderful audio director, Gates, insists he knows what he is doing. I don't know who wrote that script, but it's ****.
  10. Mansen

    I fail to see what you're on about - It has never been a person, an entity or anything of the like.

    The Vanu are a (thought to be) long gone alien race that left behind remnants of their technology on Auraxis - where humanity found it and researched it.

    The Vanu warpgates are responsible for the cloning technology that prevents anyone using the gates from permanent death - you die, you respawn back at the gate.

    The Vanu Sovereignty started out as a hardcore technophile cult - similarities to Scientology are hard to ignore (except in this universe there is actual proof of the supposed "gods"). In time it became a more mainstream belief system - lots of scientists and other intellectuals joined it.

    After the NC declared independance it didn't take long for the VS to join the fight - having two factions blow up continents potentially full of alien technology that can unlock "our" true potential wasn't really an option. So now they fight for their technology, experiments.
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  12. Aelloon

    He's referring to the ingame quotes saying things like
    "The Vanu is with you, do not falter!" etc.
  13. Stellus

    ^^ This.

    In PS1, the Vanu was the alien race that once existed on Auraxis. We found their remnants and artifacts which led to the rebirthing and warpgate technology. The vanu are an alien race that the scientists and engineers decided to follow after discovering the overwhelming evidence of their existence and their technology's ability to further evolve mankind.

    The "religious" aspect is an analogy, and is not a literal application. The Vanu Sovereignty believe that, by utilizing ancient vanu technology, mankind can evolve into a more powerful and intelligent being which will allow them to return home. They see the ancient Vanu as the answers to their life questions. In a sense, they found a way to convert evidence based science into a belief system.
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  14. Mansen

    Ahh... sounds like a bad case of grammar fail then. :)

    Unless of course the cult has at some point decided to uplift the race to a single entity - i.e. a single godlike entity that should be addressed in singular form.
  15. HerpTheDerp

  16. HvcTerr

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." (Arthur C. Clarke.)
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  17. Stellus

    Possibly, but for PS2 they seemed to have upped the cultish nature of the Vanu Sovereignty where they are portrayed as overzealous and "mad scientists". Since PS2 is a reimagining of PS1, current canon may replace the previous canon of PS1...
  18. SpaceCowboy

    This. The original cannon stated that when they were stranded on the other side of the wormhole (which immediately included Auraxis) they began to find that the planet was bringing the dead back to life at the warpgates. The whole entire Core Combat storyline was about ancient vanu technology.


    Any reasonable person who played the first game has got to be questioning what is going on. I could write some really cool (and in-cannon) **** with the Planetside lore but they apparently couldn't be bothered.

    Oh yeah and remember that BENDING thing??? What about that???? completely ignored D:
  19. SpaceCowboy

    They made this just for this thread.
  20. VoidMagic

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