Who really are the 'good guys' in PS2?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DukeOfSausage, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Hoki

    Victory is our tradition.
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  2. Phyr

    The side that wins is always the good guys.
  3. Sharpe

    VS are clearly the good guys! :cool:

    Mankind is obviously staganant in their perpetual wars and petty differences. Through technology, eugenics and studying the Vanu humans can rise above their current primitive form and cohexist peacefully in harmony! As millenia have demonstrated - humans will just never change, it is a warlike species anyway.

    It will be grand, once we wipe all those who wish to remain in the past from existence.

    OT- There really are no good guys :)
  4. SturmovikDrakon

  5. MobileAssaultDuck

    Not really. All factions in the universe cause the death of billions upon billions, some directly, some through apathy.

    Billions of humans are ground to dust beneath a stampede of people trying to get close to the God Emperor on Terra every day.

    Is that really much worse than what the Dark Eldar do?
  6. Morro

    Hell the Imperium can be pretty evil. Also can't forget Necron with their **** all attitude.
  7. TatharNuar

    Essentially, TR is "big government runs every aspect of your life," NC is "big business runs every aspect of your life," and VS is "big science runs every aspect of your life." Which one do you call, "Master?"
  8. Liquid23

    see ... eugenics... you elitist bigoted bastards and your fictional master race!!!!!
  9. Jeos DInas

    NC or TR. Vanu bring up the specter of the Omar way too much. Personally, it is easy to dismiss the NC as greed driven and equally easy to dismiss the TR as overly oppressive but at least there are ways to paint them fairly positively. I don't think you can do that with Vanu.

    Metagame wise, I don't think you can do that with the Vanu player base. But I readily admit that notion is based only on personal experiences with people in game. We all have one faction that grinds our gears with their smack talk. TR opponents seem fairly reserved, NC comrades can be braggarts and I am not silly enough to lie about that. But Vanu, for me, really like to bash. Without necessarily earning it. Smack talk me when we're not balls deep into one of your bases, you know?
  10. Liquid23

    I've had Vanu smack talk at me when we had them gatelocked... lol
  11. Sinist

    Everyone thinks the Terran Republic is an oppresive form of a tyrannical government.

    We represent the government of Earth and all we want is to find a way back home. And we don't believe we can do that if all three sides are in war. So it was our decision to destroy the Vanu and New Conglomerate and re-unite everyone back under the same common goals. Understanding Auraxis and it's mysteries in a safe way, and getting back to Earth.

    The Terran Republic are the good guys. The NC are lead by sociopaths and the Vanu are brainwashed borg.
  12. IshanDeston

    There are no good guys. Like in reallife. Some might consider themselves to be the good guys, but there are none. Just many shades of grey.

    Imagine one country destroying another countries economy. Blockading their imported goods, ensuring they are isoleted and all alone, because they do something that country doesn't like them to do.

    Now imagne that opressed country to be building facilities that could be used to build bombs, but also have civilian uses.

    Who is the good guy and who is the bad one? You could say the opressing country, lets call them Terran Republic, is within their rights to punish the others, lets call them New Conglomorate. After all they warned them a couple times not to build those facilities, and after they issued a few stern warnings they started boycotting them. Preventing goods to be delivered to NC territories. NC currency goes through the roof and becomes barely worth the paper its printed on, because they can't trade with anyone anymore. And their imports/exports go down, which results in people losing their jobs, prices to skyrocket as comodities vanish and become inaccessible and so on and so forth. In short the NC people start to suffer.

    Yet, the NC decide that now, more than ever, they need that technology to improve the way of life for their people. So they keep building those facilities. Which of course angers the TR even more and the situation becomes more draconican. They start to boycott them even more serverly, even threaten to use weapons against the NC if they should not comply.

    Eventually the situation for the NC becomes unbearable and they finally turn their once civillian projects to military ones, as the only way they can see to break free from the oppression of the TR, is by picking up arms in an act of defiance. This of course results in the TR starting an "preemptive strike" against NC. A war is started.

    So who is the bad guy? TR will claim NC has always been working at the weapons all along, while NC basically was forced into a role of defiance by getting more and more isolated by the TR as result of them building facilities that might be used to build weapons.

    At the end the lines blurr. TR is the good guys for stopping the bombs and the terror they might bring to the neighboring Vanu, NC are the good guys because they fight for the freedom of their people, who have been unfairly treated by the TR oppressors.
  13. Liquid23

    FOR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOW SUBMIT OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. CatFancy

    The "GOOD GUYS"? My god..... Do you really want to open this type of lively philosophical debate about morals and ethics with fps gamers? LOL. Go ask a college professor or really take a good in depth look at human history for an answer to that question. The insanity....
  15. iGamer1990

    us vanu is the good guys..i kill TR and NC quickly so they wont have to suffer anymore :p technology is the TRUTH
  16. Liquid23

    eh at least asking here he may get a funny answer that he can chuckle at... if he asks a college professor he'll just get bored to death with driveling biased nonsense and if he goes and takes a good in-depth look at human history he'll just end up really depressed :D
  17. CatFancy

    Or he could just watch all the Star Trek series. Thats a good template for "proper" morals and ethics. Totalitarianism, Corporate greed and Technological superiority complexes are all covered!
  18. CatFancy

    TR = The Roman Empire. NC = Wolverines from Red Dawn? VS = Borg

    Of course a society in constant war without death. All morals and values will fade away with time anyways.
  19. Steppa

    The ******* Vanu certainly aren't the good guys. Hell, they're barely people anymore, let alone guys. ******* Vanu...
  20. DJ2K

    At its most basic level, it has always been:

    NC = freedom loving rebels.
    TR = freedom taking empire.
    VS = alien worshiping cultists.

    Trying to paint any of these factions as "Republican" or "Democrat" is just silly. And painting TR as "big government" is like trying to pin that same label on the Emperor and his Galactic Empire in Star Wars. Uh, no.
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