Who killed you text (where did it go?)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KraggTheGrim, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. KraggTheGrim

    Was playing last night, and i never really pay attention to much to the who you killed, and who killed me part of it, but last night i really needed it. I see that its not there anymore, how can I turn it back on?

    Last night, was pretty sure I had encountered a hacker, but his name was to crazy to spell, and without the text of who done it, i was unable to file a report. I'm It was not just my bad playing, as most people in Yell chat were calling this guy out as a hacker, but no one used his full name because it was 20+ characters long and was just a random blob of letters.
  2. TimeyWimey

    it got removed accidentally, or so I hear.. so, it's coming back.
  3. SixReasons

    I submitted a ticket. It was closed and confirmed as a bug.

    Shocking to read I know.
  4. KraggTheGrim

    Thanks for the info guys. I await its return.
  5. Canaris

    mine was working fine last night
  6. Konfuzfanten

    strange thing:
    My main Vanu character on Ceres dont have any kill text, BUT my rank 4 TR guy has it...
  7. Brutal

    Just type /report then press enter a popup will come up.
  8. Konfuzfanten

    So any news on this. My Vanu still doesnt have the "you have killed XXX" or "you have been killed by XXX" in chat. i would very much like to have it back.
  9. Daimond

    Would love to have old PS1 chat channles back, where you could create your own tab, split them and move them around screen, but best of all you could click on each tab and turn on/off what you wanted to show up in each one differently. Not like what we got where anything and every thing basicaly is in one window and can not do anything about it.

    I use to have one that only showed kills and deaths, made easyer if I wanted to go through.
  10. 7Elite7

    My TR on Helios has the feed, my VS does not. I'm unsure why. From what I understand it works for some people and not for others.