Who is the opponent that has your number

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  1. Latrodectus

    Oh yeah, I got this one guy.

    Whenever I show up to a fight, he's there, just waiting to ruin my day.

    No matter what continent I go to, it's only a matter of time before he shows up. It's almost like he haunts me.

    The absolute WORST part about it is just how indifferent he seems to me, like I'm not even on his radar. No matter what I say to him, he never even gives a response.

    pic related, it's him:


    Seriously, if you're reading this, I hope you choke and die you bastard.
  2. SeanFree

    https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428047126279767633/weapons Those 56k Orion kills didn't just magically appear from a rainbow. He also has another 30k+ on his Connery character. NivX is amazing, I managed to kill him once and quite literally danced around for a minute.

    A lot of DA usually has my number but I can pick some of them off sometimes. Most of AC is quite beastly as well. Aka006 is a LA that I've never managed to kill, the dude's a straight up beast. He's probably the second best LA I've ever fought next to Vonic.
  3. Kunavi

    There's a guy playing LA only, pump action, C4, Bio Labs 24/7(Please SOE fix that crap, Bios are designed so bad that if they were a toilet, flushing would drown you in ****). Cheesiest player I've ever seen and otherwise totally useless, evident by their COMBINED stats. Of course that's my humble little opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if they were using some sort of 3rd party crap too at this point. I won't name them because I don't need to :) If you instantly thought about THAT guy, there's a reason why. He's in, or leading, a nice little group of glorious*COUGH* VS farmers.
  4. Regpuppy

    If you think heavies with medkits are BS, you haven't seen the new heavy meta that's being abused since implants came out... Dat Clear Vision 3 + conc nades.
  5. MuNrOe

    Jumps into thread, BANG BANG BANG BANG. Sneaks away and reloads.
    My spies tell me everything,
    I'm watching you........
  6. Verviedi

    Corruptor. He flies A2A libs and just farms his hard counter all day. When he's not tankbusting his hard counters, he's farming peasants by the dozens in a lib. He doesn't even have an outfit.
  7. GhostAvatar

    Those boards are not as useful as people might think they are, as they don't track life time stats. As far as I can figure the numbers are based on the last 1000 kills/deaths.
  8. uhlan

    This isn't BS, it's freaking hilarious...

    Muahahahaha... *sigh* yeah...
  9. toastybanban

    That's true as well, but with all those proton kills he has done a bit of stat padding. This isn't true for all VS players, but quite a few players from VS I know use the PPA to pad their K/DR. I don't really know this NivX guy, but if everyone is saying he's that good, I'll believe y'all. That was just my take.
  10. SeanFree

    Nah, he only has 1000ish kills with the PPA, his KDR as HA is actually 11. He pads a bit as a MAX with 10k kills in a skillsuit but other than that it's all Orion HA.
  11. SacredRay

    Lol you actually replied!

    Nah I don't dislike you or anything, in face me and my friends are excited when iNi shows up in our hex - because we are probably going to die if Stigma is there :3

    Send us a message. My name is SacredReich, my friends names are Vampspiro and CryingStar27. You've killed us many many times but we've got our own back a couple of times. Its always nice playing someone who is genuinely skilled :)
  12. patrykK1028

    Ph0bez: https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428066778527487585
    But I killed him today :p
    Also Gregerman: https://www.planetside2.com/players/undefined/#!/5428011263445010833
    He always uses RPG as primary. But I killed him almost as many times as he killed me
    OnlyPuzzels: https://www.planetside2.com/players/undefined/#!/5428051581845245825
    He's good. But I killed him a couple of times
    And Essingpower: https://www.planetside2.com/players/undefined/#!/5428044677963614753
    He killed me the most times, but he's not that annoying
  13. DrPapaPenguin

    The Russian Legion clan on Miller NC :p

    They upstaged me as the biggest RL primary noob :( Y u do this RL? :(
  14. ElastaPlast

    Lately it's been any TR or NC I come across on Cobalt :(
  15. Hunterion

    Everyone in GOKU.
  16. Posse

    Yeah sure, go do it if it's that easy, lol, you can do it in a extremely good session, but doing it consistently like NivX does, and getting a 2 KPM at the same time? nooooooope
  17. crusaderx11

    the day i finally started getting kills on sidi1 was the happiest day of my life. i did compliment him that i've learned to just avoid the prowler when his tag is on it because he always rolls with prox radar. a loadout i have shamelessly copied on my lightning builds
  18. Naejin

    I have the same issue with Visigodo. Sometimes I have no problem killing him 1 on 1, then suddenly it's like he's invinicible and I can empty an entire mag into him from behind to no effect. No doubt it's server lag, it's just annoying that it always seems to be server lag in HIS favour. :)
  19. ISKNausicaa

    Couldnt help but think of this.

    Sworaven, good fellow, always seems to catch me on the hop :)
  20. Bape

    Maybe saying 10 k/d was dumb probably 4-6? Now Nivx is someone I fear If I see his name I will pull out a max lol. The reason I said 10 is because I believe it is possible and trying to prove that nivx is not a hacker that guy is pure legit.