Who decided that the Bastion was a good idea?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tyroki, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. Tyroki

    I've been on a multi-year hiatus from the game. Other things to play, stuff happening IRL and barely anything being done to the game when I was playing. It also didn't help that the clan I was in, having followed from Planetside 1, decided to play on Emerald which is over 100 ping worse than Connery for me. I'm now on Connery.

    Since coming back we've had quite a few Bastions. One was killed by air swarm on day one, the rest lasted far, far too damned long. Guarded by air, they'd end up around half health and then the damage would stall. No one able to take out the weak points on the top.

    I get that a lot of resources go into bringing one in, but frankly, they're overbearing.

    The Colossus isn't as big a deal. That thing can be killed by straight-up damage. No stupid Enemy Crab shenanigans. Seems fun, overall, but you seldom ever see one. At least not as TR (friends insisted we TR, as they weren't keen on Vanu. Frankly, Vanu seem easy-mode unlike Planetside 1. I'm guessing Wrel is to thank for their ridiculous upgrades :p)

    I could maybe understand if the Bastion had actual HP and could be killed by any AP or Flak fire. Give the damned thing a few hundred thousand health. But this nigh-invulnerable monolith hanging out in the sky, bringing any outdoors combat to an abrupt end, is just bloody ridiculous. You want a game staller? The Bastion seems to definitely be such a tool.

    So who thought this thing up? It's worse than the BFR's ever were, and frankly, once they were nerfed into the ground the BFRs were a decent tool in Planetside 1 that could be killed in a relatively short amount of time while still having some impact on a fight. And they required doing and holding the Caves just to USE them. Few ever cared for the caves, bar a niche few.

    So whose bright idea was this? Why did you do this? What is wrong with you?

    Please stop pushing your love of Giant Enemy Crabs onto the rest of us.
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  2. Twin Suns

    I find that I'm playing less and less every week. With escalation and those new changes coming. PS2 to me, as a whole seems more convoluted than ever. I'm not gonna stick around this game just to provide those OP Bastions something to shoot at and Farm. Maybe when there's nobody to shoot at or kill in the game. Wrel might get the message.
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  3. Liewec123

    destroying this game is his ultimate objective so i'm pretty sure he won't get the message.
    he's tried ruining the game through balance, making harassers take more shots to kill than a lightning etc.
    he's tried ruining this game through spawn changes and awarding zerging, discouraging defending.
    he's tried ruining this game through adding obnoxius fight ruining BS like pocket OS and bastions.
    next up he plans to just straight-up delete the fun fights/bases from the game.

    he is the Destroyer of Planetside, and he will NEVER get the message.
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  4. OpolE

    People that never took note from Planetside 1 clearly. We have the galaxy gunship which is balanced and a great kill to aim for.

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  5. MonnyMoony

    More and more farming toys for a few hardcore vets - whilst the gameplay for newbies, casual players etc get's gradually worse.

    You can barely make it out of the spawnroom sometimes with the amount of HESH spam - having a Bastion overhead simply turns this up to 11.
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  6. Twin Suns

    Honestly, they couldn't afford to make PS3. Hence why we have PS2.90 being built before our eyes.
  7. iller

    The real answer is kinda obvious: UPPER MANAGEMENT. Any time in any product or franchise where you see good story lines, Quality dialog, Smart itemization, or FAIR matchmaking and Newby versus MetaGamer equity/balance go completely ignored in favor of PURE SPECTACLE... then that was something that was made a priority by some d*cknose in a Suit who doesn't actually understand video games.

    The only reason it happens so often is because Gaming Studios have all been gobbled up by giant Monopolies the past decade. It's no longer about making a long term experience that stands on its own merits, it's about short term Quarterly gains for only 1 quarter out of the year that they based their entire speculated stock value on even if a private equity firm is their real Sugar Daddy
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  8. Arpheus

    I agree. Bastions are not fun on the receiving end since no matter how many people try to kill it from the ground it is not possible without Colossus which require coordination and it hits insanely hard - tanks die super fast, infantry is farmed to no end.

    The solution of giving it Hull HP is the way to go. Right now you need coordinated play and tons of air to bring it down. I think that if 100 players without coordination want to bring it down it should be possible.
    Like I wrote in another topic give it 1 Million HP at max so that 20 tanks can bring it down in around 3 1/2 minutes if they can fire non stop for that amount of time which will not happen anyways.
    That way if enough people shoot at it from the ground at some point it will have to retreat or get destroyed.
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  9. 4JlEH30CM

    некоторые люди могут сказать - «ребята, возьмите 10-20 ESF и убейте бастион. Мы сделали 10-20 ESF за 5-10 минут ». Но не так много игроков любят летать, и меньше из них умеют это делать правильно. бастионы - это особенность, которая привносит новое дыхание в игру! действительно! но я догадываюсь, что smaaaaaal урон от обычного оружия с земли должен быть. at the same time i think that damage from air to bastion should be less.
  10. Twin Suns

    Garbage games with no real innovation. Just something that has hundreds of cosmetics but only 4 maps. Bullet sponge, aim assist, make the game as they go along with some convoluted season/DLC gimmick.

    Also, don't forget the 2 biggest scams in the gaming market today. RNG loot boxes and Games as a service bull$ hit.

    Suit and Tie guy - By D.R.I. Sums it up very nicely.