Who are the best pilots and any tips on flying.

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  1. Phrygen

    People should be aware that trying to become a good pilot without a good computer rig is probably not worth it. FPS is hit hardest while in an ESF, and at the same time FPS is arguably most important while flying an ESF.

    just a word of warning.
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  2. GigaClutch

    Aim is really the main thing. Sure if you can reverse that great but if you can't land any hits while doing it then you're at a disadvantage. Even if the other pilot is a fraction better at aiming than you he has a much higher chance of winning.

    So basically play with your sensitivity and DPI settings, a lot and don't be afraid of changing them, and focus on aim while in dogfights, but to a limited degree, if you completely forget about evasion you're pretty screwed.
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  3. gregfox89


    Fastest way to improve aim:
    Go to VR and shoot at infantry with your rotary/hailstorm. Yes I'm serious. Even though they're not moving targets, they're small and will help your aim a lot. Practice maneuvers while you're doing this, don't just hover.
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  4. Kurohagane

    Sadly that is a thing only reaver can do.
  5. RHINO_Mk.II

    I disagree with this. I have a very low performance PC, yet can still fly at a significantly above average skill level. There are occasional issues, for instance when your target attempts to fly through a 128v128 battle at a tech plant, but in general the open sky causes far fewer performance issues than almost any base on the ground.
  6. impost3r

    QQqq - on a good day, he controls the skies on Matth
    MattiAce - great pilot and instructor, definitely watch his videos ().

    I'm no ace pilot, but here's two cents: chase around other ESFs/harassers in VR training and see if you can keep a bead on them. Shoot at stationary infantry in VR. But you have to get out there and die a thousand times and keep dying.

    Roll with a zerg before you go lone wolf. Use range to your advantage; my RoT is to never rush into a dogfight unless I've got at least two wingmen and I know where the nearest skyguard is camping.

    Make sure you experiment with loadouts -I prefer hover stability/ auto repair / flares. Max afterburner to get out of STRIKER DEATH TRAPS.
  7. Herby20

    The air game is not one in which you can jump to the top after learning a few things over a couple of days. It takes a very long time to get to the top. There are maneuvers you have to learn, you have to practice your aim, develop that sort of sixth sense that all great pilots have, etc. Go back and look at what you did wrong when you lose, think of how to fix it, and try all over again. As you get better, you will occasionally get small victories that will make you proud of yourself. Embrace those moments, because even if they seem trivial later on, they will be signs that you are improving.

    Just don't get discouraged; the results are definitely worth the wait.
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  8. Hoki


    Everyone else in here is a scrub.

    Also at OP there are good suggestions to fly in numbers and with a purpose, knowing where to resupply and repair and learning the map in general.

    A lot of the extremely loud and obnoxious pilots care a lot about kill whoring, fighting the "correct" way, and bragging rights. Many times when you lose a 1v1 you'll get taunted by the lesser minds.

    Don't let them discourage you. You can provide a great service with an ESF even if you can't aim your cannon or rocketpods worth a ****, as there are multiple ways in which air support can help.

    Deterrent, distraction, disruption
    • Just the sight of you, your mere presense can change the behavior of many enemies.
    • They might stop sniping and pull a skyguard.
    • Their armor column might become distracted and overcompensate, paying more attention to the air than they should.
    • Even doing light damage to multiple tanks or sunderers can unnerve them and completely change how they play.
    • Sunderers might undeploy and drive off, causing the enemy to spawn much further away.
    • Tanks might move to a more defensive position allowing your ground dudes more breathing room.
    • Heavies might spawn with AA lockons or annihilators, which is good news for your ground armor.
    • Engineers might spend precious time repairing AA turrets instead of being more useful in some other way.
    • Etc etc, you get the idea. They don't know that you cant hit the broad side of a barn, for all they know you could be the Red Baron.

    Scout radar is extremely useful both defensively and offensively.

    Even if you can't aim, if you can point your nose somewhere in the general direction of enemy air with a lockon you can scare away enemy air. Now that lockons require LOS if you can jump in on dogfight you can greatly help out. Forcing someone to flare, or chasing down an injured ESF, its easy to assist with anti-air. If nothing else many of them usually run away, and that relieves a lot of pressure from your boys on the ground.
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  9. HooWoo

    sounds like bigironranger when he's talking about inf XD
  10. Vixxing

    that would be impossible with a Scythe... -.-
  11. Phrygen

    not really. just less speed during vertical thrust reverse maneuvers. Once you learn how to do it, its that much harder to initiate.
  12. Jetlag

    This is why I dont fly anymore (oh and the strikers), I used to have a lot of fun in my scythe but as of recently i cant fly over bases without dropping down to 5 fps, especially amp stations.

    Couple of tips;

    When flying you need to be aware that you are always visible, when playing infantry your engagement size at any time is the room or building you are in. When in an esf your engagement size will be multiple hex worth of sky and you need to know where everything is that could pose a threat to you.

    If the enemy has AA setup at a fight it is not your job to deal with it, I know it seems like that skyguard or burster max is your mortal enemy but ESFs are too fragile to go toe to toe with them unless you have a lot of skill.

    Your threat priorities are esfs > libs > galaxies > Ground based AA > enemy armour > enemy infantry.
    Dont go for that juicy tank kill if there are esfs you can see and that can see you, dont go for that juicy galaxy when an enemy lib is lining you up etc.
  13. Kelu

    Can't say I'm a pro, however I've been flying for a good fraction of my time in this game. Just about everything I've read above me I believe has validity behind them.

    A good thing to do which I have done for quite awhile, and felt was quite helpful, is to go to the VR and practice flying underneath the tree branches of the map. You'll probably crash many times flying through them, however you should still continue doing it. Doing this will teach you the shape of your aircraft and speed up your reaction time so that you pull off quicker and tighter maneuvers in the field. When I first started flying after doing this for many hours, I couldn't shoot anything for my life, but when I started getting hit by AA I could fly through some tight spaces to survive.
  14. ZeroFighter

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard and that is saying something for the Planetside 2 forums.
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  15. ZeroFighter

    I used to be one of the best on Mattherson VS before I stopped playing as much, don't get me wrong there were and still are tons much much much better than me, but I still kicked some serious *** and I get like 25 FPS during large fights.

    The key is sticking high, never linger too close to a gigantic 3 platoon vs 3 platoon fight, learn how to do everything from your cockpit, and most of all you will do your best flying solo.

    If you fly around solo and 1v1 you will eventually be able to manage even with low FPS.
  16. Phrygen

    flying solo is much riskier these days. The best pilots tend to fly in packs.
  17. Kid Gloves

    Never assume there's such thing as a free lunch. Even something that is traditionally a 'cert pinata' may well bite you back, and bite harder.

    * Galaxy: a 2/12 or 3/12 Galaxy may be kitted out as an ESF hunter. A 1/12 Galaxy may also be an ESF hunter, and if it starts firing on you with its guns and hitting then you're in real trouble.

    * Liberator: a 1/3 Liberator may be a solo-gunner, and as such may well still hit you in the face with the Dalton as he flies past.

    * Lightning: many Skyguards will intentionally keep their gun low so they look like a regular tank in order to lure you in close. If it looks like a newb Lightning it probably is, but be prepared for the possibility that it really isn't.

    * MBTs (especially Vanguards or locked-down Prowlers) can and will shoot you with their main gun. You will notice when this happens.
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  18. ZeroFighter

    Yeah I've noticed, people seem to be flying around and just looking for easy kills. It's the dumbest thing ever, I don't wanna name names but I absolute despise gankers and zergers. I will admit my outfit does it too, but I try to stay away from the main TGWW air horde if there is no other enemy air outfit up.
  19. Vixxing

    NO! its impossible i tell you the hard landings he do would blow a scythe up! (no landing gear)
  20. Teegeeack

    Apologies if I hurt your ego.
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