"Whichever server takes Esamir Munitions wins" - Administration

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  1. Paragon Exile

    My heart was/is coming out of my chest.
  2. GaBeRock

    I'm sorry, this is DRAMATHERSON we're talking about. This is a perfect ending to such a great fight!
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    We won.
  4. MrWolf3

    Matterson might have made for the octagon if the castor had not said that EMC made the win too. It was misleading and very irritating mistake. But a mistake non-the-less.
  5. libbmaster

    Ah. That's what you mean.

    Then yes, saying that ether base would save them cost Matherson the win.

    But in that case "Whichever server takes Esamir Munitions wins" is a disingenuous rallying cry.
  6. Izekael

    Does not matter anymore. We are emerald.
  7. Crayv

    I would have preferred Soltech but that is just me.
  8. Epic High Five


    but Emerald works too
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  9. SpcFarlen

    Stop with complaining about the contention rule. It was agreed upon by leaders and reps for each server. If something is agreed upon you do not have the right to complain about it when it goes against your favor. The platoon leads, and those making the tactical choices all knew the rules and created strategies around it.

    There is no "technical", "literal", "correct" winner. Just a single winner.

    On the upside, it doesn't even matter. Regardless of the last base, the score was within two points The server is being called Emerald because it was too close to call a winner along with the controversy of tallying points and rules. So any arguing about who won, it is for sheer bragging and boasting rights and only brings more toxicity to the situation since people are ONLY doing it to show dominance over another and not for server pride. On paper, this was a great idea but...

    The playerbase is showing that something like this should never be done again.
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  10. Kevibear

    Yea its really unfortunate that the poor handling of event took what basically should have been the Rocky/Apollo fight and turned it into a caustic mess.
  11. Thefailknight

    I say call it a draw either way. The fighting is pointless when we're going to be the same server shortly, Rather than complaining about this ineptitude start pitying the next unfortunate server to go up against Emerald if there IS a next smash. I mean really, both teams were monsters and now they're going to be on the same side? Whole lot of nope there for the other teams. Screw waterson and Mattherson, Emerald is planetside's king now.