Which TR Bolt Action?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by relaxo, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. relaxo

    Kind of a mini thread. I guess the stats on stuff isn't accurate? I'm looking to buy one of the TR bolt actions, and require advice. the TSAR-42 is only 500SC and has the best stats of any bolt action. However, the SR-7 is 700SC, and has the worst (basically, slower reload time). Are these stats accurate? Does the TSAR-42 have some hidden drawback, like early bullet drop or something?

  2. Krytical

    TSAR-42 only goes up to a rather ****** 4x scope. S-7 comes with the sniper scopes.
  3. Silhouettes

    Buy the SR-7 for bolt action 1 HSK rifles, end of discussion
  4. archelios

    i like the one that costs 100 certs
  5. KingCrimson

    It's worth noting that apart from name, sniper rifles / scout rifles are identical across factions.

    There are 3 bolt actions rifles

    The short/medium range rifle (TSAR-42) then the two sniper rifles. The difference between the two sniper rifles (M77-B and SR-7) is not really shown in game. The more expensive rifle has a faster bullet speed and a faster firing time, but a slower reload than the cheaper one. This = less bullet drop, less leading on moving targets and a higher DPS per clip. (Although they do the exact same damage per shot).

    Personally I just used the default semi-auto sniper rifle until I had 1000 certs for the SR-7, but if you can't wait, the M77-B is pretty good too (being the same as the NC default bolt driver).