[Suggestion] Which Shotgun for VS?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by PastalavistaBB, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. PastalavistaBB

    I reached BR50 on my VS character but I still don't own a shotgun. I do well without it most of the time, but mostly on tower assaults/defences I get instagibbed by LAs with any kind of shotgun even with my HA. I thought about getting the cheap 250 cert one that I have on my NC (Sweeper), but the auto shotgun that I have on my TR (Nighthawk) seems a better choice. There are 2 different 750 cert Shotguns for VS. One Auto and one Semi Auto. Which one do you think is better? (I thought about PA Shotguns too, but I'm not sure due to low fps, bad hit detection and my bad aim.)
  2. OddChelsea

    Keep in mind the 250 cert shotty is different on VS than the one on NC. The VS gets the accurate and fast reloading shotty at 250 certs instead of the one with a built in extended mag for some reason. Also I would recommend either the 250 cert low spread shotty or the auto shotty. PA if you want but I don't consider it to be superior to the semi or full auto shotties.
  3. Iridar51

    Your choice depends solely on your own skill and play style, there is no "best" choice.
    jk buy pandora, cuz all u need is a ready answer cuz u can't think for yourself
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  4. NovaAustralis

    From experience at the other end of VS Shotguns, dat Thanatos hits hard!
  5. PastalavistaBB

    <sarcasm on> Now I'm depressed since you slapped the hard Truth in my face: I'm an idiot, thanks for telling me. Btw. I demand compensation for Verbal Harassment. :eek: <sarcasm off>
  6. Iridar51

    That's me, I'm a superhero that slaps hard truths into faces!
  7. MikeyD

    Dont mind Iridar, He insults everyone, you get used to it. He's probably just upset you posted at all rather than read his oh so fabulous guide :/
    @OP I enjoy using the Nova, easier to use than the full -autos and flexible, works great with slugs if you want a change as well, anyways, recommendation from a satisfied Nova user
  8. Erendil

    Pandora auto-shottie + slugs + extended mag = VS Nirvana.

    The Pandora gives you the fast TTK up close that you're looking for (faster than semi-auto shotguns), and can be tap-fired to get that extra control just as easily as a semi-auto shotgun only you can do so at a faster RoF once you become familiar w/ the weapon - which you already are since its stats are identical to the Nighthawk's except that it loses 25 m/s velocity (like all VS shotguns) in exchange for no bullet drop.

    Speaking of which..... You have to get slugs. No Really. It's a Faction requirement. Vanu commands you!
  9. Iridar51

    You know me too well =(

    Besides the insult, I still gave him the sound advice - think what's best for you, and use that. We don't know his playstyle or preferences, hence we can't suggest what's best for him.

    Or use whatever, it's not like there's a world of difference between them.
  10. MikeyD

    @Iradar, Just wanted clarify, imo you do give sound advice and your guide has very good technical details. Just letting u know i'm not a hater, just prefer politeness :)
  11. PastalavistaBB

    Tried out all 3 shotguns in VR, then trialed the Pandora in game and finally unlocked it. Now I'm saving up certs for extended mag and maybe slugs.
  12. Crackulous

    I'm cheap and bought the Thanetos. Shotguns aren't my thing, but from trials, the one you bought, Pandora, does seem to stand out from the crowd, though it has a larger spread of pellets.
  13. R3dBeaver

    i'm in the same boat.

    got 981 cert sitting there collecting dust and just hit Auraxium medal on the Serpent.

    it's shotty time.

    i have decent aim but due to network lag and hit detection, my goal is to find something with the shortest TTK....

    what do u guys recommend? Pandora + slug?

    ps: does Slug ammo has any drawbacks in exchange of the more concentrated spray? like... less damage or slower velocity or something? seems too good to be true.
  14. Iridar51

    Not as far as we know.
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  15. PastalavistaBB

    In my experience, slug ammo does less damage then all the pellets combined on a buckshot round. Slug has more range and tighter spread, but it's either hit or miss, you won't get partial hits like on buckshot. And the spread becomes insane if you go full auto, no more than 2 or 3 shots on point blank in full auto mode is recommended. Just pull your finger of the trigger and start shooting again.
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  16. Unclematos7

    A good starter shotgun is the Nova(2nd gen semi auto) which costs 750 certs. For some reason SOE made the 2nd gen TR and NC semi autos cost 250 and the 1st cost 750 and did the opposite with VS.

    If you are thinking about getting a Pumpaction I would suggest you wait until the nanoweave changes because right now a nanoresist 5 HA can tank an entire PA shell and be left at 60% HP.

    EDIT: If you are thinking about slugs Vanu is the best choice due to no drop.
  17. R3dBeaver

    Just had a blast (pun intended) with the Pandora and Slug ammo (plus extended mag).

    There's definitely plus and minus. And coming from Serpent carbine, wow, this takes a while to get used to.

    Here's my "review"
    - definitely shorter TTK than the carbine on full auto *IF* under <5m or so.
    - you need the extended mag. heck, bring an ammo bandolier if u can too. full auto just obliterate ur ammo. and 10 bullets per mag on full auto will get depleted faster than u can say "for Vanu!"...
    - slug INCREASED the accuracy over distance up until 20m or so, but it makes your projectile into ONE BULLET with random spread even on the first shot. Meaning, over longer distance, if u miss, u miss. big time. It is NOT a medium-long range weapon. you can't "snipe" with the Pandora.
    - ...it also means, for close distance, u may want to consider dropping slug. at least with a bunch of pellets, u can't really miss 100% as long as u aim to the right direction.
    - headshots are not guarantees. it has shorter TTK but if u miss the slug or land only a handful of the pellets, u need more than a few shots to down an infantry. so don't go rambo into a full room spraying everything hoping to kill anything that moves. ain't gonna happen. wait. aim. squeeze the trigger to clear a path.
    - when headshots do happen, it's a lot more satisfying than popping a watermelon with a sawed off double-barrel shotgun. when u do headshot with slugs on a distance, it's very VERY satisfying. two shots. bam. dead.

    TL;DR it's not OP. it takes some skill and practice to execute properly. and slug does not make it a sniper, even if u tap-tap-tap with 6x scope.

    but for the sheer fun of surprising spawn-room campers from the back?

    worth the certs.
  18. Redzy

    My suggestions:

    Pump action:
    Phobos (Claw, Uppercut) for tighter CoF, higher rate of fire
    Deimos (Bruiser, Blackjack) for 1 extra pellet (possibly higher damage), slower rate of fire

    Thanatos (Mauler, Barrage) for tighter CoF and shorter reload
    Nova (Sweeper, Haymaker) for higher mag capacity and longer reload

    Pandora (Piston, Nighthawk) for a more forgiving weapon and a constant stream of pellets

    I have the Deimos and Pandora on my VS and I enjoy using both. I have the Mauler (equivalent to the Thanatos) on my NC and I like it the most due to the slight bit of extra range due to lower bullet spread.

    Phobos has the same bullet spread/CoF as the Thanatos, but I would go with semi-auto for the most versatility and price effectiveness.

    As a VS, you get the accurate semi-auto one for 250 certs, that's not bad at all.

    However, if you want a spray-ish weapon, go with the Pandora.

    Stay away from slugs, they are useless for the most part, except to a certain extent on the Pandora, where they can be decent in a given situation. Bear in mind they inherit ALL of the stats of the standard bullets, which means you get a single bullet that spreads a lot and at random.

    Also, shotguns are niche for the most part. They are outperformed by most conventional weapons at anything that isn't tower fights.
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  19. TiberiusAudley

    I use Slug Nova and PA Phobos.
  20. Erendil

    Good summation of the Pandora sluggun and pretty much mirrors my observations. To it I'll add:
    • I still stick to slugs all the time. Pellets are only faster at killing w/in 2-3m and only if your target has Nano. If you do 2 slugs + quicknife the TTK difference is miniscule compared to 2 pellet shells. Plus there will always be situations where your target is far enough away that ADSing slugs are more reliable, even in an air tower. So I prefer the range versatility of slugs over the CQC power of pellets
    • To avoid the ammo issue I normally only use it when playing Engie or if I know I'll have easy access to ammo resupplies.
    • There's a RoF sweet spot when ADS tap firing where you're firing faster than a semi-auto shottie but can still land shot after shot w/in 40m. This same RoF will let you hipfire without the weapon's bloom getting out of control. Finding that sweet spot will help maximize the weapon's effectiveness
    • Slug sniping generally only works if the target is standing still or moving in a straight line. That said I have gotten 300m kills w/ the Pandora before. Usually tho I'll switch to the Eidolon Battle Rifle if I know there will be combat >40m.