Which servers have the worst factions?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Teegeeack, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. Teegeeack

    I've heard a lot of people say Woodman TR are pretty bad.
  2. shd

    This thread has a bright future.
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  3. Santondouah

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  4. Teegeeack

    Useful to me.
  5. Spude

    I think if we post more cats the thread will become useful
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  6. MasonSTL

    The one your mum plays.
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  7. Teegeeack

    Be serious guys, or a mod will lock my thread for being non-constructive.
  8. Borusa

    I had a NC character on Cobalt, around rank 40, but I decided to ditch it for a new one on Miller (NC as well).
    Honestly, in general Cobalt experience seems rather bad. Lot of teamkills, people can't drive at all, not many organized outfits and in general it seems to have the worst European playerbase, especially on NC side.
    In contrast Miller seems to be the best European sever. Huge fights, some rather amazing players and outfits - more challenging for sure, might be harder to shine, but you certainly improve a lot more.
    (I also played on Ceres, it isn't bad either, but Miller is where the best fights are - in my opinion)

    These are the EU servers, don't know much about US servers, but the worst seems to be Connery there for sure. I've seen some streams and I couldn't believe my eyes. Players in general there seem to be completely oblivious to their surroundings and basically waiting to be farmed.
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  9. Teegeeack

    Miller is a pain in the ***. Too many good players, mostly concentrated in the TR, a nightmare for mediocre players and best of all we have a nice kill tracker so when you can never forget that night one Friday when you'd had a few beers and then ******* [RO] showed up.
  10. Borusa

    Well, that is the point to be honest.
    Initially you might suffer, being inferior to all the good players, but you should be able to improve more. Miller will teach you to watch your back, not to stand around, secure all possible flanks and so on.
    On Cobalt at some point I jumped in an AA turret and killed about 5-6 hovering Scythes, who really didn't try to escape.
    Honestly if you're just playing really casually, you might as well go for Cobalt, but if you are looking for huge and fun battles then Miller is your server.
    Edit: I'd still suggest Ceres over Cobalt.
  11. jiggu

    My TR main is on Cobalt, it's horrible. I got a friend to start playing PS2 a few weeks ago and he plays it a LOT now, he says our TR are awful players. We usually have like 1/9th of any alert objectives.
  12. vsae

    I say Woodman is the worst for TR and NC. Although it might change drastically with the ZOE nerf coming in.
  13. Santondouah

    in what way can this be "useful" to you ? You want to join this faction specifically bad on that specific server and learn them how to play ? Otherwise I don't see the point.

    CoD player spotted

    You for sure don't need "non-serious" guys to make your thread unconstructive ;)

    1. It is not.
    2. It already exists in many versions. Just use the search utility.
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  14. Larolyn

    I am really beginning to dislike Cobalt. Unless you are farming there is nothing to do. Went to Woodman and was amazed. Big battles, people pushing out, action. Not the 40 seconds of fighting before spawn room camping that is Cobalt. Would recommend you play anywhere else but here.
  15. starecrow

    ahahaha, that still hasn't changed? I guess they still blame ZOE and the other's superior organization while having the highest pop, without a hint of self-awareness.
    I had a TR alt on there that I gave up for TR on Miller (where my VS and also an NC are), because it was such a terrible experience.

    Maybe you should consider re-rolling.
  16. Borusa

    It's the same with NC and to be fair - VS too. The only difference is that VS has those 2 or so organized outfits which really make a difference. As for NC, well let's just say I've seen alerts where we started out with about 7/9 objectives and finished with 0/9 while having the biggest population on the server. We have lost tech plant having ~76% population (and not only the very end of the timer). Thinking about the amount of occasions we've lost Indar Bay Point just makes me sad.
  17. Teegeeack

    This. Want to emigrate from Miller. Looking for a faction that's struggling.
  18. Santondouah

    It may have been interesting to precise this in your OP.

    Tokens are not yet released so anyway you will have to start from lvl1 -> What about going up to level 20 (~10 hours of playing) on every server in your timezone ? You would then make your own opinion.
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  19. Phazaar

    All servers, NC. Duh.
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  20. Prudentia

    I'd say Cobalt. I have my NC alt on it and do not much else then driving Vanguard. Let's just say i once saw an Ammo sundy. ONCE. It died 10 secs later to a prowler 50 meters away who got ignored by the 30NC inf at the sundy.
    i prefer my Miller master race (<- Camp connery Veteran)
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