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  1. Styrkr

    I'm looking to get a new AR for my TR Heavy. Which one? I was going to get the TMG-50, but I heard they nerfed it. How bad? Is it still worth it? I don't want the mini-chain, so what rifle would you recommend instead? Thanks in advance.
  2. TheBloodEagle

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  3. NikkoJT

    Never not Battle Rifle.
    unless you want to win
  4. Sen7rygun

    Get into that VR firing range and have a play. The T9 Carv is pretty much the pick of the bunch for close to even mid range fighting, that ROF is awesome. If you like the ROF of the T9, but don't like the reload speed then the MSW-R is a nice sidegrade.

    If a longer range option is what you're looking for then the TMG and Rhino are both excellent weapons.

    The TMG is a 167 damage LMG and the hardest hitting in the TR arsenal, its punchy and great for mid range stuff. Its ROF isn't great but if you can keep it aimed at peoples faces in close range situations then it also servers as a great all rounder.

    The Rhino (and the T32 Bull, which is the small mag, fast reloading, slightly more accurate version) are are awesome mid (to long) range weapons. They both feature very high bullet velocity and are quite accurate, not having to lead your targets at all or very little is quite handy. Like the TMG, they are both relatively low ROF weapons and unless you're confident with those headshots you have to be careful using them in CQC situations.

    Just remember you can trial weapons by going to "unlock" then on the weapon loadout screen then clicking the blue "trial" button down the bottom. You won't be able to play with them using attachments, but you can get a good idea of how they perform versus live targets.
  5. HooWoo

    If I were you I'd keep with the Carv, unless you want a long range option which the T-16 Rhino does a good job at.
  6. Villanuk

    I have the TMG, just starting to use it and I like it, but you could use the MSW. Again I have just got that one and I like it a lot. Its only 250 certs as well.

    Try them in VS room and then get them on free trial.
  7. Axehilt

    Eh, isn't the TMG-50 one of the two starting LMGs? In that case are you just asking which LMG you should unlock all the attachments for next?

    The ones I've tried:
    • CARV: Great all-around weapon. Tied for best DPS of TR LMGs.
    • TMG-50: Good long-ranged LMG (higher damage caliber, more accurate first shots, but a little reliant on grip/etc to shine.)
    • MSW-R: Fantastic hip-fire CQC weapon. Tied for best DPS.
    • T32 Bull: Controllable recoil/accuracy for sustained fire. Felt a bit weaker than the others.
  8. Xasapis

    It is part of the friends welcome kit. You don't get it directly. You need to apply a code to your account, given by somebody.

    If anybody needs a friend code, let me know (pm here)
  9. Prudentia

    wait, does this also work with accounts and characters that existed since Beta/Launch?
  10. Xasapis

    They have a 6 months limitation.

    Here's my personal link with all the info. You can use it and I don't get anything, unless you actually spend money on the game.


    (*Players who have logged into an SOE game within the last 6 months or who are banned/suspended are not eligible to participate.)
  11. Prudentia

    ah damn, would have liked my free SV88, not that i play Heavy at all except for Lasher/Lancer, but would have been nice regardless =/
  12. TheBloodEagle

    Man, like I said, there's literally a whole forum section dedicated to this very topic.
  13. Cinnamon

    TMG50 isn't a bad gun if you like the NC style of weapons but it isn't a great general purpose lmg.

    T16 will extend your range and accuracy compared to carv at the expense of fire rate. Worth it? Not worth it? Up to you, it's different although people who are very competitive will not want to live with the slower kill rate for many people the carv is a very inaccurate weapon.

    MSW-R is a good alternative weapon and the main reason people have for not liking it is that it is a cheap copy of the VS Orion. But Orion is probably the best gun in the game so MSW-R is still the best TR LMG for faster paced assault gameplay outside shotguns and smg.
  14. Styrkr

    Thanks for the replies. After much testing, I believe I will continue working towards the TMG-50. I had no issues with it in CQC, and accuracy was not an issue when controlled bursts were used. Thanks folks.

    "NC style"? Could you please elaborate on that? And "[MSW-R] is a cheap copy of the VS Orion"? What does that mean, why do people care, and how could they make a VS weapon into a TR weapon? o.o
  15. Cinnamon

    I'm talking about how the weapons handle. TMG 50 has characteristics that make it similar to many NC guns while MSW-R is very close to the Orion in terms of performance but lacks some key features. So you are basically unlocking a weapon that will put you at a disadvantage when fighting VS with the default LMG which isn't something that make people enthusiastic. Naturally the models and sound effects are totally different to the other empires weapons.
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