Which PA shotgun should I get?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Cromell, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Cromell

    So, I saved up 1k certs with one goal - to get a pump action shotgun. I have a hard time deciding which one I want... Blackjack is tempting with that additional pellet and cool looks (I'm a sucker for cool looks, sorry T_T), but Uppercut seems to have a significantly better spread... not that spread matters in point blank range.

    I heard that Blackjack is a slower firing and reloading gun, but after testing both in VR it seems their ROF and reload are the same or very close to each other.

    I call you guys for help! Thanks in advance.

    Somewhat related: It seems that someone at SOE has a very interesting sense of humor:
  2. Bankrotas

    Isn't it 86 to 120 rpm difference between second and first gen PA's respectively?
    It all depends on aim, if you have good aim, first gen is more rewarding, while second one lets you miss a bit more pellets.

    Disclaimer, I don't own PA, probably never will since Auto is better and I am against OHK weaponary on infantry (maxes including)
  3. Iridar51

    Uppercut has 80 RoF, Blackjack has 71 RoF.
    It's not like it matters, really.

    Well, pump actions are gay, and if you're gonna be gay, then be gay all the way - I'd suggest choosing Blackjack - maximum OHK potential. If you want a shottie with a tight spread, then just use FA1 Barrage, it would be a lot more versatile.
    The difference between them is not big, both are OHK point blank, unless you're going to shoot shielded heavies.

    I consider pump actions sort of useless endeavor, as they don't do anything a shot from another shotgun + knife swing won't do.
    So consider using one solely for the romance.
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  4. Cromell

    I've been killed by OHK stuff so many times that I stopped caring about such, enemies deserve same kind of treatment :D Spiral of hatred much? Seriously though, I just learned to accept that games have this sort of stuff. ;)

    After much testing in VR I noticed a SLIGHT difference in refire time (barely noticeable for me at least) and longer reload time (noticeable with extended mags)... in-game stats say that both guns have 400 RPM... this can't be right though, default MAX chainguns have 400 rpm, so that's nowhere near. Anyway, this will not be an all-round weapon for me, just something to have fun with from time to time - might as well grab the one that looks cooler :) Just wanted some opinions on the PAs before I dumped the precious certs.

    Haha, yeah I know they're a cheap gimmick, I just don't really care. ^^
  5. Bankrotas

    One more thing, I'd wait to check nanoweave changes. Now BJ seems better due to killing NW5 people, but with percentile reduction, it might be hit more than UC.
  6. Iridar51

    Didn't they say NW will work as it is now, except for headshots and explosions?
  7. Bankrotas

    first point
  8. Iridar51

    So? Read the last point. Srsly, do you even read what you're quoting?
  9. Bankrotas

    Yes I do. However, I also know that with SOE, you can't be sure and should wait till changes, cause it still won't be working as flat health buff.
  10. ShumaKun

    You propably don't use shotguns often, PA needs better aim and positioning then regular shotguns. One thing that I really like in PA is that you have plenty of ammo reserve.
    I would advise blackjack with laser for better mid air precision
  11. thePankakeManne

    2nd Gens like the Blackjack have a better chance of instagibbing, but are less forgiving due to the slightly slower rate of fire.

    Honestly, though, I always found it to be a highly worthwhile trade. Grab a laser sight for an accuracy boost and go kick ***.
  12. Cromell

    I got the Blackjack. Laser sights, you say... does it really help that much? I got the extended mag so far.
  13. Unclematos7

    Nanoresist 5 can eat an entire PA shell.
  14. Bankrotas

    Not if all pellets hit, but it's quite unlikely to happen.
  15. Unclematos7

    When all pellets hit. I had some Vanu stand still and blasted him.
  16. TR_terror

    I would really like to know how much the laser sight helps. My best guess is that the spread of a shot gun is fixed but the COF where the centre of that spread will fall can be reduced with the laser sight. This doesn't sound very useful c.f. extended mags. My second guess is that laser sight is only really useful for slugs. Can anyone enlighten me?