Which LMG for Terran Republic for short-mid range?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Captain Kid, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Captain Kid

    I've been using the NS LMG for quite some time now, bought it on my VS character because I didn't like the pewpew of the VS weapons.

    Since I made another character on Emerald and this one is Terran, I'm interested in trying out some of the TR LMG's. Unfortunately new weapons are quite expensive (takes me forever to get 1000 certs) and weapons get changed so much I can't rely on old information.

    I like the NS LMG because of it's ease of use, I can just hold the trigger and aim. But I think it is somewhat lacking in raw power; it takes to long to kill an enemy. Might be because of the low rate of fire.

    I need an easy to use LMG for indoors and fights inside bases. I am not interested in long range for this weapon I think long range is best left for Snipers and such. I am planning on using a 2x reflex sight.
    Right now I use the NS SMG for indoors but I would like a bit more range.
    Actually what I want is to be able to use the NS carbine on my Heavy (wouldn't mind slightly bigger clip) but since that is not possible..

    Any suggestions? The default CARV seems nice but the reload takes waaaaaaaaaay to long. I'm used to reloading after each encounter so fast reload time is a plus.
  2. Latrodectus

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  3. Captain Kid

    Thank you, will wait for other replies obviously but I read good things about it on older threads as well.

    I see there was a weapons patch in late 2013 (december?).
    If anyone knows if there were no changes to the TR LMG's after that I can do a search for threads not older then 6 months ago.
  4. cruczi

    For close quarters, you want the highest DPS. That's a tie between T9 Carv and MSW-R, but T9 Carv has terrible hipfire accuracy and no access to SPA, so the MSW-R, despite having the exact same damage model, will outperform it in close quarters. The 3 second reload of the MSW-R is very manageable as well.

    The MSW-R has access to advanced laser, but picking that over the forward grip is really a matter of preference. If you like to get up close you can abuse the hipfire accuracy and keep yourself hard to hit; and if you like to keep your distance and use cover, you'll get better results with the more stable ADS recoil.

    You also have access to the MCG which you might want to consider. It excels in close quarters versus multiple enemies.

    I would not consider SMG's, the TR ones just don't seem that impressive to me. You'll get more DPS out of the MSW-R than the Hailstorm, while Armistice will be more damaging but limited to 30 rounds without extended mags.
  5. KendoPS1

    yes, MSW-R, there is no substitute
  6. Keldrath

    LMG? All you need is BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT
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  7. DrPapaPenguin

    Carv 9 or MCG, either perform quite nicely at those ranges.
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  8. Captain Kid

    I am in VR training right now.
    I find the MSW-R to be to uncontrollable; I have to burst fire at 40 and 50 meters.
    It also EATS ammo really quick and has a low clip.

    I think the NS-15M is better at those ranges. Since I don't have to burst fire they go down quicker.

    The MSW-R is definitely not a gun for me.

    I'm trying out the CARV-S and am impressed how easy it is to use.
    going to test this gun some more.
  9. Longasc

    CARV-S or MSW-R.

    Slightly lower rate of fire for the "S", but it has lots of useful attachments and is a bit easier to control than the CARV without S. Also, costs something vs nothing. :)

    If you hate long reloads, take the MSW-R.
  10. Latrodectus

    The CARV-S does have a very stable recoil to it, and is a solid choice for close-to-mid range combat. That said, it still loses out in raw killing power to the MSW-R. If you simply stay aware of the MSW-R's rightwards pull while firing, it can be reigned in quite easily with a little bit of practice.
  11. Maljas23

    100% agreed with this. Get the MSW-R.

    MCG also does this role extremely well, and there is practically no recoil to deal with here. It also doesn't bloom at all, which makes sustained fire really really easy to control. Combined with its extremely decent bullet velocity, 143 dmg model, high RoF, and large magazine, the MCG performs this role almost perfectly.

    The only thing holding the MCG back is the spin up time. However, this can be mostly negated with the BRRT(Ballstic Rapid Refire Trigger) attachment under the rail slot. I find myself switching between the BRRT and Extended Mags, depending on the situation.
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  12. Captain Kid

    I think the difference between the CARV and the CARV-S regarding recoil is night and day.
    At 40 and 50 meters I can not kill an enemy without having to release the trigger in between with the CARV.
    Bullets go everywhere after half a second except on the target.

    With the CARV-S however I can just keep my finger on the trigger. It's even more controllable then the NS-15M at 40-50 meters.
    Which means the enemy goes down faster as well.

    I'm going to see what the difference is at shorter ranges but so far I'm very impressed.

    Since I want a weapon for short mid range I do not want a weapon which has to be fired in burst at those ranges. At those ranges I often encounter an enemy in a split second and also have a very short time frame to take him out. Things get exciting when that happens and I don't want to have to think about burst firing.
  13. Robertooooo

    MSW-R w/ frontgrip and maybe softpoint. I wouldn't even bother with adv laser since it's only good for lazily winning 1v1 duels.
  14. p10k56

    Carv is best cos it is LMG unlike this BR+ called MSW-R.
    For longer ranges Rhino or Bull. Bull has one major problem which is very low ammo count I think its worser even than MSW-R.
    Carv-S is not good cos now even standard carv could have 2x reflex.
  15. Aander

    Short-range or indoors? MSW-R is the best, T9 CARV is also quite good. Both require foregrips for anything beyond knife range, though you might occasionally find a use for the adv. laser on the MSW.
  16. Captain Kid

    Between 0 and 50 meters.

    The NS SMG is effective to about 30 meters beyond that I'm better of using the NS-15M.
    But the NS-15M is not good enough under 20 meters.

    Right now I'm heavily leaning towards the CARV-S.
    Now to save up the certs for it and the attachments.

    (If I buy a reflex x2 sight with SC, is it available to all weapons and empires?)
  17. Latrodectus

    No, it will only be available for that exact weapon on that exact faction, should you have multiple characters on the same faction.
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  18. KMFR

    The Rhino is my favorite LMG for anthing past 10 meters. Inside that I would use a shotgun.
  19. Goretzu

    You can't really go wrong with the CARV (probably the most under-rated weapon in PS2) it is an outstanding close to mid range weapon (and still somewhat functional at longer range - it's never going to have a short reload with a magazine that big, nothing else does either) or the MSW-R, if you like to ADS and are very good at headshots maybe something like the Rhino too.
  20. Hoki

    chaingun and msw-r