Which is your Favourite Class; give reason why, tactics, whatever...

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  1. DeadlyPeanutt

    1. tank mines
    2. tank mines
    3. tank mines
    oh and turrets also
  2. xMaxdamage

    HA cause chaingun
  3. DeadlyPeanutt

    or ten.

    seeing very few medics lately in some battles... sucks
  4. Shatteredstar

    Engineer is my favorite. I like the versatility. Pack an archer + commish or AMP type sidearm and bring rocket turret and mines. You can handle whatever comes at that point!
  5. LodeTria

    I like harasser driver the most. It's so fun driving them.
  6. skuko

    heavy assault.

    because betelgeuse. nuff said.
  7. Jac70

    Infiltrator. I play solo all the time. The Infiltrator is the most viable class in that circumstance. You can hack terminals to spawn vehicles or replenish your load-out. Also you can cloak, the most infuriating thing in this game is you are never safe. There is always someone stood behind you ready to shoot you in the back. There is always a Sniper sat on a hill 200m away ready to headshot you. Cloak and recon tools mitigate that threat somewhat. I have spent time doing range-sniping but now I try to concentrate on close-quarter combat because I think Snipers sat on hills away from the battle actually spoil the gameplay.

    Other than that Engineer. Then Medic. LA is fun. MAX if we're overwhelmed. HA if there are vehicles or air - 'cos easy mode.
  8. customer548

    Infi. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

    You can choose to attack or defend any corridor with effective tools like AI mines.
    You can choose to be a light bringer into the darkness for your faction mates, with spamming radar darts on the right spots.
    You can choose to break opponents' faith in victory by flanking them with a wraith Flash when they are overcrowding a base entrance with infantry and Maxes @ "We're safe for sure... Many zerg friends around, you know lol... We just have to stack next to this door , trust me !!".
    You can choose your targets, distance will never be an issue. Choose your weapon, then fight the guys on top of those hills or that opponent coming within 3 meters of your spawn.
    You can choose to help your rushing faction mates with your nade EMP debuff, to clear any room for them of any mines and turrets.
    You can choose to hit and run, or to rush the same spot.
    You can choose to play in a safe way or to have an agressive gameplay whenever you want.
    Each fight is different from others.

    Other classes have a less exciting gameplay (my own point of view), but are more effective at their dedicated tasks.
  9. ZDarkShadowsZ


    Chicken turret forever. <3
  10. Exitus Acta Probat

    I'm really enjoying Engineer, Infiltrator and Light assault.

    I only every really take Heavy Assault if I need a rocket launcher, if Engineers had access to rocket launchers I would never use Heavy Assault, I also think Engineers should have access to heavy weapons as well.

    I don't use Combat Medic or Max.

    Engineer - I like blowing **** up, and someone has to repair ****, cant just sit around watching everything get destroyed or ignore the poor Max begging for repairs not to mention people need ammo.

    Infiltrator - I find very versatile, for what ever mood I happen to be in, be it cqc, long range, recon, harassment or prepping for a assault, what ever happens to float my boat at the time.

    Light Assault - I like the quickness and the tactical movement of this quick response class and I like blowing **** up, as I have mentioned earlier.
  11. TechPriestess

    LA and Stalker Infiltrator, for both freedom of movement and hunting down unaware prey.
  12. BurntMyWater

    I like playing stalker infil. I live for the thrill of the hunt!
  13. CMDante

    Typically light assault for that delicious mobility. Lately medic for yummy ARs and crazy points for reviving people. (Max rank heal tool revives faster than it heals. I'm a necromancer, not a medic)
  14. Ginjix

    Infiltrator, just love them ambush kills
  15. Scorpion97

    HA and LA because I'm always used to frontline battles and for some reason,I keep forgetting to support my team whenever I play medic or engie
  16. VonStalin

    LA, because when you look up - its already too late...
  17. Vectore

    And Heavy Assault, because I'm grinding for the Betelgeuse ^•^, also the heroic feeling when your entire squad follow behind and use you like a sandbag.
    Tactic: Press F to win (except a BR100 with a brain), bail from esf, land on a tree near biolab teleporter at night with suppressor on my Orion.
  18. Metal Insomniac

    I always play whatever is needed, but my two favorites are Infil and LA.

    As Infil, I typically play aggressively with an SMG and nano-armor cloak with adrenaline pump. I use LA for bases that have tall walls to scale or to clear out roofs. I use both carbines and shotguns, depending on the situation, and Icarus jump jets for instant vertical flanks. HA usually bores me, as it is an easy to play, slow class. But when I just want to kill everything in sight, I'll switch to HA with the Jackhammer, decimator, adrenaline shield, and nanoweave. Sadly, this setup is usually more lethal than an AI MAX.
  19. Lazaruz

    I switch classes on the fly according to the situation. But if I'm just relaxing and jumping around the map, I generally enjoy drifter LA and stalker cloak Infil. Those seem to be the most fun play styles for me personally (at the moment).
  20. Elkybam

    I like Medic for cert grind and weapons, but I like to keep a balanced diversity with all the weapons and classes, also dependent on the scenario.