Which is heavier? AP or AA mine

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  1. JefftheBlue


    Curious, which is heavier anti-personnel or armor mine? If it is armor, how can an engineer carry 3 but only 2 anti-personnel? If it is the opposite, how can an AA destroy a tank, but AP not kill Max or tank? Seems odd to me.
  2. FateJH

    I wish I had an AA mine.
    Actually, all I need it a balloon, some cord, and a tank of helium, and I'm good to go.

    Anyway, weight is not the issue, as objects have no such thing as weight.
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  3. Jake the Dog

    Came here for floating anti-galaxy mines vs. tank mines...
    OP I think you mean AI vs. AT mines. This nomenclature is more common is PS2.

    Also, because you'd see towers and buildings seeded with AI mines and make it Hell for anyone attempting to get through.
  4. Demigan

    The reason those mines can easily be carried is because they are put in a nanite pocket 'cus nanites.
    I mean, that guy can hide his ammo pack+turret generator, explosives, primary (which can be a freaking anti-material rifle) and secondary on his person without it showing or slowing down. It has to be something about changing it to nanites the moment you put it away.
  5. Metalsheep

    If the mines work on the same logic as PS1, they all weigh the same.

    On Auraxis, Engineers carry a tool called an A.C.E (Adaptive Construction Engine) which creates everything out of Nanites. From spitfires to mines to ammo packs. It is all created by the ACE tool. So at the end of the day, it all weighs the same.
  6. Nehlis

    I for one fully support airborne mines
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  7. HappyStuffin

    Please let this come true..
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  8. Scr1nRusher

    1000 tears of skynights rain from the skies.......... along with shrapnel.
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  9. Diggsano

  10. JefftheBlue

    Regardless of the fact we have differences of abbreviation...still seems odd that AA, oh my bad, AT mines would still be more complicated, so and NG, which means engineer, would be able to manufacture more AP, I mean AI mines than AA, oh crap, I mean AT.
  11. Mezinov

    Wait... sorry... wrong kind of balloon.


    Since the kill mechanisms are the same, would adding barrage balloons count as weaponizing tree mechanics?
  12. Rikkit

    Wiat, there are AA Mines in this game, kind of.
    Did you never thought about placing AT mines on landing pads? These are the most beautyfull kills...
  13. stalkish

    Planetside 2 balancing:
    • Anything annoying to infantry is limited severly.
    • Anything annoying to vehicles, create more of.
    No other reason.

    Also cert utility pouch to full, you can carry 3 AI mines then, but also 5 AV mines.
  14. Haquim

    Frankly, I don't understand why one would waste certs on that.

    I upgraded it so I can carry 4 AV mines, and thats enough.
    I place them in doubles because tanks and Sunderers survive a single mine, so the fifth mine would be completely useless
    Unless I want to beat a MAX over the head with it.
  15. Moz

    That fifth mine that could bag you a max or perhaps 3 infantry in an harasser or a flash? Yeah totally useless......


    Not to mention the extra AI mine or extra C4.....

    IMO its the ONLY one of two suit slot viable for the Engi the other being Bando (ok ok MAYBE flak at a push).
  16. stalkish

    When you have 50,000 certs you need to spend some on something ;).

    No but seriously it can be useful, for example i like to place my mines in a triangle if im expecting a fast moving harasser since 2 next to each other never does the trick. So i get 1 triangle and 1 normal 2 mine layout.
    5 mines accross a bridge is also nice.

    Not much use no, granted, but more explosives can only ever be a good thing :D.

    However the max level does actualy give you the third AI mine, which was the main reason for maxing it out for me.
  17. Rikkit

    oh and if you're driving a tank, and you and the driver are stopping by at the ennemy vehicle spawn to lay some mines, this 5. mine means, that you can trap 5 vehicles instead of 4, before you need to resupply...
  18. Haquim

    Fair enough.
    Harassers are no targets for my mines, since most just drive over them and leave the explosion behind....
  19. JefftheBlue

    So, like most games, logic be damned. Okey-dokey, which means ok for aberivation *****. Seriously?! A nationalist socialist reference is censored?! OMG society today is such a fragile flower.
  20. Pelojian

    IMHO this would be a great idea for the ANT system, i'd go further and make some infantry AA mines that are basically a one use per deployment SAM system that fires at aircraft at close range, so to be at risk of AA mines you actually have to be attacking infantry or getting too close while shooting ground vehicles.

    If they do add AA mines they have to be reliable unlike current RL missile tracking mechanics.