Which faction is the weakest?

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  1. BadAsElite

    While playing this game im constantly hearing people saying this and that is "Under powered" and that and this is "Over Powered"

    So in terms of equipment (not player skill or base) which faction do you believe to be the weakest out of all the 3?
  2. Compass

    Nanite Systems. No one complains about their weapons being OP. Except for the Harasser.
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  3. Blarg20011

    Yeah, NS weapons are way UP.
  4. Morpholine

    Honestly, the differences are small enough for most things that they lie mostly in feel rather than any hard-and-fast advantage in power.

    Although the most OP things in this game are C4 pooping shotgun fairies, regardless of what color they're wearing.
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  5. Kurmon

    I would join Nanite Systems if I could.
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  6. Compass

    4th factioner ._.
  7. Ivalician

    I don't know, they seem like pretty cool guys. At the very least I've heard they offer great health insurance. The VS just tell me, 'the truly enlightened transcend the limitations of the physical body' as they hovertank into the sunset. The NC are capitalists and the policies constantly change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. And the TR just yell at me. "STRENGTH IN UNITY." Okay, fine, but that does nothing for these three new bullet holes I got from the ***** over there.

    AND! AND! They laugh at all my jokes.
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  8. Eclipson

    None, they all have strong and weak points.
    The NC have the best infantry weapons
    The TR have the best equipment (ESRLs, Tank, Tank secondaries, ESF)
    The VS have the best butts
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  9. pica

    I play VS but I think NC is the weakest faction atm due to the shotgun nerfs, even though they have the best ESF nosegun and a very strong MBT.

    Strongest is TR by far, best MBT, best ESF, most versatile ESL which gives them G2A support wherever you fly and forces you to equip flares on everything you drive or fly, fracture maxes, huge clips and most importantly, on Miller at least, they outnumber you all the time.
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  10. Johari

    I think basically the opposite of pica here. I think that either the VS or NC are the strongest while TR is the weakest. VS have good equipment, a great tank (more tank destroyer), but a mediocre ESF. NC have great equipment, a good tank (actually tankish), and a good ESF. TR on the other hand have mediocre equipment, mediocre tank, but a good ESF. I main a VS but have been playing my TR/NC alts for the past 2 weeks or so.
  11. TheBlindFreak

    I believe with the inbound ESF revamp, that strong nose gun will either be nerferd or the other factions will get one.
  12. ironeddie

    There have been nerfs & buffs to various things since game launch that have made one faction more popular than the others. But I don't think one faction is consistently weaker than the other two. More that every faction has its strengths & knowing them is key.
  13. Eclipson

    VS will have the Strongest nose gun since its going to be getting a Velocity buff. The Sythe will be my favorite ESF after the ESF update, running the Light PPA with Locusts.
  14. sam38

    i feel they are all pretty equal with strengths and weaknesses, the shotgun nerfs really hurt the nc, don't get me wrong nc maxes can still dominate but they don thave the killing power per clip that the other 2 maxes have. when they nerfed the damage even more they sould have buffed the reload time or added back the shells they took off from the extended mags. to kill a kinetic armor 5 enemy max you must expend your entire extended mag clip at almost point blank range. to kill infantry outside of about 5 meters it oftan requires 6 or so shots taking half your clip. a tr/vs max with extended mags cant kill infantry quite as fast, but has faster reload and can kill many more infantry per reload and also be used in places other than point blank range.

    the vs have the weakest esf, but not for long

    I love the NC weaponry, but I feel it takes a bit more precision to really benefit from. newer players probably have a harder time on nc than they would as vs or tr. the spamability factor and extra rounds the tr have can be very helpful for begning players whereas the striker is just vehicle area denial allowing for constant air superiority which is huge in a combined arms game. cant wait for the lockon nerf!

    I miss my prowler was my favorite tank. its ability to take out other vehicles and infantry is just unmatched by the other factions MBTs. a maxed reload and deployed AP prowler behind enemy lines can take out 3 or so enemy MBTS before they even know whats going on. miss you polly!
  15. Dovahkiin

    NS weapons tend to be under powered.

    The NS LMG down right sucks compared to faction specific LMG's.
    The NS assault rifle is a great weapon, often better than faction specific weapons.
    The NS carbine is ok but the velocity sucks donkey ****.

    As for vehicles, the Harasser is OP as **** .The galaxy sucks right now, the oly thing going for it is it's insanely high health. The lightning is good at best, and liberators are easy to use, but hard to master.
  16. IamDH

    The hardest faction is NC, i don't really think there is a weakest
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  17. Dis

    The one with the lowest population.
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  18. Terrex

    Whaat? Do you even VS? Only if you get caught in a horrible position or ganked should you ever lose to a Mag.

    VS have some good tools but they are probably the easiest to fight from my experience. NC Max can hold down areas like no others, Vanguard speaks for itself and the Vortek. TR is annoying to fight for anyone in a vehicle because of Striker and Fractures. VS aren't as traditional but that doesn't add a made up difficulty factor to fight. It's all in your head.
  19. VSDerp

    NC are the weakest fraction not in weapons. it's just the mentality of the players behind them.
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  20. dough

    The fact that there is an incredible amount of disagreement about which faction is OP or UP should tell you a LOT about the balance in this game. When perceptions trump actual evidence, we are pretty close.
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