Which faction has the better Infiltrator ?

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  1. Targanwolf

    Is there a marked difference/advantage/disadvantage, or are they all about equal ?
    Anything significantly differentiate each of the infiltrators in each realm ?
  2. Rikkit

    • Pro
      • distinct cloaking sound
      • high dps Pistol
      • Best AI-Mines to build traps
      • Sniper scout rifle with burst mode
    • Contra
      • not a lot alpha damge on the pistol
      • a lot of red color on the armor
      • the SMG's are crap
    • Pro
      • no bulletdrop on NON Boltaction rifles
      • best Camo coverage
      • verry dark default camo
      • Sniper rifle with heat mechanic
      • AI-Mines can be thrown verry far
      • the scout rifles are verry silent
    • Contra
      • less bullet speed on the weapons with no bulletdrop
      • reload animation blocks a lot of your view
      • harder to beg for ammo from enemy engys
      • Pistols are not that great
    • Pro
      • get's a bolt action for default
      • has the sniper rifle with highest bullet travel time and highest damge
      • Almost all Pistols are verry powerfull
      • the SMG's are one of the best in game
    • Contra
      • The weapons are verry loud
      • glows in the Dark
      • have to wear a baby blue bra
      • cloaking sound stands out
    just to list a few things you can take to account
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  3. Targanwolf

    Thank you.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    All of what Rikkit said. I'd just add my personal experience that for sniping with default/starter weapons my NC avatar was the best choice because of the Boltdriver BASR. For stalking with default weapons my TR avatar was best choice because of the superb TX Repeater burst pistol (have to admit though, I'm not a great pistol shot).
  5. pnkdth

    I'd say the Claymore is another reason to go TR. Deadliest of all mines. Might not be useful for pizza delivery but that just makes the stats even more impressive. Most NC/VS mines will get spotted and shot, the Claymore gets the kills.

    The Armistice(or Farmistice) is also a very strong SMG for TR. That + repeater and you're effectively walking around with two SMGs but I'd go with the commissioner to get a bit more range when using a SMG. However, if you enjoy getting up in people's face the Armistice + Repeater combo is really strong.

    The TRAP is also a good option if you use it as a scout rifle. Takes awhile to get used to but offers something that's different. It is very silent when suppressed too.
  6. Dualice

    It and the medic's SABR-13 share the rather interesting property of only sounding the first shot in a burst when suppressed. I don't know if it's intentional or just an oversight. I find it a little off-putting at times, as I rely on my ears a lot when playing.

    A quirky gun nonetheless, good fun to use!

    On-topic, I find all three faction cloaking sounds pretty obvious. I'd agree with Rikkit that TR and NC get some harder-hitting starter weapons. The Repeater can be an extremely effective weapon for ambushing with Stalker cloak.
  7. Diggsano

    Lets see the Faction Specificness:

    Vs: Glows in Dark but nearly no sound when activated
    Tr: Does not Glow but is loud..you can hear it in 10m range
    NC: something between, does not glow but is "semi loud"

    Anti Personnal mines:
    VS: Proximity is flat and is very nice on stairs or around corners,makes damage in all directions within 2meters.
    TR: Claymore does 300 more damage, does damage within 3meters but in only one direction. Also is very tall.
    Nc: Same as Proximity but is not so throwable like it, does jump when activated, with frey it is nearly full camoflouged in buildings.

    Specific Sniper Rifles:
    Vs: Phaseshift
    has no bulletdrop, has heat mechanic-> infinite ammo. The Oneshotkill potential is by loading it 0.2secs.
    Kills every Infiltrator on every Distance with one headshot.
    Other Factions within 200m only.

    Highest bullet velocity but shots do delay; after pulling trigger there will be 20ms delay and then it shoots.

    Tr: Trap
    It is more like a scout rifle, it does burst in 3 salves, 2 salves and oneshots.... The baddest of the three.

    Automatic Scout Rifle:
    VS: The Artemis nearly can't be heared when silenced, has no bulletdrop.

    The other Factions are the same but are hearable when silenced and have bulletdrop.

    Scout rifles (4x Scope):
    VS: Nyx is nearly unhearable when silenced, has no bulletdrop and is 2 headshotkill,but bullet travels slow.

    Tr and Nc should go with the Vandal (NS scout rifle)for the faster movement while in scope (special ability of Vandal)

    Cloak and Cloaksound:
    Vs: it is like stomping on pudding, you can clearly hear it, when flashlighted you are purple which is normalyable to see.

    Nc: it is like scratching on something you can hear it easy too, when flashlifhted you are blue it is in my opinion less to see as vs.

    Tr: sounds like an arrow in the wind, it is a little bit less hearable (i think), when flashloghted you are red, you.are CLEARLY visible.

    Go with the standart pistol but silenced until you can buy a NS Sidearm.
    The best Sidearm of the three (Vs Beamer,Nc Magshot and Tr Repeater) is still the Repeater (TR standart pistol) in my opinion.

    Other things:
    Nc becomes oneshot rifle at beginning, VS and TR have 2shot at begin.

    As you can see; every faction has it pros and cons ;)
  8. AF8RailJack

    I think you meant to add this to the railjack, not the phaseshift.
    Also the delay of the railjack is 200ms not 20ms.

    Otherwise nice review.

    I'd like to add that Rams.50 is probably the quietest of the Tier 3 sniper rifles and its profile is smaller so u can see more in hipfire (it makes very little difference, but still had to mention that:))
  9. Targanwolf

    Thank you..again. I really appreciate the help.
  10. Diggsano

    Nope the Phaseshift can by full load kill every infiltrator in the Head! You don't even have bulletdrop and you can also silence this, BUT the speed of bullet is sooooo slow xD

    Once i sniped an infiltrator in 300m+ it was amusing and i was called a cheater because.he didn't even see that coming.

    It was like that but the enemy is dead XD:

  11. Cirena

    He was already wounded then. The phaseshift does 700 damage on a charged headshot after ~200 meters and there isn't any magical bonus damage against infiltrators.
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  12. Leivve

    Actually the Armistice has a higher dps then even the Cyclone. The Cyclone is just more adaptable in different situations. but if you're looking for CQC dueling power the Armistice is second to none.
  13. Ximinet

    Depends, NC have the best hunters. TR the best stalkers. Vanu have the best mines. Take your own conclussions.
  14. Mustarde

    Honestly, they are all so damn similar between factions that you are left nit-picking on which is best. The sniper rifles are all clones of each other with different skins/sounds. The same goes for the scout rifles, with the very slight difference that the VS semi-autos have no bullet drop and a tad less velocity.

    The SMG's are all very similar in performance except the cyclone, which stands out from the rest.

    The NC get a bolt driver by default which is more useful to most than the 99SV/Spectre.

    Vanu butts are OP, so I vote Vanu.
  15. Targanwolf

    I ended up going TR. Playing 70% Infil , 30% Engineer